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Jurassic World Casting Extras

jurassic world

Steven Spielberg is bringing his long-awaited next installment of the Jurassic Park series to theaters June 12, 2015 in the new film Jurassic World. The first three films in the series have taken in $1.9 billion at the box office and Universal Studios Execs are hoping to have another successful installment added to the trilogy. Jurassic World will be shot in 3D and the casting directors are now holding castings and auditions for actors of all ages for extra and stand in roles. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring actor that is looking for their big break. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to join one of Stevens Spielberg’s big films.

Jurassic World is said to be set in present day Isla Nublar, is now an actual theme park, as originally intended by John Hammond in the first film. It garners 10 million visitors per year and is completely safe – until it’s not. The park itself is described as very Sea World-esque and includes an area called the Isla Nublar Lagoon. That means underwater dino’s for the first time.

We are unsure if this is the final copy of the script but whatever it ends up being we are sure that the movie will not be a disappointment. The casting directors at Universal Studios are now holding auditions for male and female actors of all ages for extra and stand in roles for this blockbuster film. If you are interested in auditioning please submit your information along with a  recent photo and contact information. Please keep checking back for more information on the final plot and casting dates and times and as always leave us a comment and let us know if you are excited as we are for this movie to begin filming.

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168 Comments on Jurassic World Casting Extras

  1. unique-lee // May 28, 2015 at 4:16 pm // Reply

    hello im 13 years old and im a female i would love to act in this movie if its not to late i live on the big island and i have done a couple of plays before but never have i done a movie. im 5″5′ black hair but its died right now.

    thank you for reading

  2. Hunter Keck // May 25, 2015 at 7:53 am // Reply

    Hi, My name is Hunter Keck and I am 15 years old. I live in Mississippi, U.S. I have medium-length brown hair, very thin, a little muscular (thin arms), and I have blue eyes. I am on the tan side, also. I am about 5 foot 11 and weigh approximately 135 pounds. I have been in about 3 plays It is my dream to become a famous actor in the U.S. or anywhere. I recently discovered that there is part for this movie, and I’m very excited to be sending this to you. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much for taking your time and reading this. Please contact me if you have any concerns: I do not mind just being a background character. Please keep me in touch.

  3. You should consist me because I am a stay at home dad, who served in the army for 12 years and I live in Mililani, Hi. I am an open minded person who will do anything that you want me to and how you want me to do it. I can work any time needed.

  4. Emely Baez // May 5, 2015 at 5:28 pm // Reply

    Hello, my name is Emely. I am a versatile 19 year old with experience in live theater. This casting will bring new opportunities my way achieving my goal on becoming an actress. I will be thrilled to be part of a film so recognized and the ability to show off my skills. Any questions contact me by e-mail. Hope on hearing from you soon. Thank You.

  5. stephen vallee jr // April 27, 2015 at 8:50 am // Reply

    I am a huge fan of jurassic park and would love to be in the movie as anyone you need. I have always had a longing to act, friends and family always say i should get into the movies for my talent of humor and i can play serious roles. I have never done any acting professionally but would love to have a chance,

    sincerely yours stephen b vallee jr.
    and again thank you

  6. Hello:

    My name is Jada, i like to act. I also have experience in acting. I had the leading role in my school play. The play was ” Annie”. I did amazing in the play. I will like to be in this movie. I will also be very excited if you can give me the opportunity to be in this movie.

    Thank You!

    • Edwin Graceffa // April 22, 2015 at 1:07 pm // Reply

      HI nice to talk to you, i am gonna start by saying i am definitely an aspiring acting out in a very talented industry, i do not have too much experience, But I am definitely willing to learn, work, and perform for you. To be honest I am currently still in acting class i have grown so much from being coached from my professional teacher Mrs. Manasas she is a master working. I am willing to do my best and hardest to improve but I just need one person to let have that chance thank you so much. P.S. Obsessed with the Jurassic park series since a child and even more with this new one that is forthcoming.

    • Magali Milian // April 26, 2015 at 6:11 am // Reply

      Hello my name is Magali Milian and I’m 13 years old. I would really enjoy to be an extra and experience the magic of Jurassic world up close. I am represented by Barbizon USA.

    • Adrian higareda // May 6, 2015 at 8:00 am // Reply

      I’m so excited for this movie to come out please I’m one of Jurassic parks biggest fans also I have had lead roles in plays and this would make a great jump start in my career I have loads of expierience like in 3 plays all lead roles and I’m in drama club I’m 12 years old by the way
      Please consider putting me on the movie please thanks

  7. Hello I am 13 years old female I am African American
    My mom works at Marcus center performing arts
    I used to be in gymnastics I play volleyball , basketball and used to be a swinet at the boys and girls club
    I am in a musical at my school as the queen of hearts and I go to Norte Dame Middle school

  8. Michelle Cook // March 22, 2015 at 12:05 pm // Reply

    age 18
    weight 125
    height 5’5″
    eyes dark brown
    hair golden brown dark brown with natural highlights

  9. Hello!! My name is Deon and I’ll start off by saying that I am thrilled for Jurassic World to be released to the public! I have a little background in acting (I led the classic role of my high school’s freinkenstein play as Freinkenstein himself because of my height) my teacher told me I had great potential but I never thought I would want to do anything BIG with it until I came across this page. I am a senior in high school and about to set off in the real world not knowing what I really want to do and enjoy doing so hopefully by doing this I can receive some sort of background of what it is to be an actor and just maybe this will inspire me to further pursue my dream of doing what I love to do best.

    I am a 6’3″ 17 year old basketball player with a lean build and weigh about 200 lbs black hair, hazel eyes, tan skin and of Latin background.

  10. Deon Sanchez // March 11, 2015 at 12:41 pm // Reply

    Hello!! My name is Deon and I’ll start off by saying that I am thrilled for Jurassic World to be released to the public! I have a little background in acting (I led the classic role of my high school’s freinkenstein play as Freinkenstein himself because of my height) my teacher told me I had great potential but I never thought I would want to do anything BIG with it until I came across this page. I am a senior in high school and about to set off in the real world not knowing what I really want to do and enjoy doing so hopefully by doing this I can receive some sort of background of what it is to be an actor and just maybe this will inspire me to further pursue my dream of doing what I love to do best.

    I am a 6’3″ basketball player with a lean build and weigh about 200 lbs black hair, hazel eyes, tan skin and of Latin background.

  11. Yurie Song // March 4, 2015 at 7:17 pm // Reply

    Hello! My name is Yurie Song and I am a 15 year old with big dreams and passion for acting! :) Although, I don’t have any experience in the acting industry I am just as passionate and confident as those who do and I am positive in making my character the best it can be! I am 5′ 4″ and weigh 113 pounds, I am quite slim and I also enjoy doing running and stuff that require physical movement so that’s not a problem for me! My hobbies also include playing the piano, guitar, hair/makeup, and singing and practicing acting. Thank you for this amazing opportunity while I was browsing the internet desperately looking for one! I hope to get a chance :)

  12. Brittney Garcia // February 22, 2015 at 4:32 pm // Reply

    Gender: female
    Birthday: August 31, 2000
    Height: 5’5
    Body type: skinny, hourglass
    Hair: dark brown; midback length
    Eye color: dark brown
    School: Harmony Magnet Academy of performing arts
    “Tales of horror: Santa Clause”; Jane; Harmony Magnet Academy theatre
    “The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg”; Deacon Billson; Harmony Magnet Academy theatre
    “Shrek: The Musical”; Wicked Witch; Harmony Magnet Academy theatre
    Introduction to stagecraft
    Musical theatre

  13. Hollie rose mills // February 22, 2015 at 2:18 am // Reply

    Hey I’m Hollie,

    I’m 16years old and love acting. Even though I am posting this comment I highly doubt the fact that you would pick or even see me. I’m from a small village in England which I know is not idealy close but I’m willing to travel as people from here would not ever have been given such a great chance to make it in the world. I’m 5ft6 and have dark brown hair, I’m average size. I dance, act and sing. I’ve been dancing since I was just two. Please consider if you do see this giving me a chance because I can promise you , I won’t let you down.

