“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” Holding Auditions

"House of Payne" Auditions

Talent Auditions for Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”

TBS has signed on the ever so witty comedy drama television series “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” for another hilariously filled season. Casting director are in search of 6 talent for new lead roles, stand-ins, and extras to fill in a few of the scenes in the newly written season. The show is about a multi-generation family that lives under one roof in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. House of Payne had it’s first premiere back in 2006 and has been held on to exclusivity through TBC Cable Network. The sitcom covers various areas of dark themes and unique subject matter. The characters talk about substance abuse and addiction to elements of humor and relationships.

“Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” can definitely be categorized in the same group as the 1990s television series “The Jeffersons”, “Family Matters”, and “The Cosby Show”. Directed and created by the hilariously witted Tyler Perry and his team at TBS. The show stars actors LaVan Davis, Cassi Davis, Allen Payne, Lance Gross, Larramie “Doc” Shaw, and China Anne McClain. Tyler Perry is responsible for directing every episode for the first 5 seasons and from then on he gets help from his producer Roger M. Bobb, and Kim Fields.

Casting directors are looking to book a totaly of 6 new talent for 6 available recurring characters in the script. This does not mean they will be full leads and featured in the series until it’s end, but they will be recurring for some of the new scenes for this up and coming season. Talent do not have to be professional actors or models and can definitely be flexible in what they will be asked to do on set. All talent who are interested in just playing extras should definitely cover that with the casting department. Auditions are in the near future as filming in set for later this year. Production is underway on booking the perfect talent for this hit television series on TBS. If you are between the ages of 4 and 70 years old and have your own transportation to and from the casting you should definitely come out to auditions. Make sure to dress professional and be prepared for the audition. Good luck!

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245 Responses to “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” Holding Auditions

  • faith wilson says:

    People always tell me I have the acting gig. Some believe im also good at comedie as well. Im desperately in need of a job! thank you and have a great day!

    • Keleen Magee says:

      Mr. Perry I am a 15yr. Old boy from New Orleans, LA just looking for a little window of opprotunity and also trying to start my career of doing the thing i love doing the most acting and seeing other laugh i have been in many of school plays also been lead roles, i have plenty of acting exprience i have been to professional acting school and is currently taking theather arts at my school

      • LaTasha Ewell says:

        Mr. Perry im LaTasha and im looking for an opportunity of a life time ,for fill my dreams I’ve signed up for almost every audition you can think of I know im great at what I do in these small plays but I want to go and live my dreams in these huge plays. I hope you can be the person to make that happen.

    • Jelony Conze says:

      Hello.I am 10 years old and i have long dark hair.I am also a male.I was pick for a commercial once but we didn’t have the money to do it. I live in a homeless shelter at the moment. Ever since my mom had a stroke my dad lost his job and we had to live at my grandmas house. Then we had to leave.This is my story.

  • Mr. Perry:

    I am perfect for your show House of Payne, I played a character for four years who was in her 70′s, religious, (very) and had a no-non-sense approach for worldly people she was tooo toooo funny but she also had heart like the typical matriach of our african american families. “Ma Aubrey” liked to sing those ol time gospel songs eg. Jesus on the main line and you just might catch her cutting up a rug like she did before she discover christ(hallelujah). Please give me a chance and see that I am a natural in this arena. waiting to audition. I am just crazy no formal training jus crazy.

    Thank-you for everything.

  • David A. Jackson says:

    I’m a aspiring actor taking classes and looking for a great opportunity. I’m a very hard worker and always on time. Please give me a look. Thanks

  • germaine gordon holloway says:

    I would love the opportunity to audition for mr. Perry i am a hard worker and love to perform please grant me this opportunity to show you what i can do

  • germaine gordon holloway says:

    I would love the opportunity to audition for mr. Perry i am a hard worker and love to perform please grant me this opportunity to show you what i can do i am prepared to work hard

  • Zhane' Drew says:

    Hi my name is Zhane’ and i absolutely love “Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne”! I am a Barbizon modeling/acting school graduate and have a very strong passion for acting. I am fans of everybody on the show and will love to work with them all. I’m definitly looking forward to the possible opportunity that will be given. I also work hard for what I want and I want to be on your show so I will keep this in my prayers.


