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Utopia FOX Reality TV

Are you ready to head to Utopia? FOX has picked up a new social experiment series developed by the creators of the hit television series Big Brother and The Voice. Utopia will send 15 every day people to an isolated, undeveloped location in the U.S., where they will be tasked with creating a civilization from the ground up. The show has been a hit in the Netherlands and the creators at FOX are hoping to bring the same success to the United States. The casting directors are now holding auditions and castings for males and females interested in competing in the new reality TV series. Utopia will be the largest, most ambitious social experiment on television and this is your chance to participate, do not miss out submit your information now.

Utopia will send 15 every day people to an isolated, undeveloped location in the U.S., where they will be tasked with creating a civilization from the ground up. The show will also have an element of competition. Each contestant in Utopia will need to find his or her specialty in the developing society; contestants who are not doing their roles in the community will be exiled, sent back to their regular lives and replaced by newcomers.

The new FOX series will be filmed over a 12 month period with audiences being able to watch the social experiment 24/7 online. FOX plans to air the show once per week but is still unsure of the numbers of episodes.

Casting directors in charge of casting for Utopia are now holding auditions for participants interested in auditioning for Utopia. They are looking for male and females contestants ages 18 and up from all walks of life. If you are interested in auditioning please submit your information along with a recent photo. Please keep checking back for more information on casting dates, locations and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think bout the new FOX series.


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10 Responses to Utopia – FOX Television Series

  • savannah B says:

    This series is genius!!
    Im 18 and completely bored in life and need some change and excitement, this would be the perfect fit for me!

  • Alexius says:

    Hi , My Name Is Alexius , I Am Looking Forward To Acting & Being Apart Of The Show , My Mom Passed Away So , iReally Wanna Make Something Outta My Self , & To Support My Family , Im 15 & iLive In Rockford IL , So Im Actually Very Talented & Youu Really Cant Reach Me By My Email , But Youu Can Contact Me By Phone 815 608 2055 (Cell) Or 779 423 0045 (House ) So Please Help Me Out . That Would Be The Goodess Thing That Ever Happened To Me ,

    -Thank You

  • Ricardo A. Huerta says:

    Hello!! I Am The Guy you need I am fit and smart, love the outdoors. work well with others and know how to get things done. I am a huge fox fan, my favorite network. if I would have an opportunity to work for fox I would not let it go. I am experienced in cooking, prepping, dog training, self defense, and private security. I love to read and keep learning as much as possible.

  • Gabriel says:

    Hi my Name is Gabriel Aguilar I am a 14 year old teen that doesn’t want to live my life in others shadows I want to be recognized as a young talented teen…My life is literally like a roller coaster without having my father in the picture… My mom is a single mom with four sons to take care of. I am the youngest of all…It will really be amazing if I were in a TV show!!! Bakersfield CA. REACH ME AT MY CELL (661) 378-3235 or G-Mail @ gabe120a33@gmail.com… or instagram @ Gabe_aguilar20

  • Trevonte O says:

    Hi my name is Trevonte, I’m 19 very spontaneous and love adventure.It’s great to know what the world can give you,and this series “Utopia” is going to be awesome! I would love to be part of this series!

  • cody seevers says:

    Hi my name is Cody Seevers form Grand Rapids MI. I am a huge fan of the show and would do anything to get on this show. P.S. I love Nikki

  • Carla Capdevila Euras says:

    Hey! I’m from Barcelona, Spain. I’m 13 years old. Height approximately 1.63. Do not let me put the phone number, why is Spanish.
    My email: carlacapdevila10@hotmail.com

    Thank you!!

  • Devin Joseph Gwinn says:

    Whats up!? The Names Devin Gwinn, im from a small litle town in South Louisiana. Im 20 years old, and have been watching the show since it first aired. I would love to be on this show. I am a hunter, fisher, all around athletic person. I am very good at problem solving. I have experience in just about anthong you can imagine. Even though im only 20 i’ve had a alot of different experiences, i was an electrical contractor, a hunting guide, pizza boy, home improvement worker. I can do just about anything, and would do anything to get on this show. Please consider my requests

    Thank you. See you soon Utopia.

  • shayleigh says:


  • Carrie Hamilton says:


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