  14. Katherine Mery // February 20, 2015 at 6:08 am // Reply

    Hello, My name is Katherine Mery. I would like to begin by explaining in depth what an astonishment it would be to become a part of Jurassic World! Helping out and being a part of a movie is like a dream come true. Stepping inside the scene, its really like being in a dream, because once inside, its like a different world!!

    I am a very photogenic and talented 18 year old. Having a natural affinity for playing different roles and creating a world of different characters from my own imagination has always been a part of who I am. I have an excellent memory for learning and reciting lines. What interests me is watching movies behind the scenes, it is the most engaging thing to watch, and I really enjoy it. Just wondering how all the magic is done really gives me goosebumps. Seeing it on the computer is one thing, but actually being on set and being a part of it, is indescribable. I would love to be a part of this, and would live every day of it like its my last.

    Name- Katherine Mery
    Age- 18
    Height- 5’6
    Weight-116 lbs
    Body type- Slim
    Ethnicity- Caucasian
    Hair color- Blonde
    Eye Color- Blue
    I work well in groups, take directions well, I’m easy going, and helpful
    I have been playing piano for 7 years, I enjoy riding bikes, as well as skiing, and swimming, I love taking care of animals
    I have been taking acting classes ever since I was 6 years old at Growing in the Arts- The school of dramatic and cinema arts, and I still do to this day, I really enjoy being on stage and taking the role of someone else.

  15. Hello,
    I don’t have any previous acting experience, except when it comes to getting out of trouble with the police, or bosses, or women. I can’t even say I’m a die hard fan of “Jurassic Park” but I enjoyed it, when I was 10. I’ve never been star-struck, and it’s rare that I am so excited that I can’t focus on a task at hand (though, I’m definitely not a downer). I believe I’m more of a comic relief kinda guy, or a creep, I’m a damn good creep. So I’d appreciate your consideration for most any role, or if you need a babysitter….

  16. People– submit a resume and stop leaving comments here. The producers and people who are directing and searching for talent aren’t going to waste their time reading all of these comments. If they did wouldn’t you have had a reply??

  17. Jasmine katts // February 9, 2015 at 1:53 pm // Reply

    Hello my name is jasmine, I’m 18 years old and I live in Atlanta Georgia.I’ve been wanting to be an actress since I was a little girl. I love singing, dancing and most important acting! I would love to be a part of this thrilling movie it would be a great opportunity for me!!

  18. MaKinna Shalbot // February 8, 2015 at 6:45 am // Reply

    hi my name is MaKinna I am 5 foot 3 to 5 foot 5 I have red hair with blue eyes and I have seen every single Jurassic Park movie and I would give anything to be in this one I really hope you consider me as a choice. Because I have a passion for acting. I don’t have much experience, but I feel like It’s a part of me.

  19. Lauren Dowell // February 1, 2015 at 3:36 pm // Reply

    Hi my name is Lauren. Im 13 years old, blonde and i´m 5´6. I am from The Republic of Panamá and my hobbies are to play basketball and soccer, i also do crossfit and i´m currently in modeling classes. I love to act and i would really like to be part of this production. I also have a big family part in Jacksonville, Florida and i talk spanish and english. Please give me the opportunity to participate in this show and email me as soon as possible… Thank You!!!

  20. Hi,
    My name is Ram and I am from India. I have passion for acting and did act in short plays in my High School and College. If still there is a chance I would be interested.
    Name: Ram
    Height: 5′6”
    Weight: 152 lbs
    Ethnicity: Asian Indian (Brown)
    Age: 43
    Hair: Black

  21. Leslie Moreno-Alvarez // January 29, 2015 at 4:50 pm // Reply

    Name: Leslie Moreno-Alvarez
    D.O.B: 07/07/1993
    Gender: Female
    I am a Mexican-American, 21 year old female. I am a huge fan of the Jurassic Park movies. I am studying animation and film and I believe this would be a great opportunity to get the hands on experience I need. Please consider me for an exra.
    Thank you.

  22. I will like to take a part with it if you can use me I will stand in for you can you take me there!

  23. Shannen Wells // January 25, 2015 at 3:39 am // Reply

    I love the Jurassic park films I have seen every single one getting a part in this movie would mean everything to me. I am 22 years old, I have shoulder length red hair, blue eyes. I have always wanted to be a actress its been my dream since I was little. I have a good memory I can memorise stuff so quick. I would love this opportunity to hopefully start my dream off. Thank you

  24. Teresa Douglas // January 21, 2015 at 2:31 pm // Reply

    In case there is still casting for extras for this movie, I would be interested. I’m happy to be a blurry face in a crowd, or other extra roles. I’m average appearance and not acting experienced, but am looking for some opportunities in extra roles so I can start dipping my toe in.


  25. Carolynn Burkel // January 18, 2015 at 3:27 pm // Reply

    Hi I am looking for films that I could be a part of, my family loves the films of Jurassic Park and being in this would help bloom my acting career, I may not have the face for it but I hope I have the talent, so if you could audition me I would be happy. I do not have experience in this yet I try my best.

  26. Hi, my name is Shonda and my 6 year son Samari LOVES dinosaurs and you can not tell him that they don’t exist and yes he see them all the time..Lol but he’s very outgoing, funny, and would make an awesome extra.

  27. Taheerah James // January 4, 2015 at 3:53 am // Reply

    I loved all the jurassic park movie when i saw one i always said to myself one day i want to work with that director because he is brillant to come up with such an amazing movie its so fascinating to watch the props are so realistic thats when i was inspired to be an actress your movie inspired me to be what i can become i hope with all the kindness and generosity of your heart you would let me be a part of such an amazing film

  28. Emmanuel Perez-Arias // December 8, 2014 at 4:06 pm // Reply

    I recently heard that there were parts for an extra in Jurrasic World. I currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii and I’m and freshman in highschool. I was in the state choir in Killeen, TX for the 5th and 6th grade. Then moving to Hawaii I joined concert band in the 7th grade (I play trombone) and continued it through 8th grade. Now in 9th I play 2nd chair trombone in Symphonic Band and did my first full season of Marching Band. I have been taking piano lessons since the 3rd grade, and currently play with the school orchestra. I took 1 and I half years of drama in Texas.
    I have no prior experience in acting in any movies, I have played small parts in school plays but nothing more. I wish to expand my knowledge of acting… being an extra or not… we all start somewhere.
    -Thanks, Emmanuel

  29. blake rosier // December 1, 2014 at 9:06 pm // Reply

    I am a 23 yr old aspiring actress, it’s just recently that I’ve made up mind to eagerly pursue my dreams. If am to do this, then I want to do it “big” (wholeheartedly and ambitiously)…it gets no bigger or better than jurassic park. I won’t disappoint, if I’m called upon I will deliver.
    Thank you for considering me!

  30. Zara Kingston // December 1, 2014 at 6:57 am // Reply

    22 years young, lives in a land of darkness and cold snowy weather, and needs help escaping. Feel free to help or send supplies.

    sincerely -trapped and cold


  31. Erin Rushforth // November 17, 2014 at 5:12 am // Reply

    Hi there

    My name is Erin Rushforth.

    I am 14 years old and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I LOVE Jurassic Park. I have seen all the movies dozens of times. It would be amazing to be part of one of the movies. I live in South Africa but if I can get a spot I may be able to travel.

    Thanks. Please let me know via the email address above.

  32. Ervin Gonzalez // November 5, 2014 at 8:36 am // Reply

    My name is Ervin M. Gonzalez
    I’m a 1 year old Mixed Hispanic; Salvadoran, Brazilian and Hawaiian 6’01 fit no medical conditions of any kind, I am very flexible with any position I am assigned in life if it means history !
    I am most definitely interested in a role to be a extra in the world famous “Jurassic Park franchise” I’ve been a big fan as a child and would be looking forward too be apart of this cast hopefully I am chosen out of the hundreds that are just as excited to get a opportunity to be apart of a historic movie such as this one .

    Sincerely, Ervin M. Gonzalez

  33. Samantha Tyler // October 27, 2014 at 12:16 pm // Reply

    Greetings! My name is Samantha Tyler, and I am a fresh actress looking to get some experience. I have taken acting classes and have found the joy and freeness acting brings. I am 15 1/2 years old, 5’6″, Caucasian, brownish/auburn hair, hazel eyes, about 130lbs and have a quirky disposition. I would just like to be an extra and get some more set experience. Thanks.