  • Latasha Butler says:

    I believe I could be a good candidate because, I’m down to earth. My family is halfway dysfunctional. I can be myself, putting all I have and feel into this. I have been put down half my life. It seems like no one accepts me. What ever is in my past, is brought in my face. I just want to have a family outside the one I have. It’s like I can never live up to their expectations. The worst of it is I have a daughter 18 who can sing and dance, and a son who is 9 who will get SSI for the rest of his life. I only wish I could get the opportunity to prove not just to my family, but to myself and my kids.

  • Amir Thorpe says:

    Hello Mr. Perry, my name is Amir Thorpe and i am 14 years old. I believe that i am very suitable for this job. When House of Payne first aired on tvi knew for sure that this was a show that i wanted to be on. I love to act and sing. These are thing that ive been doing since i was little. I just hope that this reply will interest you enough to choose me for your show. Thanks.

  • Tasha Miller says:


  • Briana says:

    Im 16 And I’ve Been DREAMING Of Being In One Of Your Plays/Movies/Shows It’s Always Been A Dream Of Mine To Please People, Do What I Love,And All For Good Reasons. People Have Always Told Me I Need To Be On TV Somewhere But Not n “The Bad Business” I Sing, And Act, Lil Dancing But Not So Much. Acting And Music Is My Passion & I Would Love To Work With You. Please Get Back To Be. My Email Is brianaedwards28@gmail.com. Also, When & Where Is Auditions?

  • MR. PERRY,

  • Blesser Mbako says:

    Good Day Sir. My name is Blesser Mbako. Im 17 years old. Im from Windhoek, Namibia however I can fly out anytime. Just name it and Im there. I sing, dance, act, model, play the guitar and write poetry. I’ve done tons of shows with the National Theatre of Namibia. Im God-fearing and ALWAYS smiling:-). Please consider me because I am very passionate in my God given area- The Arts AND making the World a better place. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

  • Etheldra Mays says:

    Hello Tyler Perry
    I’m interested in any aduitions you may have coming up. I never done any acting before but I’m a stand up comedy. I’ve done many open mic nights thoughout the years of 2003-current. I’ve headlined my own show in 2008. But I’m interested in expanding my talent,personality,and brand. I look forward to aduitioning for a play or movie with you soon. Thanks in advance.

  • Kathy Holloway says:

    Mr. Perry,

    I am 61 years old, retired from a local school system, which means I am very flexible. However, I do not have the talent I read about in the other comments. I am just happy, fun, and sorta cute (even at 61). :)
    Would I enjoy being an extra for your show?. Of course I would. Do I have talent credentials, nope! But I would use the talents God gave me….I’m an appreciative mom to three sons, a happy Nana to four grandkids, and a very contented wife, and I love people! So….what the heck, I am sending this to you with hopes of hearing from your studios in the future! :)

  • Gabrielle Dunlap says:

    Hello im 15 years old from Birmingham Alabama and attend Central Park Christen. I would appreciate and love the opertunity to audition for you for a roll on your show, even if not choosen i would still like to be an extra.

  • Marlon McFadden says:

    Dear Mr. Perry

    My name is Marlon McFadden and I’m 35 yrs old. I’ve tried out for a modeling gig and a couple of acting gigs! They want me 2 go to school, but the price is outrageous. I know by the grace of God like u I have God given acting ability. I JUST NEED A SHOT…… 2 God b the glory I know u will choose me.

    God bless u sir!

  • Latasha Ayers (Halliewood) says:

    Hello Mr Tyler Perry,
    My name is latasha but my friends and family call me Halliewood. I am love to dance, sing ( I also write some of my own songs) and I can act. I’ve never thought of getting into show business before but my family ( especially my daughters) and friends think I’m wasting my talents and should just go for it. I love all your movies and shows and I can really see myself as part of your cast. I’m extremely good at what I do and would appreciate this opportunity to work with you.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully become a part of your cast. Also I’m very versatile and would appreciate any part big or small I just want a chance to prove myself. Thank you

  • Terrica Jones says:

    I believe one day I will be on your tv show.

