If you would like to be part of the Spec Commercial For Doritos Casting Call in 2015 please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Spec Commercial For Doritos

Doritos commercial

Casting for the spec commercial “Doritos Crash the Superbowl.” The commercial will revolve around a  Doritos fanatic who finally meets the girl of his dreams. If you have watched the past few Superbowl’s you will know that Doritos makes some of the best commercials during the halftime of the game. The casting directors are now looking for male and female supporting roles between the ages of 20 and 35. This commercial audition is a great opportunity to get your face recognized on one of televisions biggest stage. If you are interested in auditioning do not hesitate submit your information now.

Doritos is a $4 billion a year product. This made it the number one seller in corn based chips; it is the second leading seller behind Lay’s Potato Chip, another Frito Lay product and this is your chance to be in one of their commercials. The television commerical will revolve around a Doritos chip fanatic who after all this time gets to meet the girl of his dreams. If you are intereted in auditioning please submit your information along with several recent photos.

Do not miss out on this chance send your information now and pleases keep checking back for more information on shooting dates and locations. As always leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of the previous Doritos commercials that aired on Superbowl Sunday.

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195 Responses to Spec Commercial For Doritos

  • Trevor Earley says:

    Hello! I am a 19-year-old current student at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI and would love to be involved in the shooting of this film. I am an acting major in MSU’s competitive Department of Theatre Bachelor of Fine Arts program with a minor in Musical Theatre, and have a lifetime of acting experience prior to college. With my qualifications, as well as age and circumstances (a relationship-seeking single college student who also happens to have a shameless dependency on Doritios–particularly cool ranch, despite the post-consumption breath stench), I would be a terrific individual to consider for this upcoming commercial.

    145 lbs.
    Brown Hair/Eyes
    Detailed resume and headshots available upon request

    Thank you!


  • I would love to work with Special Commercial for Doritos. I have multiple talents and I feel would be a great asset to the company. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance, Vickie S. Thomas

  • Steven Katsohirakis says:

    Age: 20
    Race: Caucasian (but I like to say Greek, since I’m 100% ethnically Greek)
    Height: 6′ 2”

    I’ve always had a strong interest in acting in television and film, and what better way to start that track than with the hilarious and well-viewed Doritos commercials in the Superbowl??

    At the ripe age of 20 years old, nothing is more relevant in my life than trying in vain to find my dream girl while resisting the temptation of delicious corn chips.

    Plus, I have lots of experience in improv in high school (not to mention trying in vain to create passable excuses for Greece’s failing economy to my friends).

    Overall, for both of those brief reasons, this is a role I feel I would fit into quite well!

    I’d love to provide more information, a picture, humorous quips, etc; simply send me an email!


  • Odess Patton says:

    I thought the Doritos commercial that was aired on Superbowl Sunday was great as always but if you could please tell me how and where I can apply for future commercials please email at odessp@gmail.com please. Or hit me up on Instagram @odess85

  • Sam Studer says:

    Caucasian, 6 feet tall, brown hair, brown eyes and 18 years old. I may only be 18 but am told that I look older. I would love to be in your commercial. Contact me if you need more info.

  • lloyd says:

    Hight : 5.7
    Race:mix Indian and Portuguese
    I am in LA for the week, like to try auditioning

  • Lauren Comeaux says:

    I would love to play the part!

  • Karl says:

    Caucasian European male in 30’s with unique voice and great sense of humor is interested in casting call.

  • Amal Hefzi says:

    I am very interested in doing a doritos commercial. The Doritos commercial are usually always funny and make me laugh, this makes me wanna participate in the commercial. Making a commercial is not like making a movie but I well aware that it is still hard work. I’ve always wanted to be on TV for whatever it was, and I believe my charismatic personality will fit the role perfect.

    19 Years old
    165 pounds

  • I wanna do Doritos because there is always a reason for it in my understanding how can you eat just ones nobodys can eat just one and good in all that with there is in thats stuffed good i have to be there

  • Chelsea Cardozo says:

    Hello, I would like to take part in the Dorito’s commercial because the commercials from the past have been hilarious. I thought that this would be a great way to start jumping into my acting career and of course, I love to make people laugh! Thank you!

  • Jaimee Soto says:

    Hispanic: Puerto Rican & Cuzan
    Size: 0, XS, S
    Weight:95 lbs
    Eye Color:Brown
    I feel like I would be a solid candidate for your company when it comes to appealing to teens and young adults. Im very Professional, Full Of Life and Ready to work!

  • Megan Matara says:

    Hello. My name is Megan Matara and I would love to be a part of your commercials. I have previous

    acting experiance through my school (starred the lead in two plays) and I have been acting since I was

    in 2nd grade. I think I would be a great actor in your commercial, and I learn quickly and always put

    110% effort into everything I do. Since the Doritos company always makes hilarious commercials, I

    think it would be even more funny if you starred children as the actors. Here are some facts about

    myself to help determine if I am fit for any of your roles.

    Age: 13 years old

    Height: 4″10

    Weight: about 85-90 pounds

    Hair Color: Blonde

    Eye Color: Blue

    I hope you will consider me for one of your actors, for it would be a dream come true. Thanks, and

    have a wonderful day!

  • Kaitlyn Amerongen says:

    Name: Kaitlyn Amerongen
    Age: 12
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Body: 5’2″ 103lbs

    Looking to start my career
    I’m a soccer player
    I don’t know if you’re looking for child parts but if so I’m interested!
    This would be such a blessing for an opportunity to get be a part of this movie! Thank you !
    My #: 8043041950 if I don’t answer please leave a message!Name: Kaitlyn Amerongen
    pease leave a message

  • Haley page says:

    I LOVE Doritos actually. Mm. Hehe I am 20 years old, 5’3 with long blonde hair. I Am exciting & very energetic! Please let me know if your interested, I will send pictures through emial if you would like! Thank you for your time!

  • Hi! My name is Patrick Bell, and I’m a stand-up comedian/actor out of Fort Collins, CO. I literally eat, drink and breathe Doritos. Seriously, Doritos, I am willing to do ANYTHING–I will get a Doritos tattoo across my neck! Well, maybe just on my thigh or something. Hit me up!


  • Ricardo Hurtado says:

    Hello, my name is Ricardo Hurtado. I’m 20 years old. I’m Latino (Mexican). my height is 5’10, and my weight is 190 lb. black hair, light skin, brown ayes. I play sports.
    I would like to be part of Doritos commercial because it’s a product that was with me on my young ages ,and to have a oppurtunity to work with you would make me happy!

