Kirby Buckets – Disney XD

Kirby Buckets Disney XD

Some big things are coming for Disney’s new star Jacob Bertrand with the launch of his newest show Kirby Buckets. Bertrand has also booked the lead role in Disney’s hit show Neckpee Island and by past tradition this special treatment is given only to talent Disney believes would be their next big star. Disney XD sibling Disney Channel used the same tactic for Selena Gomez eight years ago.  The casting directors are now casting kids of all ages for extra and stand in roles on the hit Disney show. This is a awesome chance for any aspiring actors to get their big break. Do not miss out apply now.

Kirby Buckets (Bertrand), a 13-year-old who dreams of being the biggest animator in the world, enters a competition that allows him to meet his idol Mac MacCallister and potentially get one of his own animated characters on Mac’s hit show. But he and his two best buddies run into a series of comical disasters on their way, threatening Kirby’s chances of making it.

The casting directors are now holding castings and auditions for male and female actors of all ages for several extra and stand in roles for Kirby Buckets. If you are interested in auditioning for the hit show please submit your information along with a recent photo and contact information. Do not miss out on this chance apply now and keep checking back for more information on casting dates, locations and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know if you think that Betrand will follow the same steps as Selena Gomez to stardom.

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130 Responses to Kirby Buckets – Disney XD

  • sophia aubrey says:

    I would like to be on any Disney channels movie’s or tv shows

  • sophia aubrey says:

    I like Disney channel and I really want to act in on of a new movie or tv show

  • I really like Disney channel and I really want to get a part!

  • I really like Disney chanel

  • I really like Disney channel and I really want to get a part in a tv show

  • Angelina Ramos says:


    My name is Angelina, i like to act. i also hava experince in acting. I hadthe leading role in my school play. The play was The Wizard of Oz. I did good in the play. I will like to be in this movie. I will also like if u guys can give me the opportunity to be in this movie.

    Thank You!

    Angelina Ramos

    • Gregory Hepburn says:

      Nice JOb your an One Source member and this is a new show not movie

      • Dylan Fishman says:

        Hi Disney, My name is Dylan Fishman, I’m 11 years old boy who lives in Huntingdon Valley, PA. I’ve wanted to be an actor my whole life. Everyone I met tells me I should peruse an acting career.I have a great sense of humor and I love pretending to be characters. My inspiration actor is Jimmy Fallon because on his first audition to get on Saturday Night Live he didn’t make it but he tried again and he got in! I am determined to try hard and be a success in everything I do. Give me a chance, what do you have to lose!?! Thank You.

  • Maria says:

    Heyy there. The early bird gets the worm ( ; My names Maria, im looking for my acting break, and foward to this show of wonder. I recently turned 16 back in August. Im around 5’6 tall, blonde/brown hair, medium brown color eyes, light skin. I sing, take vocal lessons, design clothes, and im currently learning acoustic guitar. My dream is to act and sing, if i cant have both, i’d be happy with either or. I feel i have the potential i need, i know i could land a role on this show, if the chance presents itself. I took a drama class my freshmen year, and got an important role in the main play of the year. I have a unique style, and personality. I like i to have fun, while getting the job done. I define myself as a playful friendly person. Therefore, I love to be different, i like to stand out from others. I appreciate the little things people do, notice, give. . .etc. Im a giver, not a taker. In another topic, i’ve been a Disney fan since i can remember. One of my favorite shows ever, used to be Kim Possible. Well to end this, i’d just like to say you wouldnt regret giving me an opportunity. Doesnt seem like much right now, but its actually somthing huge. (:

    • Hello i’m Gregory Hepburn, submitted to this audition 1:00am that’s dedication. I’ve worked extremely hard. Acting making my debut March 2013. I have an impressive résumé because I work hard for every thing. This is a chance. I’ve been an aspiring actor since 2005. Agency have helped me this is my day and night. I go by the name Hollywood Hepburn because all I ever wanted was to work hard and be successful in the entertainment industry. Please give me this Chance one out of a million who actually want to act for enjoyment not for money.

  • Angelina Ramos says:


    My name is Angelina, i like to act. i also hava experince in acting. I hadthe leading role in my school play. The play was The Wizard of Oz. I did good in the play. I will like to be in this film .I will also like if u guys can give me the opportunity to be in this film

    Thank You!

    Angelina Ramos

  • Daniel Mareno says:

    This is so wonderful, I wish everyone deserving luck! My kids are so excited and awaiting a call for some Great news.