  • Takela says:

    Hi Mr.Perry
    My name is Takela I would love and appreciate the opportunity to audition for any movies or play Mr.Perry have coming up. I never did any acting before and I would love for this to be my first opportunity to explore my talent. I know with god all things are possible I hope to hear from the tyler perry studio in the future. I’m really looking forward to working with Mr.Perry and his casting crew. THANK YOU

  • loretta says:

    Hi Mr.Perry i am a mom with a need for more income as you no the job market is very slow so that’s why i’m praying you have a spot for me on one of your shows as an extra or what ever you see fit no i don’t have training in acting from some acting school but i do have training from the school of Hard knocks”aka”HOME” YES :]we laughed our butt off growing up in a house of 4 kids&2 adults we would put on shows 2 entertain our parents an my daddy was always the one we had 2 work the hardest 2 get a good laugh out of but when you did he would be ROLLING on the floor laughing his butt off and if you make that happen you knew the next sister or your brother was not going to do it when they get up cause daddy would still be stuck on what you did when the next kid come up to do their act so they couldn’t really get his attention so after a laugh like that he usually get up and walk away still laughing ! so you see i have talent i just didn’t go to acting school to tweak it :}! i hope to be hearing from you soon or later! THANK YOU

  • Reggie Freeman says:

    Mr. Perry, I would love to join the cast as a recurring role on House of Payne. It’s not about the money, it’s about prospering the show to new levels. It’s not just about me, it’s about being a part of this show because I want to inspire someone else. My desire is for the show to be the best show ever.

  • Ciara Simmons (me) Saminthia Simmons (mom) says:

    Hello casting directors…. My name is Ciara, I’m 11 and in the 6th grade. I sing, dance & act -not professionally of course but I would love to have a try at it. Thank You and tell Mr. Perry I said hi! :-D :-)

  • Hello,
    My name is Camille. I am 18 years old, currently in school. I have been a huge fan of Tyler Perry and his work and I would greatly appreciate the chance to audition for one of his shows, plays, and/or movies.

  • Crystal Lee says:

    How many times have you heard someone say, “I want this so bad?” Let this be the very first time you hear that (in your own voice) as you read these words, and at this moment, mean more to you than just your average comment. I am MORE THAN READY. I can show you better than I could ever tell you just how…much…I…want…this.

    *drops mic and waits anxiously for your reply…..

  • Angle johnson says:

    Im interested being and actor and singer

    • Morgan Porch says:

      Hi! My name is Morgan Porch. I’m a black young adult,19, who loves acting. I’m not asking for anything but to be considered for an audition to be on your show. I’ve loved your show since the first episode as well as many other shows you’ve made like The Have and The HaveNots. (My favorite show ever!) Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Keyonna Dicks says:

    I would be more than grateful to have the opportunity to audition for “House Of Payne” I have watched the show ever since it aired and honestly think I could be great for a role. I sing and act and I’m a young lady with a big personality and a determined personality. I am very hard working and love to really get into my characters. I am only 15 but I honestly am just a young girl trying to get out there and I honestly do hope and pray that you all pick me and give me the chance to prove stereo types wrong.

    I hope you pick me thank you and god bless.

  • Kevin Bolte says:

    Mr. Perry
    I may not be as qualified as other people you see on here i would love to start an acting career. I may be 23 but I know what i want to do and that would be to work for you if you would like a picture of me send a message to y email and ill send one back. Thank you and have a good day.

  • Marciya Snyder says:

    Hi tyler Oerry how are you? I always loved your amazing work. I am captured by all that you do. I havent done muh but backgroundnwork but would love to be in one of your films

  • Richard Ables says:

    Name-Richard Ables
    Height 5’9
    Body- lean muscle built

    Hi im Richard I have really been in too all of your plays and and show I have really wanted to inspired people the way you put the message in your movies and I have really been putting hard work in to the acting industry and I haved applied for acting classes and im experience s and I really think im an really good for the show because Im talented and im good with face expressions voice tones attitudes and and wonderful with emotional scene and Im really fast at learning and I Will put 110% at anything you ask me

  • Let me start by thanking you for really putting out great messages for our race. As a young African American man, I find the messages you give for our women and for us amazing and motivational. I think this show is great, and I really would love the opportunity to audition for you. I don’t try and take on any roles that go against my religion and morals. This is why working with you would be great because you meet those standards. I can improvise, Im athletic, and I know how to dissect a character so that that character can be portrayed to the audience viewing correctly. All I need is the opportunity, and I can get the job done. Hope to hear from you soon..