  • Nikki says:


  • Lacey says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching foor band

  • Miguel Gonzalez says:

    First i EAT doritos frequently!! My name is Miguel Gonzalez and i am 21 years old. I am 5″10 semi-slim looking figure and i live in NYC. I think i am not unique but i do have the potential to do the commercial. I know that doritos was introduced in 1964 to the public and it was first made at casa de fritos. I have the energy and charisma for making a commercial. Thanks

  • monique taylor says:

    I should be considered because im not going to make you read an essay.. =) ess

  • Luis Jimenez says:

    Hi, my name is Luis! I am a male, 19 years old, 6’0, weight is 150, brown hair who would love to be in a commercial marketing Doritos. I am currently in college and am looking to broaden my experiences and have options in the real world. I have always been interested in auditioning in some type of role, whether it would be movies, advertisements, or commercials, and I am looking for some great roles to gain knowledge and experience. Having the opportunity to audition for a Doritos commercial would be great! If you are interested or curious about my appearance or hygiene, I am more than glad to send you pictures. I hope to hear from you guys soon!

  • Hi Casting Crew! Well, I first applied to the Bad Girls Club, but I was told I’m just too bubbly of a person to be on the show, so I figured I should try a commercial instead :) I’m totally kidding.. My name is Nicole but I go by Nikki as well. I am a 26 year old charismatic, energetic, and outgoing person who would LOVE to get involved in the acting and modeling field. I’ve only had the opportunity to do local fashion shows but my dream is so much bigger. My family and I religiously gather around the TV for the super bowl halftime commercials and I gotta admit the Doritos commercials have always been one of my favorites. I’d like to think I have the girl next door look, and I’ve been told by many I’m the girl of their dreams, so perfect fit right?? :) In all seriousness I would love the opportunity to be in this commercial. I think you’d be very pleased. And if it helps, I could literally eat a whole bag of Doritos in one sitting, they’re delicious! Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

  • Michael villarreal says:

    My name is michael I am 19 and 5″8 and I have althetic body and I am trying to get into a commercial or show and I know I have what it takes and I can drive to Arizona less then a day and don’t need any money or anything it just would be amazing if I had a chance to be on the commercial.

  • Keisha Pichon says:

    I’m 27 and mature yet fun. My facial expressions, personality, and unique look, will prove why I should have the opportunity to fulfill my dream in acting. I learn quickly, I can look younger or older than my age and you won’t regret giving me the opportunity!
    Instagram: mz_tigereyez
    Email: k.d.pichon@gmail.com

  • Monica Brice says:

    Hello there my name is Monica Brice I am 21years old and I love Doritos! Ok I have been eating these for years and the flavor never leaves. I will be a great addition because I have been eating this brand for years and I am not scared in front of cameras. I don’t believe in calling acting acting I feel like I just know how to be comfortable with myself and be different characters. I am spontaneous and make every moment my last and I put my all into what I do.I hope you guys like what you hear because I lole your product ;D thanks for taking the time out to read this.

  • Mouhamed says:


    Handsome african man, 31 years old, living in Michigan, 6’4 tall, nice looking, model, like to sing and act, i really want to act for your commercial and i think i’ll bring on it a new touch make it better, i speak french and english, so please contact me 2315278930, available anytime.

    THANKS !

  • Danielle DeVries says:

    My name is Danielle from Detroit MI and I would absolutely love to be in your commercial. You can email me the info at elleE11Eelle@aol.com. I have had experience in acting in highschool. I was in the improv club and a few plays but i never had any major roles in any of the plays. I hope this opportunity can help me improve my acting and modeling career!

  • shima says:

    I am interested because it is my childhood snacktime and plus Its a once in a life time chance.Yolo.

  • hello my name is melinda from new york ny and i was interested in being part of this commerical, please check me out on instagram Miss_spanish_harlem i have done movie extras in the past such as get rich or die trying, pride and glory, and also disney movie the enchanted. and also recently did a reality show called americas it girl please free to email me at rmelinda812@gmail.com have a great day

  • Adriana Sevillano says:

    Hi my name is Adriana and I am 5’6. I weigh 125, I am very attractive and love to act and model

  • Alexander J. Nevarez says:

    My name is Alexander Nevarez and currently live in Monterey and i love Doritos and would love to be in your commercial. it would be a great opportunity to get my face out there. I am a self starter actor and this would be the project that would sail my career further thank you for taking a look.

  • Sinan Yousif says:


    i was born for acting lol…
    please see my application
    sinan yousif
    age 31

  • Elexis says:

    Hi My name is Elexis Caudillo my friends call me ellie or elle
    Hispanic with a cute and innocent look
    I’m 17 years old about to be 18 in April
    Weight: 128
    Hair: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Love Doritos eat them a lot would love to be in your commercial
    That’s like my goal after i graduate is to become an actress because i love to pretend to be someone else that I’m not it would be fun and hopefully if i get to be in your commercial maybe if i become an actor i can say that my first acting job was the Doritos Superbowl of 2015 commercial.

  • Chad russell says:

    Hello my number is. 260-797-8884. I am excited to hear about the new doritos commercial. I love to act and would love to be on the commercial.

    Chad russell

  • Hello,
    My name is Maria Galvan.
    I am 22 years of age, Hispanic with an exotic look.
    I am 5 ft 4in.
    Size: 3-5 bottoms depending on brand Small-Medium tops
    Weight: 125
    Eyes: hazel

  • sohyun says:

    Hi. asian. Good looking female. 27 years old. I have brown eyes and black hair. Weight: 120, height: 5″7 , breast: 34D, waist: 25 , hips: 36.
    I would love to play a role in this. If you are looking for unique, sexy good looking female please contact me. It will be worth it for you to give it a shot.

  • Vincent Lee says:

    Hi! My name is Vincent Lee I am 24 years old. The last Dorito super bowl commercial that I saw was the crave man Dorito commercial, I really enjoyed it and it was really funny! I’m looking forward to being apart of the next dorito commercial. I enjoyed all of the dorito commercials that I have seen. It looks like a lot of fun, and will like to be apart of this wonderful experience if you will have me!

  • Desirae Woltz says:

    My name is Desirae Woltz. Im from Detroit Michigan.Ive always wanted to act since i was 5 years old. I never knew where to start.Im thinking this is a great place to start.I can sing.I also dance.The type of dance I do is mostly hip pop.
    Age:13 yrs old.
    DOB:September 18, 2001
    Height:5 ft. 5 in.
    Gender: Female
    Body Type: Average
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color :Dark Brown
    Nationality : African American
    Thank you for your time.Please contact me at desizpoolove123@gmail.com

  • Desirae Woltz says:

    My name is Desirae Woltz. Im from Detroit Michigan.Ive always wanted to act since i was 5 years old. I never knew where to start.Im thinking this is a great place to start.
    Age:13 yrs old.
    DOB:September 18, 2001
    Height:5 ft. 5 in.
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color :Dark Brown
    Nationality : African American
    Thank you for your time.Please contact me at desizpoolove123@gmail.com

  • Sami Bierlein says:

    I am 21 years old and am an aspiring actress; this opportunity would be a great start to my life long dream. I take direction well and am ambitious in everything I do.

  • lizette says:

    I am known as Liz I’m ten I’m enthusiastic and funny and I would love to do this

  • Amanda Kuzminski says:

    Please search me on facebook. My Facebook name: A Marie Kuz (Buffalo, NY)
    You will not be disappointed.
    I have been trying to submit my info numerous times via your website. I’ve been unsuccessful.
    **Do Not Leave this Stone Un-turned**Browse my photos*
    I’d like to demonstrate what I’m capable of for this Doritos commercial.