  34. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested in auditioning
    for the ” JURASSIC WORLD CASTING EXTRAS ” I absolutely
    love the story and will love to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California
    and willing to travel. You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  35. Emily Santerfeit // October 19, 2014 at 12:42 pm // Reply

    My name Is Emily Santerfeit.
    I am 15 years old and i do pageants and modeling. I am 5’3, brown eyes, dark brown hair. I am very experienced with modeling. So please reach out to me. You will not be sorry. :)

  36. kortni Jenks // October 17, 2014 at 8:51 am // Reply

    African American 11 yr old Girl.. Very athletic allstar level 4 cheerleader.
    Love Singing and dancing and will like to get into the acting industry.
    size 10 shirt and pants. size 4 shoe. Slim built with red hair. 4″ 7’tall , personality is contagious so beware!

  37. I will to be in Jurassic world I would like to be a kid who goes to the park here is things about me
    Age. 11
    Height. 5.11
    weight. 1.80
    School. Druid hills middle school
    Grade .6
    Hobbies and dreams.reading , studying, doing lets plays, to work at E3

  38. Samuel Payne // October 8, 2014 at 7:45 am // Reply

    Hey i would love to be in this movie! I have some experience with acting(plays..etc) and people say im really good. hit me up!

  39. Xylia Jenkins // October 6, 2014 at 2:30 am // Reply

    Ebony Jenkins (Parent)

    Additional Attributes:
    Height: 4 ft. 4 in., Weight: 77 lbs., Black Hair, Brown Eyes

    Special Skills
    Cheerleading, Cycling, Gymnastics, Hula Hoop, Jump Rope, Swimming – ability – general, Dancer, Improvisation, Singer, Vocal Range: Alto, Voiceover

    “Stone Soup” Soldier Cynthia Johnson, Director
    “Squirm” Snake Renee’ Mc Cray, Director
    “The Birth Of Christ” Dancer Keisha Stevenson, Director

    Casting Director Auditioning Workshop Rhavynn Drummer
    XXI Century Entertainment Improve Workshops Mark Coronado
    XXI Century Entertainment Monologue Workshops Mark Coronado/Lance Camarillo/ Daisy Ramos
    J Pervis Talent Agency Professional Actor Workshop Joy Pervis
    Acting Out Studios On-Camera Acting Lance Camarillo
    Odyssey Allstar Cheer &Tumble Ann Gruendler

  40. 6″ 2′ tall, Black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, 17 years of age, born in Australia. I will accept any role you have to off, and will not fail you. I am 100% committed and passionate about acting any character.

  41. Name: V’Aires
    Height: 6′4”
    Weight: 230 lbs
    Ethnicity: Black
    Age: 23
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: D. Brown

    This will be a great opportunity for me to jumpstart my acting career.

  42. Hi, I am very interested to work with this film. I am a 67 years old Asian female but look younger. I love acting. I finished acting on films, improv and commercial workshops. I hope you will consider me to work as an extra or stand in role with any character that may match with me.

  43. Samantha Estacion // September 2, 2014 at 9:45 am // Reply

    Hello, my name is Samantha Estacion. I just moved out to California and will be attending UC Irvine in the Fall 2014. I have not acted before but have always wanted to! I was a competitive dancer throughout high school, so stage fright is not a worry. I’ve been in love with all the Jurassic Park movies so I would love to be given the opportunity to take part in this one! I am 5″5, have dark brown hair and green eyes, with a more curvy build. I hope you consider me and thank you for your time!

  44. Oh yeah those were the good days. I love watching and can’t wait till this one. it would be pure awesomeness if I was part of this team jennielinn@charter..

  45. Hi I’m Joey Am White/Caucasian of Hispanic Decent Am 23 year old male that Graduated in 2010 live in El Cajon California I’m 5’6″ and aim to please Please give me a call at 619-715-4162

  46. Bianca henriques-Druce // August 25, 2014 at 12:28 pm // Reply

    My name is bianca I live in London, England. I am 16 years of age and have been acting for 10 years. I’m about 5’3 and weigh about 8 1/2 stone. I’m in love with acting. It’s my passion and I am truly dedicated to it. Up until the age of 9 I did minor modelling classes. I have tanned skin and medium to long dark brown hair which I am willing to cut to any length. I can look either 2 years younger or 2 years older depending on costume and makeup. To preform as an extra in Jurassic part would be a great honour and it would mean a great deal if you considered me for a role. I am comfortable with any type of script whether it be big or small.

    I’m looking forward to your reply by email.
    Thank you

  47. Crystal M. Cholar // August 21, 2014 at 4:53 am // Reply


  48. Shun Powell Jr // August 20, 2014 at 12:20 pm // Reply

    Hi I’m shun I’m a 16 year old African American male I love acting and Sfx I’ve watched every Jurassic park film there is plus the behind the scenes on YouTube of the creation of the giant Dino’s which are amazing animatronics I’ve been waiting for a long time for a possibility like this to be a extra or anything that can help with this film
    Contact me here:
    Or by phone: 4143911861

  49. Hello there, I would like/ love to participate in your movie if given the chance. Am very hardworking, responsible, outgoing.
    Name: yashmita
    D.O.B: 10/8/2000
    Contacts: +254729169955
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 45
    Skin tone: Brown
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: medium,curly,black
    Body type: Slim/ Skinny
    Location: india, asia
    Thanks for your time.

  50. Ryan Hatfield // August 17, 2014 at 11:37 am // Reply

    Hello my name is Ryan I am 23 years old. I have been very into acting for as long as i can remember. I do have some experience, but mine is in the theater. I loved the first movies, and it would be amazing to be in this installation. It would be an honor to be a part of this.
    I am 5′ 10″, weigh 240 lbs. I have brown hair, with full beard, mustache, and have hazel eyes.

  51. Randy J. Campbell "R.J." // August 14, 2014 at 7:33 am // Reply
    love these films excited at a chance to be part of it .

  52. Isabella Bzowski // August 14, 2014 at 7:11 am // Reply

    Hi my name is Isabella or bella if u like I would
    love to be anextra even though I may be eaten by a dinosaur
    But who care because I don’t.I love the movies I watch them all the time I almost know every line in each movie. If I ever make it trust me
    I’ll be the most happiest extra.Thank you and good bye.

  53. Joe Maddalone // August 14, 2014 at 5:56 am // Reply

    My name is Joe and it would be an honor to be in the new Jurassic Park movie! and I do acting in shows and tv shows as an extra. I always wanted to be in a movie it would be a dream come true! I also like to make movies. If you pick me u wont regret ti!

  54. Courtney McClam // August 10, 2014 at 4:04 pm // Reply

    I’m 19. Hazel eyes. Long brown hair. 5’3″. Size 7 shoe. Can wear a small, size 4 dress, 3/5 pants. 120 lbs. I am from the south so my accent can be a bit thick at times.
    I’ve never had acting classes. I have acted in plays and musicals from elementary through high school, having major roles. I normally only model but I love this franchise so I figured why not try now. I do my own sfx makeup so wearing that or contacts wouldn’t be an issue. Getting dirty, sweaty or what ever is needed for a scene wouldn’t be a problem. I take directions very well and i’m always looking to learn. If it plays out and I turn out to really stink as an actress, well that’ll be ok.