  • Noah Schatz says:

    I am so excited for this new show and even more excited if I got the chance to be apart of it! I have Red Hair, Blue eyes, Freckles, I am 5’4 and I absolutely LOVE TO ACT! I have tons of acting experience including acting classes, film acting, and plays such as Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Sweeney Todd (Tobias), Charlottes Web (Avery), Flowers for Algernon (Charlie), Annie Get Your Gun (Charlie). Plus many more! I have been acting since 1st grade and I absolutely LOVE it! I have lots of personality, I am a christian and can dance, sing, and of course act! Please consider me for this role:)

  • Sandra Leynaud says:

    My name is Sandra,I’m 14 but I look younger, and I’m french. But I love acting!
    I have an experience of four years in theatre. And this year, I play theatre in english!
    I would like to acting in an american TV show or movie…
    Thank you,
    Sandra Leynaud

  • Quintelle Heywood says:

    Im 13 years old i live in sneeds ferry nc and i would love to be on this show this is like right down my alley :D hope you pick me call my mom at (480)3400224

  • payton binkley says:

    I am 11 years old I live in Florence sc I love acting. I would love yo be on this show it is my dream to be on tv. please pick me I wont let u down.

  • Lauren Osborne says:

    I am 11 years old and have done background for Jessie, Parks and Recreation, Bad Teacher and Justified!

  • hello my name is ashlee duran im 14 my birthday is setp 10 1999. i am 14 . i love to act sing , i love to sing because its fun i enjoy it i loe say and speaking what i fell , i also write my own songs , i love to act because it seems like you could be a different person but your always gonna be yourself. i many have never done this before but i know i could do it i will have to take risk but you know you have , you have to believe , follow your dreams dont let people till you no because u could do it if i get this i know u wont regert it it will change my life i wont let you down , i will give it 120% everyday i will wake up at no matter time if i have to . it will change my life because the show i wanna show people what i could do i wanna do my best for my family. and if my favorite singer and actor is selena gomez and justin bieber i look up to them because they tell us to never say never never give up on your dreams believe in yourself dream out loud . i am welling to put my life in cameras everyday people following me , people saying meaning things making things up i will do that because i love to sing and act. i know i could be a great actor i know i could do it . thank you -ashlee duran

  • Deja gorham says:

    I’m 17 from louisburg, North Carolina. I love to act, it was my dream to be a actress. I would actually record myself doing a talk show. I want to show teens to don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and do what you love the most. Work hard to get where you want to be. A part in North Carolina, I want to show teens or young adults that its okay to follow your dreams and don’t listen what people outside say about how bad their community is; show them that they are better what people say.

  • Zamira Nena Bakr says:

    Acting is my life. I have taken the steps to become an actress and model. I ‘am a hard working, independent, girl, who won’t waste time on set.

  • tengo un niño de 6 años le gusta mucho actuar… espero y pueda comunicarme con ustedes pronto..

  • Jazmen Barber says:

    Hey! Im Jazmen (Jasmine) I love Disney channel! Im 13 years old. I love to act, sing, and dance! When I put my mind to things I wont stop until I reach my goal. If I could be on Disney channel or and movie or show I would be really happy! The reason I would like to be on Disney channel is because, Disney channel has helped me through a tough child hood. All the actors on Disney channel really inspired me to do the impossible. They showed me that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. And one day I would like to do the same and inspire someone who feels like theres nothing left to do but give up. So please consider me! Thank you so much.

  • hi my name is Armando Guevara I am 12 ill be 13 soon. I really hope to get the try outs. my phone# is 956-351-2626. I speak both English and Spanish. I hope to hear a call from you thank you.

  • Amanda says:

    Hi my name is Amanda I have almost no experience in acting. I love singing dancing and acting but my mom is not that supportive. Please help me get a role. I’m to nervous to ask my mom!!!

  • Amanda says:

    BTW I’m 11

  • Mikaeel Abdun-Nur says:

    Height: 6’0
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: African American/ Black
    Skin Color: Bronze/ Light Brown
    I know I can go on all day about reasons why you should consider me for a role in the show but the fact is I know that just saying “acting is my dream” is not enough to make it. Hard work and determination is needed to make it anywhere. My college major is theatre and my acting teacher is very passionate and experienced.He’s also part of running the Ensemble Theatre in W Maple Rd, West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322. His name is Chris Bremer who directs live stage shows. I was recently in the live play “Snow White” and am now in the live play “The Three Musketeers” written by Peter Raby. My acting teacher went to school with the actor Michael Key from Key and Peele and I know it would make him very proud for me to be casted in your production. I look forward to a mutually profitted relationship by displaying my professors teachings.

  • Zarianna Busby says:

    Why hello there!
    I am 16 years old and I live in California. I’m very interested in auditioning for this show! I have experience in acting.
    Im such a high spirited and fun person that I would be great for this show. I would appreciate it if you guys gave me this wonderful opportunity. Thank you so much

  • MekFran says:

    I would really like to be on Wizards of Waverly Place

  • John says:

    Good afternoon. My name is John Plas and I would like to be considered for a part in your upcoming project. I am attaching you my resume.

    I hope to receive a response soon.

    Yours faithfully,
    John Plas

    Cell Phone: 8608010168
    Height: 5’8’’, Weight: 150lbs, Hair: Brown-Black
    Eyes: Green-Brown, Age: 26, Vocal range: Tenor
    Shirt: 15,5, Pants: 29, Suit: 36-38, Shoe: 9,5.
    Waist: 35, Hips: 37

  • Antoyne Hale says:

    Hi, My name is Antoyne Hale. I would love to be a star in a show or a series, I have acted a lot at home with my friend and my auntie! I’m a great singer I can dance if I am choregraphed by a choregrapher.