  • Hey MY names elizabeth, im 15 years old.Im a very talented and hard working young lady i believe i have what it take and i am a very good actor im African i’ve lived in America for seven years and back in africa i did so many commercials and im working with an agent and im very funny and intelligent
    Abilitites/skills:bilingual languages ,hip hop dance and public speaking

  • Patrice says:

    Hello, my name is Patrice Sims. I ama interested in a chance to be a apart of the “Doritos Crash the Superbowl” commercial. I do not have any experience with modeling, but I am wanting to start a career in that field. I am 5′ 9″. I weigh 125 lbs. It would be a pleasure to participate. Your consideration would be highly appreciated. Have a great day.

    -Patrice Sims

  • Chance Muscianese says:

    Sex: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 175
    Build: Slim
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

    Comfortable with anything!

  • Jermany Cornelius says:


    My name is Jermany Cornelius and I am very interested in being considered for the exciting Dorito Commerical!!! I am a 25 year old African American and Dominican mixed male, dark skinned 6’3 and 210 lbs of muscle and the perfect athletic build. Thank you for time and consideration!


  • Samantha Byers says:

    I’m Sammie a 30 year old woman from Arizona I have 5 years of modeling experience and have been wanting to cross into the television aspect of the entertainment business. Being blessed with this opportunity would be another dream come true!!!! Below I’ve added details you may be interested in having.

    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Build: Athlete

  • Darielle Davis
    20 years old
    African American
    135 lbs
    Size 4
    Petite build
    Chicago, Il

    I was in hysterics at the last years Super Bowl Doritoes commercial. It was just what I needed because that game was quite terrible and uneventful. The Doritoes commercials are always a favorite for me because they are quirky and fun.

  • Hello,
    I am very interested in this upcoming doritos superbowl commercial. The superbowl is a huge deal for Americans and i would love to be a part of it. I am 20 years of age, 5’2, 110 pounds.

  • Charles Henson says:

    I’m 100% interested and am dedicated to be in this commercial. Yes I agree, Doritos have the best commercials. I’m 5’4, 137lbs, 21 years old. Funny, serious, charlesdhenson2@gmail.com, 214-734-6968

  • Claire graham says:

    Claire Graham
    Brunette, hazel eyes and fair skin
    5 feet
    110 pounds
    I’ve had tons of experience in acting. I’ve done beginning ballet for several years, many plays, 3years of choir and beginning cello and clarinet
    I ALWAYS GIVE 100% No exceptions. I’m very committed. I’m willing to do a lot.

  • Christina Bryner says:

    Hi there, my name is Christina, I am 24 years old, and am a beautiful half Filipina/Caucasion girl. I love Doritos and the Superbowl commericials! I have done modeling through Barbizon Modeling. I would love to have a role as an actress, in my spare time I love making music videos and home videos where my friends and I would act out an entire movie on film. Acting has always been my dream! Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

  • Kwame Bosiako says:

    I am a African and willing to act in different commercials I have a personality that cant compare to any thing other then magnificent

  • Vernon Garner says:

    lets make this commercial the best Dorito advertisement ever. I like to raise the bar with esthusiam. “Charge with Doritos, Yeah” and remember the smile. commission2go@yahoo.com

  • Ashley Nikole says:

    Dorito’s and football are my two favorite things. When I saw this opportunity I freaked out. I weigh 120 I’m 5’8. I have pretty dirty blonde hair and poise to how I act. I’d love to do this for you!

  • Marie Orlowski says:

    I am interested in auditioning in your latest Doritos commercial. My favorite Dorito commercial of all time was “goat for sale” in 2013. Doritos were always my favorite snack, to be a part of a Dortios commercial would be epic.

  • Matthew Mousseau says:

    Absolutely love the comical yet sexy/ hot humor that seems to follow the most innocent scene. 6’2″, 230. Never done something like this but what the heck… it just might be a blast!

  • Hi there!
    I have a passion for modeling, tv, and eating and think I would be a perfect candidate for your commercial. I left a link so you can view some of my photos. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  • Aysha Radford says:

    Always wanted to be on a commercial. Doritos always have great ones:)

  • rodrick says:

    It won’t let me submit

  • Maaddie Winchell says:

    Hey my name is maddie winchell and im looking for a great way to start my acting career… im 14 years old with green eyes and brown hair. im 5’0 and weigh about 100 pounds and this would be a great experience. I hope you consider me thank you!

  • Robert Bull says:


  • Robert Bull says:

    CHOOSE ME IM GOT A HANDSOME MUG! Also i like you guys’ commercials, i think it will be very fun to do one

  • zakira hodges says:

    I’m 13
    Brown eyes
    Light skin
    I would love to audition for this commercial

  • Alexandria says:

    I am a Doritto lover! It’s the most flavorful chip ever! If there aren’t Dorittos I don’t buy any other chip!

    Alexandria Davis

  • NIcholas Brandon Pate says:

    Name: Nicholas Pate
    Age: 14
    Additional Attributes:
    Height: 5 ft. 6 in., Weight: 123 lbs., Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: October 11
    Other names:
    Nicholas Pate/, Nick Name:Nick.p/, AKA: Slick Nick

    Willow Spring North Carolina
    Garner North Carolina – Raleigh North Carolina – Jackson ville North Carolina

    Acting Rusume:
    Jhon casabloncas (CT)
    Fix it in post(2014)

    Ethnic Appearance: American. Indian. Caucasian. East Indian. Hispanic. Mixed.

    Special Skills: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Boating – engine, Boating – Sail, Body Building, Body Surfing, Bowling, Boxing, Cheerleading, Combat – Stage, Cycling, Cycling – Mountain Biking, Cycling – Unicycle, Diving, Fencing, Figure Skating, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Football, Frisbee, Golf, Gymnastics, Hang Gliding, Hula Hoop, Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Jet Skier, Jump Rope, Jump Rope – Double Dutch, Karate – Goju-Ryu, Karate – Kenpo, Karate – Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Kickboxing, Lifeguard, Martial Arts, Martial Arts – Mixed, Motorcycle Riding – General, Mountain Climbing, Pilot – Glider, Pilot – Helicopter, Pilot – Single Engine, Pilot – Twin and/or Jet, Ping Pong, Rock Climber, Rodeo – Bull Riding, Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Rugby, Running – General, Running – Long Distance, Running – Sprint, Sailing, Sailor, Scuba Diver, Scuba Diving, Skateboard – slalom, Skateboard – street, Skateboard – stunts, Skateboarding, Sky Diving, Snorkeling, Snow Skiing – Competition, Snow Skiing – Cross Country, Snow Skiing – Downhill, Snow Skiing – General, Snowboarding, Soccer, Softball, Speed Skating – ice, Surfing, Swimming – ability – general, Swimming – diving, Swimming – freestyle, Tennis, Track & Field, Trampoline, Volleyball, Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yoga, Autoharp, Banjo, Bongos, Brass Instruments, Chef, Clowning, Comedian, Conga, Dance – Pole Dancing, Dance Argentine Tango, Dance Belly, Dance Cha Cha, Dance Hip Hop, Dance Jazz, Dance Line/Country, Dance Modern, Dance Rumba, Dance Salsa, Dance Tango, Dance Tap, Dancer, Diving, Drums, Fiddle, Flute, French Horn, Guitar, Guitar Bass, Host, Juggler, Magician, Modeling, Orchestral String Instruments, Piano, Pilot, Singer, Square Dance Caller, Stunts, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Violin, Voiceover, Whistler, African Accent, Australian Accent, British – BBC English Accent, British – Birmingham Accent, British – Cockney Accent, British – Geordie Accent, British – Yorkshire Accent, French Accent, Jewish/Yiddish Accent, Mid-East Accent, New York Accent, Southern Accent, Fluent Sign Language, Fluent Spanish