  55. Jhirmack Wilson // August 8, 2014 at 8:59 pm // Reply

    Acting is a passion that I’m already in the midst of pursuing. I’ve done acting in high school along with acting for the community outside of school. I’m 22, hardworking, eager, an waiting for an opportunity to present itself to be apart of something mind blowing.
    Athletic body

  56. Hi, so I love and have seen every movie in the Jurassic park series and I would love a chance to have an part, even if its an extra, I’m 17 almost 18, I am a senior in high school, I am 5 ft something and weigh less than 100lbs, it’s genetic, I’m not anorexic, I have ADHD, cebral palsy, asthma, acid reflex and depression, I have 6 other siblings, 7 other pets, I’m allergic to cats and bug spray, I was born November 6, 1996. I have green eyes and naturally brown hair but I have dyed it red velvet and recently blonde, I am naturally skinny and short, I love reading, writing, music, dance, drawing, archery, jumprope, and animals, I have always wanted to act, model, photography, or fashion, I am more then willing to try anything, if given the chance, I am very trustworthy and responsible, I babysit and I own my very own puppy, I have 3 ear rings in each ear, I have done jumprope and dance as sport and activities, I have no experience in acting and very little in modeling, but would love and appreciate the opportunity to try… Pls consider me, I have been bullied and almost raped at the age of 10 or 12 and would like to have some good luck on my side, and change or turn my life around for the better. I would take anything given if I am given a chance to try… Again pls consider me, thanks

  57. Becca Jackson // July 29, 2014 at 9:45 pm // Reply

    Hello. My name is Becca Jackson. I am very interested in this movie and being apart of something amazing. I love every jurassic park movie and would love this opportunity. I love meeting new people and make friends. I’m a very energetic person, I am not camera shy at all, and I would absolutely love the opportunity to show you what I can do. I am about 5’6″, medium built (female), hazel eyes, brownish/blonde hair, I have very light freckles that can be easily covered up if not needed, and I am interested in any part. Thank you for reviewing my comment and application and I would appreciate a call back. Thank you once again and I wish you the best of luck. :-)

  58. Matt Freeman // July 28, 2014 at 11:53 am // Reply


    Love the Jurassic park films.They were the biggest part of my childhood and to play a part as an extra in Jurassic world would be my lifelong dream come true.
    Thankyou for your time and any response back at all would be greatly appreciated.even if I wasn’t even to get considered for a role I wish you all the luck In the world on the production of this film :)
    Many thanks


  59. hi my name is ella and i am 14 turning 15 in october

    brown curly hair
    brown eyes
    accent english and american

  60. Antonio Fuentes // July 23, 2014 at 3:11 am // Reply

    This movie I really like and I would like to show my eyes are black, and I would like to do what I love which is acting please give me a chance I will not disappoint

  61. Jaylin Marie See // July 14, 2014 at 9:13 am // Reply

    This movie sounds amazing and i would love to be apart of it

  62. Joseph Keane // March 28, 2014 at 11:48 am // Reply

    6″ 3 tall, red haired, slim, 21 year old man raised in New York
    Both parents born in Ireland(able to portray Irish accent)
    Truly Love acting all emotions
    Talented in pronunciation.
    Actor in Albany Student Television at University at Albany

    Huge fan of series, Life finds a way

  63. Ava Katner // March 28, 2014 at 2:40 am // Reply

    My name is Ava-I attend Tulane University with a major in Digital Media Production, Studio Art, and Theater. I want to act in movies. I’m 5″2′, golden blonde hair, athletic build, olive skin, green eyes.

  64. Joseph Keane // March 22, 2014 at 12:46 am // Reply

    6″ 3′ tall, red haired, slim, 21 year old man raised in New York
    Both parents born in Ireland(able to portray Irish accent)
    Truly Love acting
    Talented in pronunciation.
    Aspiring Actor

  65. Candace ulmen // March 20, 2014 at 10:16 am // Reply

    Hey my name is candace Ulmen I am 21 years old currently in Hawaii for some fun vacation. Have been here for 2 weeks now. I would love to be apart of the movie I think it would be a blast and a lifetime experience I have always wanted to act. I played d1 soccer at college my first year and now working a bunch and taking online class right now. It would be a pleasure if you considered be to be apart of the movie! I love watching the Jurassic park movies and have always has this dream!

  66. aniya harper // March 17, 2014 at 11:25 am // Reply

    I my name ia aniya harper and I am 14 years old.
    I love jurssic park and love to be in it. I want to be an actress and show people how great I am. I could act anything you put out on me. I would work really hard. so please let me in on my favorite child hood movie.

  67. Elizabeth Jones // March 4, 2014 at 10:42 am // Reply

    My name is Elizabeth Jones. Currently I am 10 years old and attend Radium Elementary School. I love to write plays as well as perform. I have been a reporter on the morning show at my school. During the honors ceremony I also was chosen as one of the soloist for the school. This year I have become a member of 4-H member and compete in Performing Arts. I placed 1st in my grade and will be competing for District in Perfoming Arts.
    Performing is my passion and I am awesome and spunky. I love entertaining people and making people laugh. Also I learn lines very quickly and take direction very well without attitude.

    Thank you very much in advance for your consideration and look foward to hearing from you.


  68. I am 15 years old, 5’5 and have grown up in the acting business, been doing broadway shows since I was four, very good memorization. I’m from British Columbia, and I am Caucasian. I’ve been in plays like Gilligans Island, Monte Carlo, and once played Hannah Montana in a musical show. Also have been an extra in a few other plays. To seek headshots and bodyshots, please contact me.


  69. Joseph Keane // March 3, 2014 at 1:08 pm // Reply

    6″ 3′ tall, red haired, slim, 21 year old man raised in New York
    Both parents born in Ireland(able to portray Irish accent)
    Truly Love acting(Aspiring Actor)
    Talented in pronunciation.
    Aspiring Actor

  70. Wow …totally Missed out on Auditioning here in Honolulu.
    I thought I be emailed or contacted notified in some way about it.
    To find out on the News at end of day its all over ?
    I was so worried about my Mom the whole week that Im visiting in NewYork with Parkinsons that I totally forgotten to do my Jurassic Park casting update search.
    I guess I will just be focusing on my Script until the time comes for Spielberg & I to finally meet. I still love Dinosaurs !!

  71. lemisha green // March 2, 2014 at 7:27 am // Reply

    Hello my name is Lemisha. I am an active duty soldier and model looking to be an extra. Please contact me.

  72. Noah Goisse // March 1, 2014 at 9:43 am // Reply

    My name is Noah Goisse! I’m a 12 year old boy, but i am literally in LOVE with the Jurassic Park series. I’ve always dreamed of being in any movie, and what better movie to be in than my favorite of all time! I serioulsy doubt you would even contact me, but if you somehow would, I would die! (Not Literally!!!) I also play guitar if you’d need any music in a character. Like I said, I know you probably won’t even see this, but here’s some info about me just in case!

    -Name- Noah Goisse
    -Age- 12
    -Birthday- Feb 2, 2002
    -Hair Color- Brown
    -Eye Color- Brown
    -Acting Experience- None. Yet! ;)

    That’s about it! Please try to consider me in this film! If not, I understand, but just… just try!

  73. Griffin Schroff // March 1, 2014 at 6:34 am // Reply

    Hello, I am no actor, but I am very interested in this movie. I have a little acting experience, but I learn quickly and can memorize lines very well and very quickly. I am 6 feet tall and Canadian/American, and Caucasian. I hope you will consider me. Thank you for your time.

  74. Hi I’m Destiny I am 8yrs old. I am a competitive cheerleader for 3yrs now with a lot of championship metals.I have done competitive hip hop for a year and now will be starting competitive gymnatics. I am very outgoing and follow directions very well. I have been considered for two acting parts so far. I would love the opportunity to cast in your movie. Please take the time to review my pics on star Thanks Destiny

  75. I would like to do extras or commercials.

  76. Owen Patterson // February 26, 2014 at 10:41 pm // Reply

    My name is Owen Patterson, and I am very interested in acting, even as an extra, in this film. I have been a HUGE fan of the Jurassic Park Franchise ever since I could walk. I do have acting experience, and below is a list of characters that I have played before.

    – Demitrius — A Midsummer’s Night Dream

    – The Voice of Aslan — The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

    – Aramis — The Three Musketeers

    – Gandalf — The Hobbit

    Age: 16
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue Eyes
    Height: 5′ 10″
    If you have any further questions, I can be reached using this E-mail address:

    Thank you for your time and for providing this oppurtunity,
    Owen Patterson

  77. Jessica Robertson-Young // February 26, 2014 at 1:54 pm // Reply

    Hello I am Jessica.
    Here’s a little about me:
    Sex – femal
    Age – 18 (May 18, 1995)
    Height – 5’1.5″
    Eye colour – brown
    Race- Caucasian
    Talents – singing, dancing and mainly acting
    Hobbies include playing video games and collecting all Disney movies.
    Experience – I have been in a couple school musicals, and I used to take dance and vocal classes/lessons.
    I have been in a few short films and have been in many vocal talent competitions.
    My vocal range is alto-soprano.