    Contact me.! thanks,

  • alisia says:

    my name is Alisia im 7 yrs old my mom help me write to you because I have a big imaginations I love to act sing, model and just a little dancing but I need a lot of help dancing I had a little experience with auditions but my mom never have the money to continue .I love going to school im in 1st grade but I understand a lot i make all s all the time on my report card my mommy said that will be the only way I can do any extra things I use to watch wizardly place all the time I like selena Gomez she always gets inyo trouble I would like to act on something like her show. thank you some much for listen will you please call me

  • Steven Garcia says:

    Hello!!! My name is Steven Garcia, I would love to star in a “DIsney XD” show, I’m 14 years old I’m a big fan of Disney and I would love and wish my dreams can come true. I love to act!!!!

  • Steven Garcia says:

    Hello!!! My name is Steven Garcia, I would love to star in a “DIsney XD” show, I’m 14 years old I’m a big fan of Disney and I would love and wish my dreams can come true. I love to act!!!!!

  • George Rodriguez says:

    Hello I am George Rodriguez I would love to be in a disney XD show, even a Disney show. I practice everyday to be a great actor. I would love to get this part and be in the show I am 11 years old!! It’s my dream to Act,

  • paytence blackerby says:

    My name is paytence and i am 7 years old. I love to sing, dance and impersonate my favorite disney channel characters. I have all always told my mom it would be so much fun to be a character on the disney channel. I’m very energetic and will not give up until i give it my all. I also love making new friends and meeting new people. If i had to pick my favorite character, i honestly couldnt pick, but i can tell you i think austin moon is so cute! Please pick me.

  • Najma ahmed says:

    Hi I am a muslim girl so you guys might not pick me I am 12 years old and I have to cover my hair while I act and I have to wear a long skirt or dress I hope u guys pick me I applied alot of shows and I will keep on applying bye!

  • Sheena says:

    lol. I have no acting experience, but I want to be on Disney soo bad and I’m tired of my boring life and want to become a Disney actor.

  • Jessica Deville says:

    Hello my name is Jessica Deville I am 19 years old, 5ft 5In, 125 pounds, brown hair, and blue eyes. I come from a very small town.I have always been interested in acting. I am trying to start my career in the entertainment industry. I am a very dedicated hard worker! Thank you for your time I really appreciate it!

  • Trina Giang says:

    Hello my name is Trina, I am 12 years old and I’m in seventh grade. I would LOVE to be a role in Kirby Buckets, being in this show would be an amazing start of becoming a voice over.

  • zamantha says:


  • Sasha Osintseva says:

    Hi so I’m from canada and I want to be in it. I don’t have a 5 digit zip code what do I do? Do I audition for it anyway? Do I audition for something else? Help!!

    Sasha xox

  • Nairobi Burns says:

    Hi, I’m Nairobi and I’m an Aspiring Actor!!! I’m 12yrs old, I live in Chicago, and My dream is to be an Actor for Disney Channel!! I pray that I get a call to be on any of your shows!!!

    Thank You!!

  • Billy Conkle says:

    i think you should pick me i’m very talented i play 3 instruments i can sing, dance, and act.
    my experience: i played a king in the birth of Jesus almost a lead role(i also have been in more plays but i can remember the names), i took dance lessons when i was 10 years old (and i am pretty good at it), i sing whenever and i have pretty good vocals(voice) very precise i can do highs lows whatever you want me to do.
    the instruments that i play are the piano( which is my favorite), the violin, and the cello.(i also play guitar, but i mostly play the others).
    i also like Disney channel i watch all the shows are thing there amazing(awesome).

  • Sophie Kemp says:

    Hi, I would love to be on a disney show or movie. I am 12 years old with blond hair and hazel eyes, I am 4″10 and 76 pounds. I would love to be on this show! I have been in our school plays and musicals, I go to the best school in my city which is quite a big city. I am also great at singing and dancing! If there are auditions for this show, I would love to have one.

  • Adrianna says:

    Hello my name is Adrianna
    My hobbies is acting, singing and dancing
    I’m 12 years old and I have dirty blonde hair and I have brown eyes
    One thing you will love about me is that I am out going! :)

  • Kaleb Mokas says:

    Hello. My name is Kaleb Mokas and I am 14 years old. I have always loved acting and would love to be in a Disney Channel or Disney XD show. Please consider me. Thank you very much.

  • Kaleb Mokas says:

    Hello. My name is Kaleb Mokas and I am 14 years old. I have always loved acting and would love to be in a Disney Channel or Disney XD show. Please consider me. Thank you very much. Also not just this show, any show would be good.

  • jakya johnson says: name is jakya johnson I am 11 years old and I have always dreamed about me being on disney channel since I was 5.this would be a dream come true if I could be on disney channel with zendaya because she’s one of my favorite stars on tv and role models including ariana grande,jennette mcurdy,debby ryan,and selena gomez.I have always wanted to meet selena gomez and zendaya like if got a audition and a role for a show on disney channel I would be so excited because I might actually have a chance to meet them.