  • Myoshi Young says:

    Hello, I’m very interested in any commercial projects. I’m also a 25 year old female who has amazing confidence in myself. That’s why I love the camera so much. My smile and eyes are my strengths.

  • Marshay Chapman says:

    I am very interested in being involved in your commercial. Having done my own Doritos commercial challenge, I can say it was a wonderful experience and I am ready to act in the one your in charge of.

  • Nora Murray says:

    Okay everyone knows the girl who gets this role needs to be fierce,confident and I’m sure you would like someone thats fun and down to earth.I can confidently say that describes my personality perfectly.I know you get tired of hearing how everyone is just perfect for this role.I am not saying i am perfect,I am just 100 percent sure that i can kill it.I love being in front of the camera, energetic and bubbly you won’t regret putting me on set.Ill even do this commercial for free.:)

  • Mercedita troncoso says:

    Where do we apply or sign up for an open casting call?

  • Viktoria C says:

    My name is Viktoria and I am 22. I have never been in a commercial before, but I take direction very well and whatever I do, I like to make visions come to life. I love Doritos and this would be such an awesome opportunity! I hope to hear back from you soon! Thank you for your time.

  • Nora Murray says:

    I can make this commercial stand out with my unique look.Many people remember me because i don’t look like most of the other girls.Ive been told i stand out in a crowd multiple times and i always feel that way swell. I have a auburn/brown hair and hazel eyes.I have a great personality that allows me to get along with just about everyone i meet.My energy is endless and it allows me to go the extra mile.Acting has been my life long dream and a passion.Working on set for hours and hours makes me happy.I have been in several music videos around Nashville and also on the show Nashville many times.I want devote my life to acting, i love it so much i don’t care about the fame i just want to do it for a living.It would be an honor to star in a Doritos commercial.I have great vibes to bring on set and guarantee you will enjoy my presence.:)

  • Carla Capdevila Euras says:

    Hey! I’m from Barcelona, Spain.
    My email: carlacapdevila10@hotmail.com

    I enjoy acting since I was little, I love it. I’m cheerful and friendly person.
    Age: 13
    Height: 1,63 cm
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown

    Thank you!!

  • Katrina Bunyak says:

    20 year old female
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes

  • Jose Rios says:

    My name is Jose Rios and I am more than
    interested in auditioning for this part.
    I absolutely love the story and will love to be apart of it.
    I am located in Long Beach California and willing to travel..
    You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely:Jose Rios

  • TRAI says:

    Tranice Love is my name. I’m a go getter very outgoing down to earth and loves the arts. I am 39 years old but don’t look a day over 24. Thank YOU GOD. I have a great sense of humor. personality, and character.

  • Samuel Payne says:

    Doritos are frickin’ good! I like me some Jacked! But yeah, I would love to be in a Doritos commercial! I have some experience(plays, etc), but I really enjoy acting, and people say im really good at it. Hit me up!

  • Kara pietila says:

    Hello my name is Kara. I’m 20 years old. 127 pounds at 5’2. Green eyes and blonde hair. I also have a little gap which people find “sexy”. I have been in several plays in high school. I’m very bubbly and outgoing. I also smile a lot. People usually say they love my laugh.

  • My name is katia,
    I had the pleasure of having a small role in the punisher in John Travolta’s movie as well as spider man 3.
    I’ve always wanted to do a bad…..sss cool sexy fun best rating commercial during the Superbowl…it’s simple Doritos commercial!!.
    I’ve always thought that was fascinating & entertaining.
    Last one was the best for me.
    If you would like more flavor please contact me. :)
    My contact mobile is in the application.
    thank you
    Katia Biassou

  • Patrice Rollins says:

    MY name is Patrice I’m from Booooosstonnnnnn lol I’m sexy smart intelligent and I know how to tease guys I have a bubbly personality I’m extremely out going. Not so much friendly but … Not bitchy either . I love tv and performing I am like the ultimate diva. Kinda of like the hot girl from rogar rabbit…anyways I’m 5 “8 curvy but sexy not too curvy just right. Pick me ! Please give me a chance to act out my personality on camera it’s only right
    Cell 617-959-0229
    Boston ma
    Size 6-8 women’s
    Show size 91/2 -10
    Nationality Cuban black Swedish and morrocan

  • azucena says:

    Hi my name is Azucena Ramirez. I am 20 years old my ethnicity is hispanic, my height is 5’4, light long brown hair and weight 114. Im in the city of Los Angeles CA and I am very interested in shooting this Doritos commercials. I am what you are looking for this commercial.
    Thank you for you’re time !
    Azucena Ramirez

  • Umumum…I’m Ash! (female) 23, exotic look (Israeli and black/native American) 5’3, medium/long brunette, medium brown eyes, 104 IBS. I’m the silly type but could just about act any type of personality! LOVE LOVE LOVE Dorritos!I will kiss a dorrito eating billy goat if I have to! (just kidding hhaha)

  • Paul Howard says:

    I’m a fat fan of Doritos.

  • Mary Barr says:

    My name is Mary Barr, and I am a 19 year old female. I have short hair similar to Miley Cyrus’ look. I am 5’6″ and 130 lbs. I am a sophomore at the University of Central Florida, but I am from the Philadelphia area. I would love this opportunity!

  • Tayon says:

    Hi I’m a young man 15 years old,150 pounds, 5″10, humble . I would love to have a chance to be apart of this commercial, it doesn’t how big my role is. I’ll strive to work my hardest and improve every day. I’m just trying to make my parent proud and put food on the plate. This would be my only opportunity of making it big.