  78. I’m 21, 5’11’ and slim.
    I’ve never acted before but I’m confident
    in my ability to do so.
    I’m looking for my opportunity.

  79. (Hello to all peeps).Im a great extra,I would like to be part of your movies.great person /great attitude/easy going . Thanks Frank Mcgrath

  80. Jacob Yarish // February 25, 2014 at 6:33 pm // Reply

    I live on the Big Island of Hawaii.I am 40, 5’10.5, 215 lb, green eyes. I am a solid waterman. I am a beekeeper and I have good physical endurance. I am well rounded. I am confident in performing accents. I have the ability to learn anything anybody is willing to teach me. I am a team player. I love movies and am a student of films, special effects and design.
    I can adapt to any type of situation and excel.
    I love hard work and working in challenging environments.

    Thank you for your time
    Aloha Nui Loa

  81. Emery Roberts // February 25, 2014 at 1:45 pm // Reply

    This seems like a wonderful opportunity, i m very interested in being included in this movid . I’m 14, green eyes, brown hair, and 5`7. Thank you for your time.

  82. David Guardado // February 24, 2014 at 12:32 pm // Reply

    Hello I am David I would love to do work with the Jurassic park franchise I am very familiar with stunts I took gymnastics ballet I have also done mix martial arts of different forms I wrestle I have always done theater in my time I am educated in theater I have been leading roles before in school plays I am willing to do any comand that makes me and who ever I work with great if you would or please look if I am a worthy advocate I I I would be oblige thank you

  83. Hi,

    I’m Travis Hull. The Jurassic Park franchise is my all-time favorite of theatrical thrillers. I have watched the Jurassic Park films hundreds of times, and took a film class elective during college because of my love for the work done by Steven Spielberg, the special effects crew and all of the actors (Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Sir Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum).

    I would absolutely love to be part of Jurassic World and the franchise. It would be fabulous and so meaningful. I am sending you a couple pictures of mine and hope to hear back from you with great news! :)

  84. Age: 47 (look mid 30’s to mid 40’s)
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian American
    Height: 6’0″
    Weight: 200lbs.
    Build: medium to athletic
    Hair Color: brown (long)
    Eye Color: brown
    Location: PA (Willing to travel for paid spot.)

    If interested, please reply for further information and head shot.

  85. hello im a young actor/screenwriter who trying to make a career in the business i been in school acting projects since 7th grade i wrote all of them …. im currently taking more acting classes to get more experience major is theater ..i love movies i have watch a lot and to be in one is a childhood dream…i even have a logo/brand/production i want to start later on posted on my twitter ..please let me have a shot

  86. Heloo, my name is Erica, I am 14 years old, and I love to act. I have always been an outgoing girl. I have been in school shows, performing activities, choir ,and dramas.
    Height : 4’11 – 5’1
    Hair : black brown
    Eyes : dark brown
    Body : averagely skinny
    Skin : caramel tan
    Hope you are interested in my info.
    Thanks, erica ♡

  87. Name: Luke Ocana
    Age: 15
    Nationality: British
    Location: England
    Gender: Male
    Height : 5’3
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Body figure: Stocky
    Skills: Radio presenting, general presenting
    Info: Travel will not be a problem.


  88. Brittany Sosinavage // February 19, 2014 at 11:22 am // Reply

    My name is Brittany, I’ am 17 years old, and looking to perform at higher levels of acting. This would be an amazing opportunity for me to peruse my acting career. I also have experiences with performing, and would love to learn more from this once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve seen all the movies, and always wish to become a part of something so extraordinary as these films.
    Thank you for your time!
    (Contact Info: 407-437-9465)

  89. Lucy Callaghan // February 16, 2014 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    Lucy Callaghan
    Strawberry Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    5ft 3″
    9stone 5lbs

  90. Madison Lathem // February 16, 2014 at 9:08 am // Reply

    My name is Madison and I am a 13 year old female. I live in Summerville, Georgia. I like to act and I have had some experience. I was lead role in the school play on bullying. I also have some modeling experience.

  91. Mary Steinbaugh // February 15, 2014 at 4:53 am // Reply

    Mary Steinbaugh
    Age: 14
    Birthday: March 6th 1999
    Weight: 110lbs
    Gender: female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’4
    Hair color: brown medium/long length
    Eye color: green
    Distinctive features: freckles
    Build: slender
    Location: andover ma (will travel)

  92. Hi my name is Adam Hardin. I’m 29 , very athletic but w a dramatic side. I feel I can play any role even though I’m new to acting. Being in Jurrasic Park wld b a child hood dream comes true. Plus having Steven Spielberg as the 1st director you worked for, what more could you ask for!? I think I could fit in well with this movie & since I am driven to become an actor I’m ready to take on anything you can throw at me. I’m 5’10” weigh 180lbs, black hair, blue eyes, medium athletic build. I hope to hear from you soon…

  93. Hi,

    My name is Lilly Van der Meer, I am 14 years old and live on the Gold Coast Australia. I am currently training at Take 3 Acting Studios where I have been studying film and Television acting, improvisation, filmmaking and voiceovers. I have recently been cast the lead role in two short films, and would love to take part in your project, to gain experience and knowledge. Thank you for considering my application. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind Regards,
    Lilly Van der Meer

  94. Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies, I own all of them.

  95. Giovanni Lara // February 10, 2014 at 3:41 am // Reply

    My name is Giovanni Lara. I am 19 years of age, 5’7″ in height (170cm) and weigh 220 lbs. I would describe myself average. My hair is dark brown and medium length, wavy and thin. My eyes are dark brown and my skin is a bit tan. I am trying to get myself into acting, I’ve had classes and I’ve done theatrical acting, including a musical. I have experience with music as well. I can play the violin, piano, bass guitar and I sing. I would love to take any opportunity given to me and put 100% of my effort into it to not only benefit what I’m looking for, but to also benefit the project in the best of my abilities. My contact information is listed below. Please contact my via phone, or email. Thank you.

    Phone: 404-942-9723

  96. Chaize Macklin
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Ethnicity: African American

  97. Aloha,
    Im Tanuus from Honolulu Hawaii. Im 5`8″ tall Brown Eyes , Medium Ash Hair, 160lbs. I have played in Hawaii Five “O” as an extra.
    Been told many times from makeup artist I look like Johnny Depp.
    I didnt believe until one day walking through Ala Moana Shopping center finding many ladies screaming at me saying “Johnny !!!! Its Johnny Depp !!!” I freaked thought I was going to be trampled on.
    I was lucky to loose them in the shopping crowd. Im very talented in many things & not afraid to do anything. I would like to be a part of the Jurassic Park 4 . I dont care what part as long as I can be a part of it. Im originally from Brooklyn NewYork . I look half my age, which no one believes me how old I am. I can change my looks so easily .
    I was told I have to be a part of this film. So here I am. Most important or not why more than ten years ago I was told Spielberg was interested in my Movie Script Idea. I didnt believe it back then but now I wonder.
    Looking forward to getting a reply for an Audition.

    Mahalo & Aloha
    Tanuus Ito Kameron

  98. Melina Garcia // February 8, 2014 at 10:32 am // Reply

    Hi, my name is Melina. I am 14 years old and have been acting since i was 7. My Information is below.
    Height: 4′ 11″
    Weight: roughly 90 lbs
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

    Thank you for taking the time to read this,

    Melina Garcia

  99. Kurtis Gillespie // February 6, 2014 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    Reading this, I am very excited for this to come out. I have always been a fan of Jurassic Park. I am 18 years old, blonde, blue eyed, Caucasian physically fit, and am 6’2″.

  100. Conner Dzinski // February 6, 2014 at 10:27 am // Reply

    Hello, my name is Conner Dzinski, I am 6″4, with longish dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I write and play music with my band Riot Water and attend college for a history . I have an overall love of art. The Jurassic Park series is among the most creative pieces of cinema in recent history. The story, the special FX and the casting has always been brilliant. Would love nothing more than to assist in the creation of Jurassic World, even for free and uncredited.

