If you would like to be part of the Wall Of Fame – NBC Game Show Casting Call in 2015 please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Wall Of Fame – NBC Game Show

Wall of fame auditions From the producers of Big Brother and Wipeout comes a new game show Wall Of Fame on the NBC TV Network. NBC has just picked up 8 episodes of the comedic game show where one family can win big money if they can not only answer pop culture trivia questions correctly, but can also guess whether members of our celebrity “Wall of Fame” delivered the correct answers to those same questions. The production company behind Wall Of Fame has a has a successful track record for producing game shows and they are currently casting male and female contestants of all ages. If you are interested in being in a NBC game show and want the chance to win money than they want to hear from you. Do not miss out your chance to audition for NBC Wall Of Fame apply now.This series offers something for everyone in a unique game-show format that offers one family a chance to win big money if they can not only answer pop culture trivia questions correctly, but can also guess whether members of our celebrity “Wall of Fame” delivered the correct answers to those same questions.  The celebrity answers will sometimes surprise you, sometimes impress you, but they will always make viewers laugh.

This is a great opportunity to attend NBS open casting calls because NBC is one of the most popular television network and has earned more Emmy Awards than any network in television history with shows such as “Chicago Fire” ,“Revolution” and the always popular Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The casting directors for Wall Of Fame are now holding castings and auditions for male and female contestants of all ages. If you are interested in auditioning for NBC please submit your information along with a recent photo and contact information. Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates and locations and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the new NBC game show Wall Of Fame.

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20 Responses to Wall Of Fame – NBC Game Show

  • Trawana S. Pitts says:

    I believe my family would Love and would be good together on a show…most importantly we will have FUN!!!

  • Nat Baker jr says:

    I really want to join this new and fun exiting game show for NBC please let me know when i can join

  • Hunter says:

    Its my dream to be on a game show.

  • Nat baker Jr says:

    I want to be one this game show even though I have no family but please let me be on the game show

  • Lorenzo Gabriele says:

    me and my family would love to be on this game show its sounds very interesting and fun

  • Alyce says:

    My family would totally make this game show win awards!!

  • Nat baker Jr says:

    I would love to be on this game show folks

  • Nicole Quinones says:

    My family, myself and my three beautiful girls would be PERFECT for this game show! Not only would we represent those single parent families but between the four of us the genre and style of music in which we listen to is as unique as we are that makes for great competition, fun, and entertainment. No more shut doors! Our individual knowledge of music will be brought together for an open opportunity to win money together! Our personalities alone will be just an extra bonus!

  • Cynthia Mediate says:

    This show looks like a lot of fun. I was on Wheel of Fortune in 2006 and I lost a lot of money by getting greedy with spins. I need a game show redemption. :)

  • Jeffrey says:

    I though it would be a lot of fun. I love gameshows I have never been on tv I think it would be great

  • Ryland Tucker says:

    Hello i’m Ryland Tucker i would love to be on your show! i have been in 6 play including camp rock the musical,i have sang in my town friendship festival, and have at many auditions! Please consider me for any role
    Height: 5”0
    Weight: 90 pounds
    Hair: Brown
    ethnicety: african american
    skin: light brown

  • Brad Conreux says:

    I tried both the phone number and email listed and both are coming back as not being active. Please advise on where I can apply

  • anyla says:

    I will love to be on wall of fame with my uncle

  • Dear Casting,
    Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

  • my family could do this with no problem

  • shermaine guidry says:

    I am a very vibrant 23 year old, looking to fulfill my lifelong dream of being an actress. I am highly motivated, and dedicated to whatever I put my mind to. I have a booming personality and work tremendously with others. I would more than love to be a part of this show! My family will bring laughter, excitement, and fun!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Mark Naidus says:

    I am 53 years old and work for an auto finance company. My wife and I have been together for almost 30 years and we have a 24 year old son and 21 year old daughter. I think we would be amazing for this show. I consider myself somewhat intelligent……my wife probably couldn’t name 5 states or the president of the US. My son graduated college and my daughter is currently a senior in college. This would be awesome for NBC and the Naidus Family.

  • Mark Naidus says:

    My wife and I have been together for almost 30 years. We have a 24 year old son and a 21 year old daughter. ….we also have a very smart 3 year old German Shepheard (optional). I am of slightly above average intelligence…..as is my son…….daughter would be about average………and wife……several notches below the German Shepheard. We should have already had our own sit com but this show will have to do. I don’t know if we would win any money but pretty sure NBC would get great ratings. Please feel free to send someone to meet us.

  • Skyler King says:

    This game show sounds awesome. My family would be perfect for this game show. Me, my brother, my dad, and my mom know all kinds of trivia. We would love this kind of opportunity. I mean, we are all full of awesome personalities!!! :)

  • Joshua S says:

    The show sounds good but would be great if I were on it!

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