  • Daniel Austin Madrid says:

    Hello, my name is Daniel Madrid and I would like to get an audition for this toritos commercial, I love acting I am involved in theater at my school I mostly get the leads. I feel that this opportunity, will be a great learning experience for me!! I am 16 with brown hair and my eyes change colors to grey green and blue and I am 6 foot 1,
    thank you

  • Garmunee Phillips says:

    If do this doritos commercial I will make sure everyone loves Doritos

  • Mariah Jaye Castle says:

    Hello my name is Mariah Castle and I am from Charlotte North Carolina. I will do whatever it takes to get my career up and rolling. This will be a great opportunity and hopefully I get to take advantage of it.
    My Information:
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 107
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brown
    Age: 16
    email: mariejc@outlook.com

    Kind Regards,
    Mariah Castle

  • Paige says:

    My name is Paige.

    I will keep it short and simple, I LOVE Doritos and I love trying new things and being in this commercial would be an AWESOME experience for me and I would love to bring something new to TV to help promote the product, it would be an honor. (:

    I am:
    21 years old
    long blonde hair
    hazel eyes
    slender body.

    I would greatly appreciate to hear back, Thank You. (:

  • Lee says:

    I love doritos because its good and allways fresh so grab a bag I tell you its the best.

  • Vanesa says:

    Hello! I am an exotic Hispanic bilingual 27 year old female with previous acting experience. I was a lead actress in a three part music video for rock band out of Austin,TX. I’m great as a silent actor but also have strong verbal and vocal skills. I’d love to know more about the roles that are available.

  • Cielance Bailey says:

    My name is Cielance Bailey, I am 18 years old and I have some acting experience. I have been on sets of shows and films so I have a general idea of how everything works. I am 5’9 and extremely athletic. I live in the Houston,Tx area. I love Doritos commercials and feel this will be a great opportunity to help the company move forward and continue its great success on Superbowl Sunday. baileycielance@yahoo.com

  • Alexandria Baez says:

    I’m very interested in this. Please call me or text me I love the chips there the best. Thank u

  • Alejandro Santos says:

    Hey my name is Alejandro Santos. I am a male. I come from a small town called Dixon, California. I grown up to be a smart and outgoing guy. People know me for always having a smile on my face. Everyone around me always feels my presence and enjoy having me around. Always wanted to go into modeling but never built up the courage.

    Body Type: Athletic/Slim
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Black
    Race: Hispanic/White
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Skin Color: Tan

    Look me up on social media:
    Instagram: @alex_the_saint
    Twitter: @alexsantos707

    Looking forward to working with you guys if possible. Best way to contact me is via email ( alexsantos707@gmail.com )
    Thanks for your time and have a great day!

  • Kristi says:

    I am highly interested! I will do GREAT! Much experience in theatre!

  • Chad Louis says:

    770 875 9422 help me please

  • Chad Louis says:


  • Chad says:

    call me I eager and love the chips

  • Chad says:

    call me im black American with Haitian background handsome love Doritos I want to act esp for this brand help me please, 770 8759422 my name is Chad Louis 210lbs living at moms eating help me

  • Henry Moreland says:

    Look I don’t believe this casting call is real but I am completely broke and have lowered myself to scavenge for movie auditions on Yahoo and I came across this. Hypothetically if this is indeed a legit casting call then be a saint and hook a brother up with a part.

    I’m 6 foot something (I don’t really care how tall I am, so i don’t check)
    Dark Brown Eyes
    Short Afro
    I’m Black (No, i haven’t been in a Tyler Perry movie)
    Weight: I’ve been called Lardo my whole life so I guess that means I’m a tad bit over weight
    I’m 18 ( I’m legal!)
    I have a lot of experience acting, dancing, and singing mostly on stage
    Did I mention that I’m Black…
    I can get along with everybody who can get along with me.
    And…. thats about it. If this isn’t real then i guess I’ve wasted 20 minutes of my life….
    Thank You :)

  • Hola!

    My name is Claude Lay. I am from Detroit, Michigan. I’m 22 years old. Olive/White skin with blue eyes, and blonde moderately wavy hair. I am of Italian and Cuban decent. I have been told that my look is very distinct. I stand 6 ft tall, 175 lbs, with a slim, athletic build. I’m very good at taking directions as well as working with groups and autonomously. Growing up in the city of Detroit has made me very resilient and I am able to thrive in any environment. I work very well under pressure and I am always up for a challenge. That being said, I am a very humble guy and I look forward to working in many diverse settings.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Claude Lay

    ID# 97518

  • Jocelyn H. says:

    My name is joy..I am thrilled and interested in being in the Commercial..I enjoy performing and acting..I have photos of myself if needed..I am 26..but look like 18..GOOD JEANS‼️

  • Mark Offitto says:

    Everybody knows that Doritos steal the commercial spotlight every single Super Bowl year. To have the chance to be a part of the tradition would be life changing a dream come true. I am a 6 foot caucasian male with an athletic figure. I have taken improv classes in New York City and done school plays.

  • I am a 5’6″ Latina, brown long hair, model and performer, tan skin brown eyes and bilingual. I am not afraid to try new things and very easy to talk to and take directions very well.

  • Stephanie Truong says:

    Hi! My name is Stephanie Truong and I am 29 years old. I’ve been modeling for over 10 years and was crowned Miss Vietnam Globe USA 2013. I am 5’4 and 100 lbs. love Doritos chips and the commercials! I hope to be the new Doritos girl one day, I’m speaking for all females.

  • jeni says:

    Soy latina y puedo representar muy bien a mi gente we love Doritos:)

  • tanaya lewis says:

    hi my name is tanaya lewis I am 15 years old I have a great smile and I am very willing

  • Hi my name is Matthew Alexander Aguirre and I love good food to but I would love to sell some food to people that when they watch it they see me loving it and then they want to buy it so um very smart on how to get people to buy good good and I hope to work for you thank you

  • Ian says:

    Hi my name is Ian Dixon and I would love to be apart of this commercial and of the cast please consider me thank you

  • Dayanara Vega says:

    Hello I’m very interested to be in the Doritos commercial!!
    Height: 5’4
    Sex: female
    Talent ID: 91192 (from one source talent)
    Email: sarahlovely48@gmail.com
    I REALLY hope to hear from you!!!!

  • Clarissa Vito says:

    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Italian/Filipino
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Weight: 140 pbs
    Build: Average
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Location: South Haven, Michigan, USA

  • gusydeldwe@yahoo.com says:

    Hi my names gustavo
    AND I LOVE doritos and I want to do a commercial about my favorite product.

  • Chris says:

    Doritos and MTN DEW is my life. Please let me be apart of the Doritos commercial.

  • Sara DuVall says:

    My name is Sara DuVall. I am really interested in getting into acting. I’ve done many theater productions and ballets.
    I believe starting in commercials is a good start for some actors out there. I would like to be one if those actors.
    This sounds fun and I think I would be a great asset to this commercial!
    Plus I’m a huge fan of Doritos! I’ve been eating them all my life! Nacho Cheese!!!

  • Jhirmack Wilson says:

    Acting is a passion that I’m already in the midst of pursuing. I’ve done acting in high school along with acting for the community outside of school. I’m 22, hardworking, eager, an waiting for an opportunity to present itself to be apart of something mind blowing.
    Athletic body

  • Jhirmack Wilson says:

    Acting is a passion that I’m already in the midst of pursuing. I’ve done acting in high school along with acting for the community outside of school. I’m 22, hardworking, eager, an waiting for an opportunity to present itself to be apart of something mind blowing.
    Athletic body

  • Kenyatta Edwards says:

    Hello, i am very interested in doing this commercial, if you see me fit for this role I would love to audition for it!! thank you!