  • connor vierra says:

    hi my names connor , im almost 14 years old, very freindly , love sports and always watch disney channel , im 5’9 and 140 lbs and i would love to play a part on disney channel.

  • Hello I’m Deatra 16 years of age. I’m a female! I’ve been an actor since I was 10 and I do gymnastics on my spare time, I can also sing and dance. I’m also a brunette, hazel eyes, and 5’8 in height. I have been in many commercials but I want more! I watched disney channel as a kid and I’ve always dreamed of being on disney. It would be an honor. I have an agency, if that helps at all. But email me whenever or call me whenever. If you consider me for your show I will send you my head shots, my agency’s bussiness card, and my resume! Thank you for your time.

  • rickiea mcdougal says:

    Hey I am 12 years old I will the best for that part I sing and act well. I been dreaming of being a actor and I want to be the best i can be so that I can make my mother,lakesha, so proud. All I’m asking you can you just give me a chance is too do this and I will show you the best that I can be. Thank you for your time PS. Please call :-) :-) :-)

  • Joyce Zhu says:

    Hey my name’s Joyce and I’m a 13 year old girl! I am short and skinny, around 4’11. I love acting very much and I’m trying to get started so this would be very appreciated! I am from California and have lived here all my life, but my family has moved many times before I was born. Thank you for reading and considering me!

  • Stephanie Short says:

    Hi :) I am 15 years old and LOVE to act. First of all, I have brown hair and hazel eyes (if hair color is a problem, the only other color I will dye it is blonde). I am 5’7 ish. I dance, cheer, figure skate, I’m a part of drama club, I sing, and I play guitar and piano. Acting is honestly one of my dreams. I love it so much because it’s like you’re giving back to the world. You’re giving people entertainment. It’s truly wonderful. As for my acting experience, I’ve been in one play and a musical. I take drama class at school (which I have a 100% in), and I am in drama club. I really hope that you take me under consideration!

  • Adama Sonko says:

    It his being my dram to are Disney actor I want to audition for Disney channel but I live in UK I have to go on Google and type Disney channle 2013 auditions am 14years old and I werry want to be are Disney star

  • Adama Sonko says:

    It his being my dram to are Disney actor I want to audition for Disney channel but I live in UK have ave to go on Google and type Disney channle 2013 auditions am 14years old and I werry want to be i
    Wrrey want to be are Disney star

  • michael says:

    Claire would love to have a shot at being a Disney Star. I told her I would try for her if someone is interested please contact us. Thank you

  • Britton Cherry says:

    Please come to Nashville Tennessee you would get tons of people coming to the tryouts including me.I work Really hard I never give up and I’m very comfident in myself.I make straight A and I have tons of skills.Trust me you wont be disappointed I know you’ve heard that before, but trust me.This is my phone number 615-979-5516

  • Tiffany Smith says:

    I am 9, girl, love Disney XD the silly comedy action, and character interaction. I an at just the right stage for XD. I ALSO DANCE, could do choreo fight scenes and slapstick or gross humor besides girl stuff. I also have gymnastic experience. I sing w practice and am learning guitar. I have been approached & contacted mostly for modeling, but I have repeated lines from my favorite scenes since I was 4 years old. I also love improv, character improv acting/storyline and dance (b girl/hip hop & modern.)

  • Muskan Balouch says:

    Hi, i will like to audition for this show i acted in plays and i am not sure if i can sing.

  • Sean king says:


  • Jennifer Hughes says:

    please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please choose me. I love to act and have done numerous acting performances.

  • tyrell says:

    every since I saw Disney channel I wanted to be a part of it. since I was 4 years old if I would get this part it would be a wish come true
    thank you.

  • Lance says:

    My name is Lance and I would like to audition for this show I’m not a good signer but I can act I am good in soccer and volleyball and im great in comedy. I’m 13 and will be 14 in 2 months and African American and I believe that disney need some new faces for 2014. I hope you guys can have some time to read my comment.

  • larah says:

    Hi my name is larah I would love to be in a show or a movie cause i love acting im in alot of my shows at school so if you would like a nice good actor 12 year old girl please pick me and I have written a skript for my class before and it was great


  • Bobbi Jo Anderson says:

    Mom Jace, he has a great personality and great facial expressions.

  • please, please pick me i have many physical talents and also mental i would be very useful thank you if u pick me

  • please pick me i have many physical and metal skills you can put me on any show please contact me

  • Raileen Sellnow says:

    Hi :) My name is Raileen Sellnow. I am 20 years old. I have brown hair and blueish greenish eyes. I look younger than I actually am. I do wear glasses. I sing and dance. I do have some experience in acting, singing, and dancing. None of that was professionally done though. I am a very hard worker, and I am willing to work long hours if needed. I am also willing to travel.
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5’0
    Thank you for your time.

  • Alan Vanchiasong says:

    My name is Alan Vanchiasong. I am 16. My height is 5’6. I am a beatboxer. All my life i have always been a performer. Acting has been something that I really wanted to do. Please pick me. My hair color is black. I wear glasses and my eyes are brown.