  101. JUNE 12 is my birthday i would be 20 then!:0 lol

    Anyway my names jose valdovinos. i am a young 18 year old dad looking for a chance to expand my resume. I love this movie i know its going to be succesful everyone loves dinosours!: even my son and he’s only 7 months. He puts em in his mouth all the time lol. Choose me:) I wont let you down.

    Thank you.

  102. Morgan Reece // February 3, 2014 at 1:33 pm // Reply

    Hi im a child im 11 years old I love to act im the best Acter in my middle school I would love to be on it this would be a dream come true

  103. samantha burchfield // February 1, 2014 at 12:30 pm // Reply

    Hello my name is sam. Im an out of the box thinker. A hoop dancer. And full of good vibrations. I love to act. I am cute as shit. 5`2. 100 pounds. Short pixie cut. Dark brown hair. Brwn eyes. Charokee indian features. I love to model. The camera loves me. Im the girl.

  104. Brittney Garcia // January 30, 2014 at 1:58 pm // Reply

    Hi, I am Brittney Garcia, 5’5, 13 years old, black eyes, dark brown hair, light brown skin, Hispanic, female, will be getting braces in March, and I am very hard working. I am willing to be an extra in the movie. I have no experience, but like I said, I am willing to an extra. I am looking forward to seeing this Jurassic movie, I enjoyed the others and would love to be a part of this one. My email is Please contact me if needed. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  105. Jordan Allen // January 30, 2014 at 7:55 am // Reply

    Hi, my name is Jordan Allen. Spielberg is a big inspiration to me. I have grown up with his movies. I wish to take part in one of his movies. I’m 16 years old and about 6.0ft. tall and a male. I don’t have a head shot, but hopefully this won’t be a problem. My dream in life has always been to become actor. I thought this movie would be a good start for me.

    Thanks a lot

  106. Katrina Arpin // January 30, 2014 at 5:49 am // Reply

    Katrina Arpin
    29 years old
    Blonde hair, blue eyes

    I am an avid outdoors women who loves hunting and fishing and would love to be a part of such a classic movie. I am very physically fit and I think I would have a lot to give to the movie.

  107. Hi! This is a great opportunity. Spielberg is one of the best directors in the world. I came from Italy. I am 23 years old and i study recitation since i was 15 years old. I am tall 1.66, light brown eyes and long dark hair. Thanks very much bye

  108. Hi! My name is Liz Benson and I am an actress. I’m currently filming in Raleigh for a short film and I play the lead character! Jurassic Park is a classic to me. One of my favorite Steven Spielberg films! Being an actress is very serious to me I plan on making it to the top. Right now Jennifer Lawrence is my role model; I just think she is amazingly talented! Not to mention we do have the same birthday August 15th. I really hope you find my information and get in contact with me. I am also 28 but I look 19 which is definitely a great advantage for me to be in this business. Thank you!

  109. I am 12 years old. I am in the Jr. Beta Club. I enjoy playing sports, riding horses, gymnastics, and I love to sing. My dream is to be in a movie. Thank You.

  110. Danika Backe // January 25, 2014 at 5:03 pm // Reply

    Hi my name is Danika Backe I am 19 and an aspiring actress/model. I am extremely interested in taking part in this film. I have took part in a few casting calls and have some experience with acting and modeling. I would really appreciate the opportunity to take part in the project.

  111. Jamie Heemin An // January 25, 2014 at 4:56 pm // Reply

    Name : Jamie Heemin An
    Age : 20
    Sex : Female
    Height: 5’1”
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Hello! My name is Jamie An and I am 20years old. I currently live in South Korea but I am pretty fluent in both English and Korean. I don’t have any experience in acting but I have always wanted to act since I was a child and I know that I’m passionate about movies and would love to try for any role that is given to me. I would be grateful to be given a chance to be in this film. Thank you!

  112. Katelyn Flowers // January 25, 2014 at 12:18 pm // Reply

    Heck yeah! I’ve been waiting for this movie! I’m 22 and from IL.
    I absolutely love Jurassic Park. As far as acting experience, just a few plays and some home movies I’ve made with my friends. I’m great at memorizing lines as well as impromptu. Here’s my info:
    Height: 5’4″
    Eyes: green
    Skin: fair
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  113. Ohhh say that there are many and not much to say about me . lol

    No more seriously it is true that I have almost no experience with some figurations in a movie or video clips in France . But it does it would prevent me from believing in my dreams .. ? Absolutely not!

    Here I am at a time in my life where I think you should try everything ( silly things does not kill eh a ” young French wanting to make a casting for a American movie” What’s else lol) to be able to live if only few seconds of his dreams. Leaves to wipe refusal to refusal ( at least I tried my luck )
    I know this is cliche but since my childhood I dreamed of becoming an actress . Not to get on TV or be rich and so on of the best .. but to exchange convey emotions , touch, to live a character through a game!

    Truce good chat !

    So if by chance my profile suits you .. I ‘m all ears and ready to spend casting via Skype like Emma Stone huh … And I’m doing English (well I think)

    Thanks guys for having the courage to read my paver !
    Fingers crossed .
    Bisous from African / French girl!

  114. Lauren White // January 24, 2014 at 5:52 am // Reply

    Hello! I am 16 years old and I would love to be in this movie. I’ve been acting since I was 6 years old and I love it! If you have a part for me I would be eternally grateful. I’ve also been singing around the same time I started acting. I’ve had alot of experience with acting and singing. I’ve done musical theatre also. If you are in need of someone I’ll be there in a heartbeat. Please consider me and get back to me if you can. Thanks so much for this opportunity! F.Y.I. I have brown shoulder length hair. I am from Las Vegas NV/ Provo Utah. I’ve seen all of the Jurassic park movies and I think it would be so much fun to run with Dinosaurs! Thanks again!!!!!

  115. Madison Flechette // January 21, 2014 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    Title: Role: Notes:
    The Animator Emily Short Film
    Buddapest Natasha Student Film
    Move Like Reno Ree Student Music Video
    Always Winter Ed Unreleased
    Potions Georgie Unreleased

    Title: Role: Notes:
    The Complex Tenant TV Pilot (Unreleased)
    Piney Woods Chiropractic Patient Local Commercial

    Title: Role: Notes:
    The Hobbit Kili/Movement Dir. TCTC
    A Secret Garden the Musical Nurse/Chorus Artsview
    The Passion (Musical) Solo/Villiage Girl Keith Irwin
    The Bus Tanya Rose Hill
    Squire and the Scroll Ensemble/Sunts DramaWithAPoint
    Princess and the Kiss Ensemble/Stunts DramaWithAPoint
    Pirates of the Caribbean  Ensemble/Stunts DramaWithAPoint
    Stuart Little Ensemble Lakeview Theatre
    The Pirates Maddie/Fight Coord. FCS

    Workshops S.T.A.R. (Fight Coord/Stunt Trainer)
    Audition For Film
    Lake Country Playhouse Theatre Workshop
    McDaniel Horse Camp

    -Attended the New York Film Academy (NYFA) on a $5,000.00 scholarship.
    -Stunts/Fight Coordination Certificate by Christopher Chadwick

    Special skills
    -7 years of Fight Coordination (hand-to-hand, saber, mace, broadsword, axe, archery, spear, bo-staff, falls, rolls, etc.)
    -7 years of Stunt training
    -Movement Directing
    -Horseback Riding
    -Acoustic Guitar
    -Skill with varied firearms.
    -Driver’s License, etc.

  116. Harry McNeil // January 21, 2014 at 1:33 pm // Reply

    Hey, I’m 14 years old and i would love a shot at acting in your movie, that’s if you need an Aussie boy.
    Thanks for your time.

  117. Kaitlin Higgins // January 20, 2014 at 3:36 pm // Reply

    Hey, I’m Kaitlin, I’m 15 years old and live in NSW Australia
    I have shortish brown/blonde hair with red streaks through my fringe, blue/green eyes, am 46kg And love food and coca cola
    I am a hard worker but can get crazy, weird. Odd and a little random
    I love to entertain people with my dancing, acting and writing

  118. Yasmierre Smith // January 20, 2014 at 2:44 pm // Reply


    My name is Yasmierre and ever since I was a little girl i have always loves and watched ever Jurassic Park movie. It to this day still gives me excitement to watch the movies from beginning to the end. Through these movies I have felt every emotion from fear to laughter. To be in this film though I do not have experience, would be a dream come true. I have always been intrigued with acting and would be most amazed if this was my first foot in the door. I have always been a funny person and love to watch movies. Please give me a chance. I am 22 going on 23, 5’7 and have a all around interesting personality. At least that is what I am told.