  • Been Told no over 300x but I’m still here been taking every opportunity to get into this industry for the past 13yrs now everyone has there time and mine is coming. I’m 6’1 170 Athletic Build, Black hair, Brown eyes. It’s not over til I say it is!

  • Tyler Garcia says:

    Hi I am Tyler Garcia I would love to be in a Doritos commercial I am 13 Years old And would love to attend

  • Madison Herasme says:

    Hey there,
    My name is Madison and all you need to know about me is that im very motivated, outgoing, and i can fullfill mostly any task im given.
    I am only 18 years old and i know that doesnt fit requirement but i promise if you choose me you will not regret it. Acting is something that comes naturally… so much that its not acting anymore, im just being myself.


  • Rashad Jackson (One Source Talent ID 95438) says:

    I have a GREAT idea for a Super Bowl commercial I’m can play a inmate in jail with my commissary full of bags of Doritos, And you can have Kevin Hart play the inmate with no commissary. He asked for a bag of my Doritos…I jacked him up off his feet and tell him to get on Doritos.

  • Krystal says:

    Hi my name is Krystal Vargas and I’m 14 years old I am soon to become a freshman in high school, and would love to apply to your Production I have taken acting classes at Breaking Into Hollywood Studio in New York and improv classes in my drama group, I have a great smile and love the camera and it would be a true honor for your production to pick me.

  • Anahi Esparza says:

    Hi, my name is Anahi, i would love it if i could get the opportunity to get started on my dream as an actor and if I make it big I could look back and say that you guys were the ones that were willing to give me a break (:

  • Maili says:

    My name is Maili Dean and I am 21 years old and I would be very interested in being in this commercial. I loved the Doritos Superbowl commercial!

  • Hey there…
    I am the crazy bit part actor you are looking for. I am also a comedy writer as well. Please take the time to click on my funny or die page to check out my comedic chops.

    Thanks for your time,
    Ian Kennedy

  • Wendy DeLouise says:

    I’ve been acting and modeling for 4 years now and trying to get my start.

    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: White Caucasian not Hispanic
    Height: 5″4 inches
    Weight: 115 pounds
    Hair: Brown, medium length
    Eyes: Brown
    Age: 19
    Body: Skinny, athletic
    Skin Color: Light tan
    Location: NJ

  • Gabby here, energetic ready to commit, quick learner, able to do a number of voices including a great British accent. 15 y.o. 5’2”, 109lbs, brown and blonde hair, brown eyes, freckled nose. CALL ME

  • Shanae Reece says:

    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 109lbs
    Age: 20
    Dress: small
    pants: 1
    Shoes: 7
    Waist: 23
    Hips: 32
    Number: 9543009087
    Hello!!! My name is Shanae M. Reece. I live in south Florida. I attend Nova Southeastern University where I will be graduating in 2016 for theatre. :) to be a part of the famous Doritos commercials would be absolutely lovely. I am extremely interested in whatever position I am put inb I’m lovable, hard working, and easy to instruct. Plus… I love Doritos so much. Haha.

  • Andrea says:

    Hardworker, loved last years commercial. Im 5’7 beautiful person inside and out. 21 Years old Email address is andreajohnson107@yahoo.com
    Thank You for your Time.

  • Lamar williams says:

    Hello how are you doing? My name is Lamar and I am 20yrs old. I decided to enter the acting/modeling world because I am a very positive and social person. I also still have a baby face which makes me look 16 which is a plus.lol..I have taking professional acting classes and been in a couple Indie films. I would love to be a part of this project and I feel as though I could make it far if I get that break.

  • Alexa Wassmer says:

    Hello my name is Alexa, i am 20 years old.
    Height: 5’6
    Wieght: 135
    Hair/ eye: brown/ blonde
    Please email me for headshots and resume.

    Have a great day!!

  • Stephen Gregorio says:

    Hello my name is Stephen Gregorio I’m 20 years old. I’ve been a McDonald’s commercial recently and would love to doors acting and this would be a great opportunity.
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 140
    Eyes: green/blue
    Hair: dirty blonde
    Contact me for head shots thank you.

  • Jamila Mullen says:

    I would love to get casted in commericals. I’m a Natural.

  • elpinike m. says:

    I am 60 years old and 5ft. 4 inches, I speak fluent english, greek,
    also (french but with some difficulty).
    love to do commercial or extras and anything available, thank you for the opportunity,

  • Nathan H says:

    Hola, my name is Nathan, and I would love the opportunity to be in this Doritos commercial. I am 17, I’m an actor, singer, guitarist, and pianist. I have been in different musicals(Titanic, Seussical, Wizard of Oz) at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center(2nd largest performing arts center in MI) with HPA (homeschool performing arts). I love Doritos so much, that one time I turned orange after eating too many. Please consider me for this awesome commercial!

  • Danielle Chavez says:

    Hello , I’m Danielle Chavez , I’m an aspiring actress , I am not a professional or signed with anyone but who said acting has to be spot on correct . You just gotta put your self out there . Top -Billing Actors and Actress’s take chances everyday. You have to chase your dreams and never second guess just prove to yourself and everyone else you’ve got it , Let me show you I have what it takes to be the actress you are looking for , promise you won’t be disappointed .

    Contact me by email . Hope to hear from you soon

  • lina logue says:

    my name is Lina and for business inquires only please contact me at 3015425749. Thank for your time.

  • Lee Ferguson Jr.


    Live Theater Experience:
    1999-2000 Caroler. Uncle Fred. Christmas Carol.

    2001- 2011 Commoner, Knight, Jester, Highlander, Pirate. PA Renaissance Faire.

    2003-2014 Angel, Evangelist, Demon. Philadelphia Church Plays.
    Tourist. Godspell.
    Hippy. Blast from the Past.
    German Linguist. Vermont Ministry Play.
    Brand Actor. Campbell’s Soup Ad Campaign.
    Brand Actor. Gatorade Ad Campaign.
    Actor. Van Enterprises.

    Print/ Media Experience:
    2005 Drummer. WGAL8 TV News.
    2011. Model. Park City Mall Televised Ad Campaign. Modeling Portfolio Photo Shoot.
    2012. Production Assistant. Axe Cologne Commercial.
    2013. Promotional Ad Campaigns. Katy Perry’s Album Prism.
    Editor. Hyundai Commercial
    2014. Proactiv Skin Care Commercial.
    Sea Buckthorn lotion Print Model

    Foreign Languages: German

    Accents: British. Southern

    Guitar, Drums, Vocal: Tenor

    Appearance: Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes, Smooth Skin, Fair Complexion, Height= 6’0″, Weight= 165, Build= Athletic

    Education: Etown College. Theater
    Berklee College. Music Production

    I would love to discuss more about this opportunity and the production further, I can be contacted via email.