  • Kalvin says:

    I am currently 15 years old and living in Canada actually, but I am a dedicated worker and I would do my very best if I were given the opportunity to act alongside cast members and producers. My height is 5’6, I weigh 116lbs, my hair color is black, I have TWO brown eyes (that’s right, I look normal), and my nationality is Chinese/Vietnamese. I have been a dancer for 9 years, am able to adjust under pressure, but have little acting experience. I love making people laugh and I’ve always wanted to be a TV star; I watch Disney Channel and all it’s movies almost all the time and aspire to be like most of the actors. They seem to have a lot of fun acting, singing and dancing. If I am legible for a spot in one of your shows, I am available at (403)-909-5699. If given this chance, I would be left speechless and probably screaming and jumping like a little girl..

  • Glesni Davies says:

    Hi, my name is Glesni Davies but everyone calls me Gles. I’m 12 years old. I have long orange hair and brown eyes. I quite tall. I love to act. I haven’t done it professionally before but I have been on a tv show when I was really little because a camera crew came to my school and they wanted 3 kids to put on their show and there was about 74 children at the school and the camera crew chose 2 11 year old girls and me even though they wanted older girls they chose me when I was 4. My school showed the episode we were in just before the Christmas play and everyone told me that I did really good even the meanest teacher in school so when the time came for casting the school play they narrowed it down to 3 kids me (5 years old) a girl that was 10 and a boy that was 8. They made us go on stage, perform the most emotional scene in the entire show so we all performed it the boy first then me and then the other girl. After that they made us sing the solo(btw I can’t really song anymore so yeah) all while the hole school was watching. They took us back to school then and we all had a long discussion about how we all did great and even though it was a hard part and I was the youngest person left they chose me. So I had 1 week to learn 5 songs and 1 solo then a 20 page script and I was on every page and I had to do an outfit change in the middle of the show. That year there were about 200-300 people watching and everyone of them was almost crying in the emotional scene and they were all laughing during the funny scenes. After that year I got the lead part in every school play. Since I’m in high school now they don’t really do school plays anymore. Since I can’t act in school anymore I find scrips on line learn them and my friend likes acting ASWELL so we both act them out and film our selfs. It’s really fun. Although I truly love acting I want a good education also and I just got my first ever high school report card and I’m glad to say that I got 6 A, 5 B and 1 C. I live in wales, UK with my mum and my sister since we live with a single mum we don’t have a lot of money so it’s sometimes really hard for us but we still get through it. My mum always used to ask me what I wanted to be when I was older but when I said I wanted to be an actress she said that it’ll be almost impossible to do that and she said that every time I said I wanted to be an actress but I never gave up on it so every time she asks me now I just say I don’t know but she knows that I want to be an actress. She does support me and I know because she found out that a film was being made about 5 hours from where I live so we filled out the application but it said we had to pay 5 pounds for the membership on my account so that I can apply. So we stoped trying for a bit but I never gave up. I know that I sound really weird but if you give me chance I won’t disappoint I promise

  • My business is don’t good wherever you will be having your info, even so great matter. Need to spend a long time finding out additional or perhaps identifying additional. Appreciate your outstanding data I used to be in search of this information in my assignment.

  • Anna Noriega says:

    Hi my name is Anna Noriega. I am 13 years old. I have light brown curly hair but I straighten it a lot. I live in Washington state. As long as I could remember I wanted to be a singer or actor. I used to take acting classes in California when I live there. But I had to stop taking them when we moved. Right now I take modeling and acting classes now. If I was on the show I would work hard and enjoy every minute. I hope you consider me~ Thank you:)

  • Brysha Mone't says:

    Hi my name is Brysha Mone’t. I’m 12 years old in the 7th grade. I love to sing and act. I lead a song with my church choir. I also preformed in my school talent show. I enjoy singing and entertaining my friends and family. I write my own songs. I watch all the Disney television shows and movies. Disney you should pick me because I will bring so much fun and excitement. I always dream of becoming a television star and a singer on Disney channel. I’m very confident in working with Disney and I would love for you to hear me sing. Thank you.

  • Morgan Shewey says:

    Hi, my name is Morgan Shewey! I am 14 years old and I am in 8th grade. I would Love to be in this!!!! I think it would be a great opportunity. I have been in a commercial for heroin for the state of Illionis, Chicago area, I have been in a short film called Stockhom Santa that made it to the international film festival. I have been in other stuff too! I would consider myself musical. I love music! I play the piano and am learning the guitar. I think this role would be great for me!!!

  • Travis Hill says:

    Hello, i would love to be on an show, be able to get a great experience out of it because im not an great or even good actor because i normally in my comfort zone but i would love to do this so i can get all of wonders that it comes with. I’m not looking for a big role but anything would be nice ..
    Weight: 150+
    Height: 5’7 1/2
    Eye color: Hazel
    Hair color: Black
    Ethnicity: African American and French
    Body: Fit
    Talents: Decent Dancer and Decent Comedian

  • i would love to be in this to i look young so you wouldn’t have to worry about finding an actual 13 year old

  • Colin says:

    Hi, my name is Colin Dyce, I always wanted to be an actor so I decided to try and be on a Disney show.