    Thank You,

    Yasmierre Smith.


  119. I’m 17 and I’m looking to start my acting career. I’ve found my passion in something and it is acting. I’ve always wanted to make my father proud after the death of my mother and he’s been there for me ever since. I want to make him proud and help him as much as he helped me. If I could get a chance, I’d really appreciate it. All I’m trying to do is strive for greatness and stay humble.

  120. I would love to be a part of this project. I have done some local acting and I am currently interested in television, movies, commercials and Life Time. I have a resume and photos upon request, I am available to travel and will work extremely hard to help make the project a great success.

    Please contact me at the information below.

    Valansiar Key
    (813) 770-7368

  121. Hey my name Is Arielle Kraenbring I’m 23 and an inspiring actress I’ve always been of fan of the Jurassic park movies and would just love to be in this movie! If there is any room it hope to be considered if you need a full body shot etc. please email thank you!

  122. Lauren Thompson // January 18, 2014 at 12:45 pm // Reply

    I am 12 years old and would be incredibly grateful to have any role in this movie. Please consider giving me a part, thank you.

  123. hello my name is Andhrea, I am Venezuelan, I always wanted to be an actress since childhood (I have thirteen years) have followed Jurassic Park, thanks to the influence of my father who is a film critic, I do not have the resources to go to the U.S. or to the place recording, but I would feel honored to be part of your project. Thanks for your time, I hope your answer. My email:

  124. hello my name is Edilyn, acted in my school, but I always wanted to be an actress. I’m a big fan. I do not have the resources to go to the United states or place of recording, but I put all the enthusiasm. I am Venezuelan, I have thirteen. My facebook: “Edilyn Del Carmen or” Thanks for your time

  125. Hi my name is john Dovel I’m a 6 feet 1 inch 19 year old Caucasian male. I have blue eyes ,brown hair, I’m athletic with a slim build. I have a great sense of humor and always willing to try new things. I’m a hard worker and all I need is a chance to show what I can do and you won’t be disappointed. I am currently registered with my talent number is 88883. Thank you for your consideration

  126. I am an aspiring actress and I would LOVE a chance to be an
    Extra in this movie.

  127. Paola Castro // January 12, 2014 at 12:57 pm // Reply

    Hello, my name is Paola. I am a ordinary girl that has a lot of big dreams and one of them is to become an actress. I am from Peru and I am 20. I moved to Ohio 3 years ago. I have always thought that moving to USA would give me a lot of opportunities in this industry, but as we know I think you have to look for those opportunities and fight for what you really want to do in life. Nothing comes easy in this life, and that’s when you have to push yourself harder and NEVER GIVE UP! It would be an amazing opportunity to be part of this film and do what I have always wanted to do.

  128. Hello my name is Alyce White. I am a crazy fan of the Jurassic park movies and I am so excited for the next one and you would have any room for a:
    14 year old female,
    15 in April
    5.5-6 feet
    Average body size
    Then I’m the right girl! I have wanted to be an actress and why not star in one of my favourite sequels of all time thankyou for your time please let me know!

  129. Jonathan Roger Wilson // January 9, 2014 at 8:40 am // Reply

    I am a 36 year young man who has been working his gluteus maximus off for years with nothing to show for it. I am 6 feet tall with blonde hair and blue eyes with an athletic build. I love movies and television in general that are about all walks of life and especially those having to do with science fiction. I have never acted in my life but I have lived life and been subjected to many different kinds of strangeness and unique and strange individuals. I am shy but come out of shell and get to know people fairly easy. I am a kind and generous person and one that has always played well with others. I have always been a film enthusiast and now I find myself watching things and thinking to myself “I want to be in this show and or movie”. I do not want to sit around while the world passes me by and would like the chance to be a part of this wonderful oportunity. Thank You

  130. Ashley Wyman // January 9, 2014 at 2:54 am // Reply

    I am 20 years old, 5’3, 110 lbs, brown/blue eyes, natural blonde but dark headed at the moment. In the past, I have modeled for a few boutiques, online sites, calendars, ASI, and the Australian Swim Illustration. I am a current college student in my second year, and the Administrative assistant for an upcoming country/lake resort. People say that I’m 20 going on 40 because it’s always work work work. I love to travel. I am not looking to get rich, I learned a long time ago that wealth is just not in the cards for me. I did not go to any fancy private schools and my parents never spent loads of money for any acting classes. I am always wanting to try something new and I never pass up an opportunity to do something that I would never really have the chance to do again. I am sure there are tons of young girls throwing themselves at every person they see to try to get in the spot light and that’s just not me. If I get passed by, at least I tried. I can tell you that I am a hard worker, fast learner, way too dedicated, and I do not like to fail, therefore, I am not likely to allow myself to do so. If I fit the profile, that’s wonderful, if I do not, thanks for the opportunity =)

  131. Hi my name is john Dovel I’m a 6 feet 1 inch 19 year old Caucasian male. I have blue eyes ,brown hair, I’m athletic with a slim build. I have a great sense of humor and always willing to try new things. I’m a hard worker and all I need is a chance to show what I can do and you won’t be disappointed. I am currently registered with my talent number is 88883. Thank you for your consideration.

    You can email me at
    My phone number is 7863907673

  132. Annie Nelson // January 7, 2014 at 9:54 am // Reply

    Hi my name is Annie nelson and I would love to take a role in this movie. Jurassic park is one of my favorite movie series of all time and this sounds awesome! I am 11 years old and I have a little experience with plays. Please contact me at! Even an extra would be great!

  133. Mackenzie Irvin // January 7, 2014 at 5:04 am // Reply

    Hi I’m Mackenzie I’m 13. I’m African American and white and many other things. I’m hardworking, enthusiastic, patient, and active. As a kid I would literally watch Jurassic park ALL the time and it would be really cool to be a part of it. I really hope you consider me. Thank you.

  134. Matthew Micuch // January 7, 2014 at 4:24 am // Reply

    My name is Matthew Micuch
    I’m 20 years old
    Currently an audio engineer/producer
    I’m 6’6, 240 LBS
    I can do many impressions, as well as act
    I’m great in front of a camera (photoshoots) and also music video shoots
    Have experience with being on a set (video & photo)
    Looking to get my acting career on a role and start it off!

  135. Zachary Walker // January 6, 2014 at 5:01 pm // Reply

    My name is Zachary I’m 23 years old .
    My height is 5’6 and I weight 135 . I’ve been in the acting scene before and I do have experience in independent films. I’m very energetic, out going, and hardworking. I love being in front of the camera and it would be a honor to work with the new Jurassic movie. I can send you full body shot and face shots upon request.
    Hoping to get a chance in working on the set.
    Thank you,
    Zachary Walker

  136. Hi, My name is Cameron I am a 12 yr old white male. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 96 lbs. I have thick dirty blonde hair I wear in a fro hawk. I have light freckles on my nose and cheeks and have light brown eyes. I would love to get the opportunity to be in a Jurrasic Park film. I absolutely love all the previous ones. I have been an extra in three movies, and was in some school plays last yr.

    I wouldn’t mind being an extra or getting the opportunity for a speaking role would be truly amazing. I won’t let you down. I am good at reading things and remembering them. I have a great personality, smile. I am a straight A student and I am very athletic and competitive.

    I hope to hear back soon. I attached a copy of my info with my agency.

    Take good care,


  137. Hello

    It would be fantastic to be in Jurassic World, having worked with dinosaur animatronics before.

    I am South East Asian, 32 male. Where can I audition?

    I have not updated my CV in 4 years!

  138. Hi, my name is Ryan Svirac and I am a film maker from Australia (flying out would be no problem). Jurassic Park was the movie that sparked my love of film. So I could think of nothing more fulfilling than being involved with this project. I am 23, 6ft, brown hair and eyes, slim build.