  • Quintelle Heywood says:

    Im 13 years old i act,sing and play piano i would absolutely LOVE to be in one of your movies my mom can take me to and from the audition and she loves doing it Thanks!!

  • Christopher Scott says:

    It would be a great privilege and honor to work with the casting members of “House of Payne”. Acting, is what I have a passion for. I’m full of humor and this would be my chance as well as opportunity to show the world my talent. Thank You

  • Stephona says:

    I would love to audition for any part. I am comical and full of life. I brighten the days of those around me all the time when they are down. I can’t really say much but It would have to be shown

  • jennifer christine parks says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer im from Newark New jersey and i love Tyler Perry movies and plays .I want to be a singer, dancer,actor and a fashion designer. god is doing so much with Tyler Perry gift .By showin peole jesus love he act it out

  • Tara Mattison says:

    Hello yoiu’ve found her : ) funny in my own way, not bad on the eye, and hardworking. i’m a people person and I can relate to all types of people being a soldier in the U.S. Army taught me that, with that being said my energy and personality would come across on the screen, radio, or t.v. I would love an opportunity to audition for you.

  • Bridgett Johnson says:

    Good morning,
    Why do I feel as if I am any more qualified than the rest. I don’t. I do not have the background besides a play I was in, in Iraq… What I have is something a little more. I have the life story that only you could write that gives me the strength, motivation and eagerness to be great. I have thought since watching “I Can do Bad All By Myself” that Mr. Perry and I were made to work together.

    Thank you for your time in reading this.


  • saskia says:

    Omg I’m so in love with him! Please even an extra would be nice just to see me here working with Tyler…my name is saskia, I’m 18 year old 5’9 & I speak 4 languages

  • Nassir Taiwo says:

    Name-Nassir Taiwo
    Age- 16
    Height – 5’11
    weight – 160
    Race – Nigerian, French, West Indian
    Skin Tone- Medium Brown
    Hair – Black
    Eyes – Brown
    State- Pennsylvania
    I want acting to be my main career ,and I am going to become successful at it for myself and my family.

  • 24 year old college graduate ,aspiring actor, reality TV personality I’M one of the hardest working guys you will ever meet and I want stop till I meet my dreams

  • Chelsea bishop says:

    Hi, people are always telling me how talented my 2 kids are and asking do they have a manager everywhere we go. So I’m stepping out on faith to let them act/sing. This is something they have been doing since 3. They are now 10 & 7. I pray you bless them with the opportunity to perform in what role is fit for them. They can act many roles!
    Thanking you in advance

  • leticia says:

    Age:10 , I would like to audition for your show. I have done some off-broadway plays and also was an extra on the tv show good-wife

  • Christian says:


  • Deonna Shivers says:

    Hey Mr.Perry my name is Deonna Shivers but most call me dede. I am a 20 year old college student. I would love to have the opportunity to audition for anyone of your productions. You have truly been an inspiration to not just me but millions and I hope I will get a chance to meet you and even be in one of your awesome shows! We all love you♡♥♡

  • Good Morning,

    Mr. Perry you have a very great influence on me I’ve been through so many different episodes in my life and I feel like my life experiences alone would qualify me for any casting that you have. I don’t have any acting experience except from watching you and other stars act. I would like to be apart of your team. I’m 48 years old and single and can travel and I don’t have anything holding me back. I’m one of your biggest fans. God Bless

  • K Lee says:

    I’m hungry..I’m raw..I’m a La.gal living in Atlanta..Too many fireball testimonies not to be chosen for you to tell the world..#faith

  • Alfonzo Key says:

    my name is Alfonzo Key everysince I’ve been a little kid I wanted to be a actor and comedian and I hope to be given the opportunity to demonstrate my talent I hope to hear something back soon

  • Dayshia Lassiter says:

    I am huge fan of the show along with Tyler Perry’s other projects. It would be an honor to be apart of this show, I have a desire to act and would greatly appreciate the opportunity.

  • Takayla Ware says:

    I really want to be an actress because I want to show my passion for and make people laugh. Also to show people that I might come from a city where’s there is not alot but that i can be something big in life

  • Shayler
    26 years old female
    5’8 150lbs
    I am an aspiring actor with background extra experience. I love watching the show and I would like to have an opportunity to be on it.