  • Colin Dyce says:

    Hi Disney. I just wanted to ask when and where are the auditions?

  • Emma says:

    Hair: curly brown
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: lebanese/ Egyptian/ German/ Scottish
    Skin tone: olive (light)
    Height: 5 feet 7 in
    Grades: straight A’s
    Favorite class: special needs tutoring
    Please email me i love disney and would be ecstatic for an audition!!

  • Niccolò sciancalepore says:

    Hi,what’s up???My name’s Niccolò!Yeah,I know,it’s a little strange, my name, because i’m italian ,but how can you see ,i can speak english.I’m 13 years old and I love act.I ’m an energetic boy and i’m ready for everything,in order to become an actor. I also can dance,and sing and I play the guitar very very well.I’m not ashamed when i am in front of the camera,and i’m not for nothing SHY!!! I’m a funny person and I think I’m what are you searching!Well, i hope it.:)
    Now, I’ll wait you and your answer,but i hope you choose me.I also sang in the school’s choir, and i PlayED guitar in public a lot of times!!!!

  • Rakel Hutchinson says:

    Hey my name is Rakel, I am 11 years old. I am bi-racial and I love to act and sing. I am very pretty and have a great personality. My dream is to become an actress or singer. Please give me a chance so I can show you.

  • Belen Martinez says:

    Hello my name is Belen Martinez, I am 16 years old i have never tried to audition for a role ,For the fact that it has never crossed my mind ,but i have loved Disney channel all my life . Im very energetic at times i think too much , my friends think i am very funny . Its has been my dream to one day be on television . I guess a chance would be the best thing in the world . Please and Thank you

  • Lauren White says:

    Hello! I am 16 years old and I would love to be in this movie. I’ve been acting since I was 6 years old and I love it! If you have a part for me I would be eternally grateful. I’ve also been singing around the same time I started acting. I’ve had alot of experience with acting and singing. I’ve done musical theatre also. I LOVE DISNEY!!! I know all of the songs and some of the choreography. If you are in need of someone I’ll be there in a heartbeat. Please consider me and get back to me if you can. Thanks so much for this opportunity! F.Y.I. I have brown shoulder length hair. I am from Las Vegas NV/ Provo Utah.

  • Alison James says:

    -i am 16 years old
    -107 lbs
    -eye color: green
    -hair: straight, brown, medium length
    -petite figure
    -i can also sing, dance and ive been a cheerleader for 7 years
    -i have also done some theater work

  • Elauria Timm says:

    I am 16. I am ideal for this because I have a lot of experience with acting. I took Drama throughout middle school and high school(I am now home schooled) I was a thief in “The Nutcracker” at my high school. I have so much passion for acting and I am taking any opportunity I can get to make my dreams a reality. I also enjoy singing and dancing. I have been dancing for three years I used to dance at APA (apex academy for the performing arts). My dance skills are more in Hip-Hop and contemporary. I was also in two recitals (Hip-Hop and Contemporary) for my dance company(APA). Thank you for your consideration! I hope to keep in touch!

  • Cecilia Becerra says:

    Hi I am Esmeralda, Cecilia’s mother she is only 2. But I would really like for her to get a part, anything would be good. She’s a happy baby and she loves to pose.

  • margaret acheampong says:




  • Hi my name is Gracie O’Rourke and I would love to be on any thing. I love acting. Sing is my thing. I have I open to most ever thing. Please think of me.

  • Devin marcum says:

    My name is Devin marcum I’m 13 I have blonde hair blue eyes and really want this part I’m 5 foot tall I’m white skinned . And love Disney chane please recommend me

  • Christian Carew says:

    Hiya! I’m Christian, I’m from a small town in Mississippi, and I just recently figured out Acting is the career I want to follow. I’m currently working in the school play “Cinderella”, and after that I will be attending acting classes. I really feel like this is the career I’ve been waiting for, I think I’d be a great candidate for this, and the least I could do is try, right? So, I’d like for you to consider me.

  • Angelica Miranda says:

    Hello,i’m Angelica and i’m 12 years old.I loved to act and my dream is being an actress and i ask you an opportunity to make it true.I speak english and spanish,i had taken dance classes,i have being a cheerleading sinced 2009.
    Hair:curly, medium and light brown
    I ask you to give me an oportunity and i promissed i wouldn’t deseption you and that i would do the best.

  • Morgan Reece says:

    Hi my name is Morgan Reece my dream is to become a actress I hope I get on it this will be a dream come true like a miracle for me

  • Alona says:

    I have straight long light brown hair , dark brown eyes, I’m olived skinned, I weigh 85 pounds so I’m skinny. I’m 12 years old and in 6th grade. I’ve always wanted to get out of this town and become an actress. Being on this show could really boost my career or soon to be career.