    Lee S. Ferguson Jr.
    Actor/ Model/ Musician

  • Carmen hackett says:

    I am 5′ 7″ and 108 lbs 34DD with waist long dark brown hair and chocolate colored eyes. I was a cheerleader from 6th grade on. I am currently finishing my degree in pharmacology but have been modeling since I was 7. https://scontent-a-dfw.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn2/t1/1424531_10151843964458177_1730813410_n.jpg?dl=1

  • Natasha Johnson says:

    Gender: Female.
    D.O.B: May 17,1990
    Location: Virginia
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 145
    Body type: Normal
    Skin tone: Tan
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Blonde
    *Looking to peruse my dream in acting. I have a great personality and I love meeting new people. I have great communication skills and the ability to learn quickly. I am a very focused and independent and always willing to learn more each day.

  • stephanie says:

    Acting is my dream. I’ve always wanted to be in a food commercial. I absolutely love Doritos. I’m 12 years old, 150 pounds,and 5’7. Live in st.helens Oregon. About 45 minutes from Portland.Please give me a chance in this wonderful commercial.

  • hannah hovater says:

    Hi y name is Hannah Hovater and im 13 years old. i love Doritos. im 5’3 and 178 pounds but im about medium. I live in deer island , OR, and love to act. i have been homeless for most of my life but now stable. i love to act i have been doing it most of my life. i was in a short movie by christen kimbell. i would love to have a part in this commercial because it might turn around in the right direction.

  • Hello. Names Erin. I am 19 years old but look like I’m in my 20’s. I live in Austin, Texas. I am a white female with an average body. Lets eats some Doiritos and get this show on the road. . . not giving out my phone number so just email me or check out my twitter. Hope I get a reply, thank you. :)

  • I would love to be a part of this project. I have done some local acting to include a Publix commercial and I am currently interested in full time work. I have a resume and photos upon request.

    Valansiar Key
    (813) 770-7368

  • Tyrone Booze says:

    Name: Tyrone Booze
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Ethnicity: Black-African American
    Location: Clearwater FL.
    Body: Large
    Weight: 212
    Height: 5’11
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Black
    Email: Tina_booze@Hotmail.com

  • Ade. Aigoro says:

    Hi I’m Ade, I am 13 years old and I live in Stockton, California I would love to be part of this commercial because I’m good actress and I love DORITOS . Thank you for reading.

  • I would love to be in a Doritos Crash the Superbowl commercial! Visit my facebook for pictures and commercial reels. Happiness, always!

  • Arielle says:

    Hello my name is Arielle kraenbring I’m 23 years old and have experience performing, auditioning , the other commercials for Doritos during Super Bowl were pretty awesome something different every year, I mean who doesn’t love Doritos they taste amazing, addicting and the best part is licking the cheese off your fingers lol I would be more then grateful to be apart of your team and be in the commercial! Please email me with any details or any help! thank you, I look forward to hearing from you

  • Im 11 years old im about to be 12 on February 24 and i love deritos i would also love to be a actor please call me at 3134549508

  • Matthew Maine says:

    Hello my name is.Matt i would love to be a part in this commercial.

    Matthew maine
    540-907-7112 (540-455-2372) 
    Height: 6’3”
     Weight: 170
     Hair: Brown
     Eyes: Green/Hazel  
    Shirt: medium
    Pants: 32-32
    shoes: 13
    Hat: large
    drama in High shool
    Fredericksburg Virgina
    Amc turn
    Background actor

    Amc Turn
    Background actor

    Special Skills:
    Intermediate guitar, Bass guitar, Firearms, Diving, Dirt bikes, Stunts, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Beginner boxing, Beginner audio engineering, Paranormal investigator, Fishing, German,

  • Danielle Sheridan says:

    I’m a 17 year old girl. I can look a range of ages starting at 14 and ending at 20.
    Weight: roughly 110 pounds
    Height: 5’3
    Hair: dirty blonde in the winter, getting blonder in the summer
    length: right below shoulder blades when curly, mid back when straight
    eyes: blue/green
    freckles: yes

    I’ve been playing soccer, softball, and basketball my whole life. I also took a little bit of gymnastics and ballet. I started singing when I was in 3rd grade and now I’m in 4 school choirs and 1 church choir. I’ve been in a couple of plays and have work backstage when I didn’t have the time to be in it. I can play some piano and guitar and was part of my high school drama club. I love to act and hope that one day this can be my full time career. I’m a people person and am said to be very outgoing with the ability to adapt and can display a wide variety of emotions. Thank you for your consideration

  • jacqueline ley says:

    I have dreamed of being an actress my whole life and I really hope that you will call us back, because I KNOW that I have the potential to be in this commercial thank you and please reply back! <3


    PICK : SUNSHYNE !!! ( she will brighten your day )

    Musician … Dancer… Fashion Designer … Writer … Performer … Social Media Enthusiasts … Entrepreneur … and more with —- years of experience : traveling around the world as a child, meeting tons of new people , being introduced to various new cultures , gaining vast knowledge, and inspiration in everything from : art, music, fashion, technology , design, and business , If you want someone who is everything and more …above and beyond … and then some … then pick : SUNSHYNE . Not only am I the total package , but sure to brighten your day and put a smile on your face , you will never forget . – SUNSHYNE 2014

  • Zoey says:
  • connor vierra says:

    hi my name is connor im almost 14 years old i would love to play in this commercial . i think i would play a perferct role. this part suits me great please contact me back on the cell phone # . im very intersted in this please let me know . im 5’9 . thank you

    • Luke Carpentier says:

      I’m 22 years old, I have spent 2 plus years studying at the Stella Adler Academe of Acting.
      I have experience on film and live sets.
      I would love to have the opportunity to be cast or work on such a large commercial.
      Thank you for your time.

  • Marina Evans says:

    Name: Marina Evans
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’5″
    Ethnicity: Ukranian
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

    My name is Mairna Evans, I’m 20 years old and would really love the opportunity to be apart of this great opportunity. I am very friendly and can take direction well. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

    Please notify me if you are interested at:

  • Erica Salucci says:

    Hi My name is Erica and I am 23 yrs old. I have been an extra for disney channels “The WannaBe’s” and have done a few modeling gigs here and there. I have am model material with a great personality. I would make a great Doritos Commercial actor. :)

  • hansen says:

    hi im Hansen and 15 turning 16 june 25 I would like to be on your commercial call 904 414 6668 or 904 406 8780

  • Hey there, I am Sam Sclafani! I am 20 years young, caucasian female. I stand at 5’7″ and have a very thin build. I have long dark brown hair and hazel eyes (I am particularly known for my eye lashes). I have plenty of experience with modeling and runway shows, I have also had some experience in the acting field as well. I am looking for something that will get my face out there, I have been trying for years to hit the jackpot. I think this would be great for me and a big hit for you!

    Please email me if interested!