  • andre tipton says:

    Hey, my name is Andre M Tipton Jr I’m a young aspiring actor who is looking to bring life in whatever role I’m giving. I not only believe but I know I can make any character I get the chance to play great. All I need is a audition to prove what I can do and bring to the table for this series.I personally, would be extremely grateful to be a part of this show. I know I may be young but take Chandler Riggs as an example. No one knew who he was until walking dead. Now if you type “Chandler” in the google search bar, his name is the fourth thing to come up! he went from a nobody to a somebody and made the show that much better. Unfortunately I don’t have my headshot on file so the picture I attached was a picture I edited. But I do have my resume (which has my headshot in it) on file and can send it to you if you can send me an e-mail so that I may reply. Please notify me as soon as possible. I’m very eager to work with you! I believe its time for Hollywood to find its new, young, and fresh talent. All I want is the chance to prove that I can be that package. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • I saw china anne maclain their, so what a great oppitunitie!

  • china anne maclain is such a good actor,she is even on Disney Channel- A.N.T.Farm that show did a awesome job!

  • Dasani Dalton says:

    Mr Perry I would love to have the oppurtunity to work with you and your staff. Im only 8 years old and ive never had an acting job but I act and recite all the time at home. I am also an A/B honor roll student. Reading on a 4th grade level.

  • jazz alexis says:

    Hi my name is jazz alexis I am 13 years old I am from New Orleans, LA. I will to play any part on this show because I love to act. Just a couple of months ago I was in a school play mean jean the recess queen it was so fun I loved every part about being in the play it was a great experince for me just to see the kids faces light up was a great feeling for me and I loved every minute of it. I hope u pick so I can experince that feeling again. My gmail is jazzalexis25@gmail.com

  • Marquise Yarbrough says:

    Hey! My name is Marquise, I’m 6ft2 I weigh 170 lbs I have brown eyes, black hair, mixed skin tone, I’m really athletic I love to have fun. Acting is a passion of mine it’s the only thing I see myself doing in life, I try myself to make everybody around me happy, I work hard for the things I want in life, I’m a funny, young at heart adventurous guy who wants nothing but the best in life. So please give me a chance to make my dream become true and become the next big thing. Thank you for your time, God bless you, and thank you again.

  • Reese says:

    Greetings Tyler Perry Production Studio,

    First, I would like to truly thank you for opening up auditions to the general public, because often times, we are not giving chances.

    Secondly, I admire Tyler Perry and all of his accomplishments in making it in the industry, and giving people like myself and others an opportunity to follow our dreams as well.

    I am very interested in auditioning for a part in the House of Payne series, and will be willing to pay for my own traveling expenses.

    Best Regards,


  • Jade Lee says:

    Hello Mr. Perry. I am blessed with the gift of the arts and have always been a natural with singing, acting, dancing, and also playing instruments. I was also blessed with a child that has the same gift. It is my dream to one day share my gifts with the world. If you will give me this opportunity I can assure you that it will be a decision that you won’t regret. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  • DeAnna says:

    I have a 9 year old daughter who will be 10 in February. This child is so talented. She sings, dances and loves to act. Her personality is so outgoing and loveable and there is not a shy bone in her body. She loves to make people laugh and most of all she loves the Lord. She loves your show and has watched it for years. Please contact us for an audition. She will not let you down. Trust me.

  • lola says:

    i would love to try out so would my little bro i hope you can contact both of us im 12 he’s 8

  • Diana Campbell says:

    Hello Tyler, I think it’s time that you have a long lost sister….I could really play your sister….I call her DeaMay….

  • Shey says:

    I love singing acting dancing and making people laugh. Most importantly I love helping people!! I thank God for giving me the wisdom to do so.

  • Jennah mcCafferty says:

    Dear Mr.Perry
    MY name is Jennah , i am a black African American girl that is 12 years old. All my life I loved to act, the way i feel when i make people laugh is something that i cant explain. The feeling you have when you play different characters , is amazing feeling. I hope you can help make my dream come true.
    Your, best fan

  • Kiara McClain says:

    My name is Kiara McClain and I am very interest in auditioning for a part in the House of Payne series. I know it will consist of hard work, determination and talent. And those are qualities I will bring to the table, As well as paying for my own expenses.