    Thanks for reading,
    Ryan Svirac

  139. ps i live in new zealand

  140. Hi, my names nataly i am interseted in the movie. i am 11 and has long brown hair and brown eyes i am 150 cms long and have done drama classes in 3 years please ring at soon as you get this thankyou for your time my numbers 8278882

  141. I am a new beginner actor I haven’t been in any movies I am easy to work with I would like to be in this movie and I also graduate in 2015

  142. Steve Schwartz // December 29, 2013 at 12:16 pm // Reply

    I have been an actor for 5 years and would love a chance to be in this movie.

  143. Name: Imani Gibson
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 12
    **I play volleyball and basketball so I have an athletic slim body type
    Languages: English and Spanish
    Age: 19 ** Without make-up I can pass for ages 14-18, with make-up 18-24**
    Race: Mixed ( Black, Caucasian, Native American, Italian, French, and Puerto Rican ) ** Depending on the role, I can pass for Black or Hispanic **
    Extra: Can sing and dance

  144. Waël SERSOUB // December 26, 2013 at 7:38 am // Reply

    Hi there,
    Based in Paris at the moment, I have been studying acting there for 4 years and 2 years with Jack Waltzer as he lives mainly in Paris;
    but no matter where it happens I want to play and rock my childhood blockbuster as much as you can handle me.
    I am 6’1/5 and impatiently awaiting for a positive answer.
    thank you in advance, Waël.

  145. destini bardowell // December 24, 2013 at 5:05 pm // Reply

    hello, i have been a HUGE fan of jurassic park films for the longest, i must of seen them over two dozen times in the last decade. those films are phenomenal, and i am a HUGE fan of steven spielberg. i’ve wanted to be an actress ever since i was 4, i am 16 now. being an extra on this set would be a huge deal, or even a bigger role. please give me the chance to prove myself. thank you for your time.

  146. Mariana villegas // December 20, 2013 at 6:29 am // Reply

    Hello my name is Mariana Villegas Tengo 17 Años , Soy De Argentina Escribo este comentario porque me encantaría trabajar en está película ya que sería un oportunidad única y una manera de mostrar mi talento ya que nunca se me dio una oportunidad, no soy una actriz profesional . Sino qe me gustaría aprender y aprender de los dinosaurios ..desde ya muchas gracias ..
    Cualquier cosa sí necesitan saber más de mi este es mi. Número telefónico (+54 011 24930832) Besos Mariana
    Pd.. Espero su llamado !!!

  147. Angelique Ayala // December 15, 2013 at 6:01 pm // Reply

    Name: Angelique Ayala
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’1″
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Spanish, Italian, Irish

    Hi! My name is Angelique Ayala, I’m 20 years old and would really love the opportunity to be apart of this project. I have a flexible schedule and have a passion for acting. I’m always willing to learn new things for a role.Also, I’m easily adaptable and take direction well. I have knowledge about dinosaurs.

    Please notify me if you are interested at:
    (978)320-8375 or

  148. Hugo Arreola // December 8, 2013 at 12:35 pm // Reply

    I want to be a director someday. Already have a few ideas in mind and this will be a great way to learn how a director works and what not.

  149. Good afternoon. My name is John Plas and I would like to be considered for a part in your upcoming project. I am attaching you my resume.

    I hope to receive a response soon.

    Yours faithfully,
    John Plas

    Cell Phone: 8608010168
    Height: 5’8’’, Weight: 150lbs, Hair: Brown-Black
    Eyes: Green-Brown, Age: 26, Vocal range: Tenor
    Shirt: 15,5, Pants: 29, Suit: 36-38, Shoe: 9,5.
    Waist: 35, Hips: 37


  150. Angela Maitino // December 6, 2013 at 9:16 am // Reply

    I am 12 years old but most people say I look 14 I have done acting since the third grade i’ve been in Annie, Dear Edwina, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan I loved all the Jurassic Park movies! I was so excited when I learned Jurassic World would be coming out in a few short years. I saw Iron man 3 and thought Ty Simpkins did a great job. It would be a dream come true to work with people of such talent! I would happily take any part in this film but I would prefer a speaking role all the plays ive been in ive got one of the bigger parts and my teachers have all said ive done very good and that they think I have a bright future ahead of me
    I am 5’1
    I weigh around 105 pounds
    I have long brownish/blonde hair and blue eyes
    I have olive skin (I’m Italian)
    It would be amazing to be in Jurrasic world I hope to be in this so please consider my application

  151. remalijah Blount // November 29, 2013 at 5:42 am // Reply

    ps i am 14 years old

  152. remalijah Blount // November 29, 2013 at 5:41 am // Reply


    my name is remalijah and i would like to preform in your upcomeing movie.

  153. Sahlina Jenkins // November 16, 2013 at 12:43 pm // Reply

    Hello, I am 21 years old. I loved Jurassic Park since I was very young. That’s all I would talk about even to this very day. I have experience acting back in high school , my teacher said i was a very exceptional student and he see’s me doing big things. I have waited for an opportunity to audition for a Jurassic Park movie ever since I first seen it. I love all the characters. I am a very dependable actress, a hard worker, and like my teacher always said I don’t Disappoint when it comes to acting which comes from my mother. If I do say so myself . It would be a dream of mine if i could at least audition for a Jurassic Park film , even to be in it will be a dream come true. I really truly hope I hear from the genius’s who decided to bring Jurassic Park back to this time. Thank You.

  154. I am 32 but can pass for 24. I get that from my mom good genes haha. I have blonde hair about 5′ 4″ in good shape. I would love an opportunity to be in a film. My husband and I are tv and movies buffs. You name it I have most likely seen it. I saw Jurassic park at least six times in the theater. I watch true blood awesome show by the way, hate that it is leaving us. I would love to be an extra or small role on a show. Hope to hear from you.

  155. Chloe Benard // November 14, 2013 at 5:19 am // Reply

    i love all the jurassic park movies. this would be an amazing oppurtunity to be aaprt of

  156. Hi my name is Edward Wiley and I would love to be an extra for your film. I don’t have a lot of experience, but I have been an extra before and I also had a small speaking role in a film. If you can give me a follow up contact I would really appreciate that. All I ever wanted to do is act and entertain people so I would love to be apart of this. Thank you.

  157. Kyle Weseman // October 29, 2013 at 11:45 am // Reply

    I’m an inspiring actor I’m 28 and could be a Chris Daughtery look alike, I lift weights on a regular basis and know I would be Great in this film!!!

  158. Jordi Jansen // October 27, 2013 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    As a Actor I’m also a big Jurassic Park fan

  159. I am no actor, but I love excitement & dinosaurs. My friends and family have always considered me the “Funny one” & that I should be in movies in some sort of comedy action film or in any of the Sequels to Jurassic Park(considering I have seen the 1st one 9x’s in the theater alone).

    My gaming avatar and youtube name for the last 10+ yrs has been “Jurassic Sushi” because I love Jurassic Park & I love Sushi. So if you want that Nedry mixed with Heavy D & New York type of personality(here I am).
    I take criticism very well and I’m a big mature kid at heart.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this & possibly considering me for any part / role.

    Nahshon / Nosh / Jurassic Sushi

  160. I am an aspiring actress and I would LOVE a chance to be an
    Extra in this movie.

    • Jeremy Randall // February 6, 2014 at 2:30 am // Reply

      I have played as a extra in a movie I played in the elvis movie that camr pn tv a few years back I would like to play as extra in this movie possibly play a part in this movie

  161. I am an aspiring actress and can provide my demo reel and headshot/ full body shot upon request. You can also request my demo reel on my website. I look forward to hearing from you.

  162. Angélica Ramos // October 22, 2013 at 10:00 am // Reply


    My name is Angelina, i like to act. i also hava experince in acting. I hadthe leading role in my school play. The play was The Wizard of Oz. I did good in the play. I will like to be in this movie. I will also like if u guys can give me the opportunity to be in this movie.

    Thank You!

    Angelina Ramos

    • hi im neveah and i saw this comical and i saw chris pratt was going to be in this movie and had to get this roll so i decided to sign up so ya (chis pratt is my favorite actor) um in 12 years old and im 5’3″ just to let you know. its been my dream to act so i said why no so existed to show you my talent and more

      yours truly, neveah foster

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