    Thank you,
    Sam Sclafani

  • shawn paul porter says:

    my name is Shawn, im 20 years old and im very interested in participating in the “Doritos crash the Super bowl”. im very muscular and im very outgoing guy, and would be great for this commercial. Thank You, Shawn Porter!

  • Nathan Houser says:

    I would be great for this commercial, because of the theme of it fits me perfectly!!!!!!!

  • Laura Stone says:

    My name is Laura Stone, 19 years old….I can look 15-25 years of age.
    I am Japanese American, and yes I can speak Japanese.
    I was on a show called “Reckless”, on CBS.
    I work with the StoneWhite production, I film act and produce.
    Acting is life, I do not want to live with a regular 9 to 5 job, I want to travel work late nights early mornings during the day and all day. I will not lie, I am shy at first but when I know my surroundings and my job I am good to go! This doesn’t seem normal to “comment” on a audition site, but im willing to follow the instructions. Hope to hear back soon! -with respect Laura Stone

  • Melina Doukas says:

    I am a 16 year old girl who has a lot of experience with acting and I have had class in speech as well. I get good grades and I am willing to travel to go to any auditions. I have always wanted to act and sing. I would love to have this part.

  • Samantha Stopyra says:

    Hi! My name is samm stopyra. I’m 16 years old and i live in philadelphia, pa. Just like everyone else who has commented, my dream is to become a successful actress. I’ve had a good amount of experience, i’ve been in about 6 plays and a few skits at an art camp i attended for about 4 years. I play the piano, i’ve played soccer, softball, basketball and cheerleading as well. I’m very out going and to be able to be apart of something as cool as this would literally be a dream come true. Thank you!

  • Tybault Cook says:

    hi im ty im really interested in the commercial.

  • Ashley james says:

    My Name Is Ashley I’m 17 and Im 5’11 and weight 160 I have Brown eyes and light red hairish brownish hair I love Doritos and I would love to do this commercial … it would be a dream come true

  • Christela LouisJeune says:


    I’m a 21-year-old, female, in-active Reservist Marine. I love to act and sing. I’ve been a Thespian since 2007 and am looking to get back into both singing and acting since my end of active service. If there is anything required from me, please let me know. Have a nice day and Happy New Year!

  • Hey, how About making the commercial with twins It might make it more funny to see two… I’m a twin looking work, i’m in my 30s and I’m 5/11 high and 175 pounds. if you like what you read I can send more info! the ganz twins or my friends!

  • Jessica Deville says:

    Hello my name is Jess Deville I am 19 years old, 5ft 5In, 125 pounds, brown hair, and blue eyes. I have always been interested in acting. I am trying to start my career in the entertainment industry. I am a very dedicated hard worker! Thank you for your time I really appreciate it!

  • andre tipton says:

    hi you guys my name is andre tipton from detroit mi. I liked ur last commercial yall made last year they been really funny, But i feel like a could make the commercial funnier like Flo in the progressive commercials. I have acting experience i attended john robert powers modeling and acting school in michigan. But i would like to have a chance to play in yall guys project dats if i could be part of the commercial

  • My name is Shayler I am a 26 year old female. I am 5’8 150 lbs. slim/athletic build. I have some acting experience and would love to be considered for an audition.

  • Angelique Ayala says:

    Name: Angelique Ayala
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’1″
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Spanish, Italian, Irish

    Hi! My name is Angelique Ayala, I’m 20 years old and would really love the opportunity to be apart of this project. I have a flexible schedule and have a passion for acting. I’m always willing to learn new things for a role.Also, I’m easily adaptable and take direction well.

    Please notify me if you are interested at:
    (978)320-8375 or a_ayala93@yahoo.com

  • William Lovo says:

    I’m very interested in doing the Doritos commercial. I believe it will be a great experience and a fun one. I am 5’8″ 140lbs Hispanic and have a athletic build. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

  • Karen says:

    Hey I have plenty of pictures on that site. But I am 125, 5’1 very busty long hair caramel complexion bilingual latina.

  • jose carlos alfaro says:

    Hello good morning am a actor and model i would like to be part of this commercial I live in Chicago Illinois..
    I love doritos my favorites chips

  • Larisa Ellens says:

    Hi my names Larisa I am 5’2 I am beautiful and love to act and model I will give it my all and have a positive attitude I hope you will give me a chance

  • Shanieka says:

    Hello my Name Is SHANIEKA
    I’m 25years old
    5’3 And I’m very beautiful
    I enjoy acting/love it
    I’m very good at promoting
    Seeking acting experience
    seeking opportunities to gain extra income


  • remah says:

    HI my name is rem ah i can like act i am experience i have been on PBS kids. I love to act please pick me and sing and play the flute
    i am very animated and have a happy funny joyful personality.

  • Shantelle says:

    Hi my name is shantelle gallimore and I would love to do this I will not be a strict I am a kid I want to have fun doing this an give it my all cause that’s all I can give thank you .

  • Rakaya Smith says:

    I am a 23 yr old college student interested in becoming a part of your production.I have taken classes in drama and improv and have a great personality well as a great smile.I have provided my contact information as well as a few photos to this website. For additional information contact me at my email address and I will be glad to respond back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you!!

  • Jordan Isaac says:

    Im a second year college student working to pay my way thru college, I’m studying communications and this would be a great opportunity.

  • Danielle Cooling says:

    I’m from the Indiana/Michigan area, i’m a big Superbowl fanatic! LOVE the commercials.
    I’m about 5’4, 130 lbs. Dirty Blonde hair with blue eyes.
    Awesome personality, fun and professional!
    Would love the opportunity!

  • nattasha says:

    Great opportunity

  • Erica Howze says:

    I would love this opportunity and you all would love that you gave me the opportunity. Erica 678 914 9182

  • Lesly Galicia says:

    Hello my names Lesly. I am 5’2 with a unique look. I am Dominican so I have a really golden tan, long big curly hair, perfect athletic body, brown eyes and beautiful facial features. I promise you will not be disappointed!(: You can email me at galicia.lesly7@gmail.com or call/text to 832-517-3277

  • Lesly Galicia says:

    Hi my name is Lesly and I would love to play a role in this commercial. I am 18 and have a pretty unique look. I am mixed and have nice curly hair. My look will not disappoint you guys at all. I hope you give me a chance. You can email me for pictures etc.. My email is: galicia.lesly7@gmail.com Cell:832-517-3277

  • michelle corpe says:

    Hi I am Caucasian female 5’2 around 115
    Pounds. I am athletic with a sexy
    Female build. I do promos , modeling, and international competitions. I have blonde hair and brown eyes people say I look almost
    Like Marilyn Monroe the today’s version.

  • hello.
    my name is Angelina Ramos ,I like to act. I also have experince in acting. I had the leafding role in my school play. The play was The Wizard Of Oz. I did good in trhe play.I will like to be in this film.I will also if u guys can give me the opportunity to by in this film

    thank you!
    Angelina Ramos


  • Nikki Howard says:

    Hello, very interested in doing a Doritos comm

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