  • Kristie Hayes says:

    Hello! My name is Kristie Hayes and I have always been know as the most dramatic girl in my family. :-D My family tells me everyday that I need to go audition to be on television, but I could never find the right place to go. I’ve been through talent agencies but nothing seems to be legit, unfortunately. I’ve been watching your plays ever since you first started them, and ever since I always dreamed of working with you! I would LOVE to land a role in this show! It would be such an honor to work with you! Hopefully, I will get that special opportunity! Keep up the great work! GOD BLESS! :)

  • corena thornton says:

    I am a single women who lives in the ATL who is talented in many areas. I got a great story to tell. Not only was I abused by my father pregnant at 13 married at 14 widowed at 16. I have gone through it all. I have 6 children raised over 35 other children. Still I managed to get several bachelors, cosmetology license, contractors license and even take care of some of the children I raised children. I know how to do electrical, plumbing, framing, sheetrock etc. I spent 17 years in the army and never had to ask for anything. I started working in the blueberry and tobacco fields when I was only 5. I got so much to teach to the world especially our children of color we can make it and don’t have to blame our pass for not making. I just want children to know and Not getting paid to do so is NOT an issue I don’t need the money I want to be a voice.

  • Ania says:

    An Atlanta College Student at a HBCU – Looking for an opportunity

  • Eliana says:

    Hello my name is Eliana. I am 11 years old. My resume is not full of experience but I would like a chance to play a role in your play. I have done school plays where I have played major parts. My mother is a single parent and I know the struggles she goes through raising me. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Barbara Robertson says:

    Mr. Perry,


  • Mr. Perry,


  • Nystagia Johnson says:

    Greetings Mr.Perry , I am Nystagia Johnson 15 years old and I live anout 45 minutes away from Savannah Georgia . Im a very big fan of all of your work , you inspire me to keep going forward and do what I love , also since you play the character “Madea” I cant imagine the comments you get , but you avoid them and keep moving forward. . I would love to get a chance to just meet you , I also can act .. please get back to me.

  • Akeylah Gauna says:

    Hello Tyler Perry and His workers, i dont want to try to sound like everyone else or give you my life story i am just asking for a chance to show you that i would be perfect for one of your tv shows, movies, plays. i gew up watching your stuff. I believe i have what it takes, i really do! one chance is all im asking you wont be disapointed.

  • I am interested in audtiioning for Tyler Perrys upcoming House of Payne, etc. Please tell me where they are being held and what is needed to audition? thank you.

  • Mr. Perry I’m not even sure where to start in this message. I just know that i’m one of the biggest fans you have. I’m part of your mailing list and have been contacting you from your direct site and now from here. I love everything that you put out. Your story of how you came from nothing to everything is simply electrifying! You have inspired me to do great things and to be the best i can be. “Nothing is Impossible” should be your slogan. After losing my dad, and sister i have realized that life is too short and that I have to take all my opportunities to the limit. Hopefully these words will open your eyes to how dedicated i am about working for you. please contact and i will give you no reason to believe that you’ve made a mistake, but an investment. Thanks for reading this message!

  • Diana Campbell says:

    Where are the auditions being held

  • giancarlo says:

    Good Day Tyler,
    My name is Giancarlo Llaverias from Upstate NY, I am 23 years old, and I have been a classically trained singer for 11 years but have been a gospel singer all my life. I would like to be a part of your production because I love the message that it brings about love and family. Coming from an area where money is low the value of family runs high. I would like to be a part of this production to further enhance this movement of bringing the value of family back into the homes of those who watch your show and showing the minority community that we can progress without losing ourselves.
    Thank You,
    Giancarlo Llaverias

  • Desiree Smith says:

    I am 15 years old. I am uttermost fan of Tyler Perry and i have been for as long as i can remember. I’ve grown up watching amazing actors or actresses, and i have the biggest dreams of become one myself. I watch movies and shows from a superior level. I analyze the acting skills of the characters and i think of how well i would be able to do if i was that character. I cant wait to be able to fulfill that.

  • zachary says:

    Heller I love your movies and TV shows you ask me I will tell you the episode it is from and who said it

  • Andrea Hale says:

    Hello I’m Andrea 22 Years Old And Being An Actress Is My Dream Has Been Since I Was A Little Girl. I Watch Movies And Just Imagine Myself Being That Main Character I Absolutely Have To Do Film And I Know Id Be Great For Any Role!! Try Me!!