  • Hayden Melvin says:

    Hi I’m Hayden, I am ten and is turning eleven in two months and I love to act more than anything. I just tried out for the school play and got the really long part I really wanted. Now I am going to do it in front of 230 people at our school. So I really really really want to be in this show. one reason is people don’t really like me at my school and I’m not really popular but they watch Disney show a lot and so do I but if they see this I will probably be the most popular kid in school.

  • Sara Muhiar says:

    I am 8 yrs old and very interested in acting for Disney or nickelodeon. I live in Jacksonville Florida. I love both shows and see myself being on them one day.

  • Collin says:

    Hi my names Collin and I’m 11 years old! I’ve always had a dream to be a tv actor! I think I would be a good part for this tv show because I am very happy all the time and could really see what I could do! I’ve always been into acting and I want to take this more serious now! And the weird thing is I had a dream like 3 days ago and it was me acting on Disney Channel and I think that May mean something! If I got chosen I would not disappoint you! I would give my 110% of effort and energy! And now here’s some info you may want to know!
    I’m not very musical
    I weigh about 90 lbs
    I am not easily embarrassed
    I’m blonde with brown eyes
    I’m very positive all the time
    I’ve always wanted to be famous
    I used to pretend I was a famous actor
    I’m male
    I’m 11 years old
    Thanks for considering! I hope you consider me! Thanks!!

  • Alexandrea O'Keefe says:

    My nickname is Lexi, I am nearly 13 years old, and caucasion. I am 5’5″, have brown hair (a few inches past my shoulders), and hazel eyes. I’m somewhat tan, and pretty slim. I play volleyball, so I’ve slimmed down and gained much muscle in my legs and arms. I love making people laugh, and I think this would give me a wonderful opportunity to do that. If you have any questions or would like to see a headshot please contact me by email. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day!

  • Mohammed says:

    Hey, I’m Mohammed Choudhury, but everyone just calls me by my middle name, Shahan. I’ve been told to by friends, family, and strangers that I should be an actor. My love for acting started in elementary school, getting several lead roles in school plays. From then on I continued acting through youtube and recently started a Vine account. My enthusiasm and personality helped me earn my position as Commissioner of Public Assembly for the student body in my high school.
    Im a Bengali American.
    Age: 16

  • Annamarie DiMonte says:

    I am 13 years old, and would love to be on the show. I am 5’2, and about 105 pounds. I have dark brown hair and green eyes.
    Thank you :)

  • Ryan Morrill says:

    Hello Disney talent searchers or others who my read this. My name is Ryan Morrill. I am 13 years old, 5’4, dark brown hair, brown eyes and white skin. I love to animate myself so when I saw the plot for the show it jumped out at me. I believe that everybody needs a first chance and if people keep hiring people with experience, how is the acting industry supposed to grow? I am ok with any parts including a background character but I’d prefer to start by auditioning for a bigger part. Might as well try for the best! I’ve been asked to model before, though I don’t think I’m very handsome.

    Thank you,
    Ryan Morrill

  • korinne szagola says:

    hi my name is Korinne Szagola
    i am ten years
    i love pets, singing, outdoors, mostly acting.
    i have done acting in school plays.
    i watched disney since i was a kid.
    i am a girl that does not follow i am true to everyone nice to my friends and love to have fun. Please think of choosing me.

  • Hi,

    My name is Lilly Van der Meer, I am 14 years old and live on the Gold Coast Australia. I am currently training at Take 3 Acting Studios where I have been studying film and Television acting, improvisation and filmmaking. I have recently been cast the lead role in two short films, and would love to take part in your project, to gain experience and knowledge. Thank you for considering my application. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind Regards,
    Lilly Van der Meer

  • Sabrina says:

    My name is Sabrina and i love to act, i’m 5’7 i got biracial hair and skin, but i’m not from the Uniteds States. :/

  • maranda obrien says:

    hello im Maranda Obrien I am not going to sit here and just tell you why you should pick me but im also going to tell you why I want to be an actress. Its not that I want too be an actress because of fame and money like most the kids that have applied here it all about how they want to work with these people it is not all about who’s in the cast it is how you and your cast get along you are family though out the whole production and must work together you are a team. but not just casting they are not focused on there acting I many only have school Esperance but im not a fake that wants fame I am an actress working on finding her big break and will not stop here acting is my life I love that you can build on someone else and make them better I may not have a lot of experience but I work hard and as a team I think if you pick me you will see we can make the best movie you have ever seen or produced thank you for your time plz contact me.

    Maranda Obrien

  • Abby Benelli says:

    Hey, my names Abby, I love reading, dancing, swimming, acting, and writing. I haven’t had much experience, just a few local plays, school plays, that stuff. I’m sort of pretty, with dark brown hair, tanned skin, and green eyes. I’m around 5 ft, and I’m very daring. Um, so, pick me!! Bye!

  • Adelle Lorraine Johnson says:

    Name: Adelle Lorraine Johnson
    Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
    Appearance: African American, brown hair, brown eyes, roughly 5’3 tall
    Birth: 4/10/98
    Skills: Dancer for 8 years (ballet, little tap, jazz), singer, actor for 5 years
    Experience: Shakespeare plays during middle school at Ravenscroft
    Schools: Rolseville Elementary, Home schooled, Brassfield Elementary, Ravenscroft, Saint Mary’s School
    Gender: Female
    OTHER:I am a hard worker and dancer, and I love to act and play different characters. I love Disney Channel and I find all of their shows funny and well achieved. I am a christian so I do not break any rules and I am glad to learn anything that is thrown at me. I know I can so something like this and I would love to be considered in your next show. Thanks for reading!:)

  • Autumn Evans says:

    Hello. My name is Autumn Evans and I am 13 years old. I’ve loved Disney Channel and it would be a amazing opportunity to get this role. I have been told I am an aspiring actress, but I never really took it into profession. Please contact me if you want my phone number.

  • Kerttu Kasanen says:

    Hi..I´m Kerttu and I´m twelve years old. I love Disney and acting in USA and being different are my biggest dream cause hey i´m from finland. What interesting there ever happen? Nothing that´s right, i wanna achieve something because nobody don´t believe that twelve years can reach anything in USA or anywhere. So i´m gonna keep doing this until somebody gives me a chance!
    So my height is 5`4″, i have brown long hair and brown-green eyes, i speak finnish and english, my skin tone is white and i can sing, dance, write (songs,storys and poems), run fast and use computers and other electronic pretty well.
    27th day is my birthday. Can you please make my only birthday wish come true?
    Thank you

  • Kiara Esser says:

    Hi! My parents are supporting me in trying to find someplace to act. I am a twelve year old girl and I love all things and everything to do with acting! I love Disney Channel and it would be my ultimate dream to even appear on one show! I have many skills, and I am a huge supporter to my community. Thank you for all your time,

  • john jackson says:

    i am an excellent actor
    willing to do anything
    to be a star

  • Shané says:

    Hi there… :)
    My name is Shané Bartels, I am a 17 year old born and bread white South African who now lives in Brisbane Australia.
    I am honestly one of Disney’s biggest fans, iv basically seen every movies Disney has ever made and will probably never stop watching them. I have a strong personality with extreme determination and dedication. I have great acting skills that have been taught me me throughout me entire schooling career and multiple performances and plays. I have great skill sets for a Disney character due to my vast flexibility in character capabilities for example; I am able to be very friendly, kind and enthusiastic in my characters to being very fierce and obnoxious. I’m am easy leaner and can be transformed into any character iv been taught, due to my many years working in the modelling industry manly as a photographic model iv had to learn how to portray a a characters emotions and feelings onto a single photo, which has in return taught me how to capture a characters entire being in a single look.
    This will be a great opportunity and I know that I’ll be the best candidate for this roll.
    Thank you!

    Hair: dark violet
    Eyes: blue
    Skin: olive
    Hight: 169cm
    Body type: slender, active and healthy

  • Daniel F. says:

    I am an aspiring actor looking for a small role or to be an extra. I play guitar, bass guitar, and drums, and I play sports too. I am legally able to work, and would very much appreciate being contacted.
    My birthday is April 2. What I want more than anything is a role on one episode of this show

  • john jackson says:

    iam an excellent actor
    and ready to show eveyone
    please help my dreams come true

  • JOHN JACKSON says:


  • Samara H. says:

    Hi! My name is Samara. I am 10 years old. I have been acting since I was 6. I am big fan of Disney. My acting age range is 6-13. I can play any part, and my life motto is- “If your light starts to burn out, burn brighter.” In the past couple of months I have only done a couple of small theatre plays and one school play, and now I am trying to burn brighter. If you need any young actresses, please contact me. Thanks!

  • Jeuron says:

    I can do this I always wanted to become an actor please let me have this audition

  • Hey my names Johnny Sori. My Height is 5’2”, I’m 115 lbs., I’m Hispanic, Italian, and Egyptian. I’m 13, 14 in May.. I play lots of sports and I’m very athletic. My skin tone is tan, my hair is really dark brown, and I have brown eyes. I am In 8th grade and I live in the Phoenix area. I think that I would be a good fit in your roll of “Kirby Buckets,” because I have had experience in acting and modeling, and would love to be a part of this show. I have a very good attitude and great sense of humor. I’m very suitable for any role, especially the roll of Kirby. I cant wait till auditions to show you guys what I got. Hopefully I get in the show! Thanks. Look forward to hearing back from you guys!

  • Qua'Shaun Brown says:

    Hello! My name is Qua’Shaun Brown and I’m 13 years old. I would LOVE more then anything to become a part of the Disney Family.

  • Casey Burton says:

    My name is Casey Burton and I am 12 years old. I have long blonde hair and green eyes. I am a cheerleader for our school and I take currently take dance, chorus, tumbling, and took drama last year. I have been a singer and dancer since I was three years old and enjoy every part of acting.

    I am a very positive and energetic person and I would enjoy working on Kirby Buckets.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Casey Burton

  • Alexandria says:

    Hey,I’m 10 years old I really want this part .I would play in any Disney XD or Disney Channel.

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