  • Jaylin-Marie says:

    Hello Mr.Perry
    I have always wanted to be in one of your tv shows our movies likesome of my other friends I go to world changers and perform with B.I.G. which is where I have MOSTof my experience but overall I just can’t wait to audition for you!!!

  • Shinara Littles says:

    Hello My Name is Shinara Littles age 28. 5’5 aprox. 135pounds. It would definately be a pleasure to come out and audition for your show. Im located in the Ga area, I do have my own reliable transportation. I want to say Thank You for giving us all a opportunity to be recognized. Even if im not a good canadiate for this position I do want to applaud you on the awesome job that you are doing!! You keep us entertained and im really inspired by the hard work you put in and how far you’ve become. Thank You for being so kind to America, we Love You Tyler Perry and Cast…Shinara Littles

  • aaliyah epps says:

    Hello, Mr Perry I’m a 13 yr old young lady who is very interested in the acting / model business this is something I’ve talk about since 5 yes old. I have a very good dramatic side and also have my good sensitive side too. This is just a dream of mine to be on my way to the TV scene.I often imitate the characters and have my mom laughing.

  • Letecia Lewis says:

    Hey Mr. Perry. Acting has always been a dream for me. By me starting my family right out of school just made it more difficult. I pray that this will be a seconf chance for me. Thanks In Advance

  • Roxanne says:

    hello mr tyler perry my daughter watched all your movies she is a 5 yrs old natural, her acting is amazing her only wish is to meet you, to show you all her skills. love your bigest fan roxanne and jada

  • Demetrius Burrows says:

    Hi Tyler I’ am a 17 year old young man who been performing all my life alongside my twin brother. We would love to audition for one of your hit series or upcoming movies. We will be a very great asset to your vision and we will love to learn so much. we started off reciting poetry at the age of four at wedding and funerals. then we went off into doing plays and hosting shows/events at churches, schools, fashion shows, etc. we’ve been through so much in our lives already, many good times and many scary times and spite through it all we know that this is our calling. I hope you get a chance to read this, thank you.

  • Shameka Delgado says:

    My name is Shameka Delgado and I’m 26 years old. I am originally from Atlanta, but reside in Austin now. I feel I should be chosen because I’m a natural born actress. I’ve always been known for the entertainer amongst my peers. I was conversing with a friend of mine yesterday he mention that I would be great for one of your plays or movies. God has a way to relying messages, I thank God for confirmation. I have no experience in acting, but I’m always wanted to look into it, but fear always intervene. Many of my friends and family says that they honestly feel that God put me on this earth for entertainment. Mr. Perry you inspire me, I love your drive for success. I want you to know that your work from the plays to the movies has blessed me in ways that you could never imagine. It’s 2014, a year for me to take action and to purse my goals. I’m ready Mr. Perry, if you give me a chance I promise you will not be disappointed.

  • Burgandy says:

    To the powers that be, you need me! You want me! Im 36 and in small circles I have rocked! My comedic timing is natural. My voice is moving! Giving me an audition will not be a waste of time. Ive been waiting for you to find me.

  • Richard Hackett says:

    It would be a dream to be able to be in the house of payne i’ve been through a lot, I am from camden new jersey and rarely do we have opportunities to succeed i’m thankful that you are giving people the opportunity to show their talent thank you.

  • Working with Tyler Perry would be an excellent experience. I am just starting out in the business of acting and to have my first big break under his banner would be a dream come true. Keep doing what your doing Tyler and thank you for bringing black films back to the big screen.

  • Curtis "Crystal" Frazier says:

    I would like an opportunity to explore my options in life. I have had real life journeys especially in addiction and today I can humor myself and the world in a way in which I can celebrate my sobriety and make a difference in someones life. Would like an opportunity in the acting field. I have been a Chef for many years in an abroud outlet. I have been a server for the past 9 years and so I actually have a lot of acting experience. Thank you for this opportunity thus far.

  • Joy Jones says:

    Dear Mr. Perry
    My name is Joy and I am writing to let you know that I would love to have my baby girl also named Joy to work with you, actually your probably one of the only ones that her father my husband would allow her to work with/for. She is truly one of my prayers answered. My baby one of 4, the only girl, so yes she is our PRINCESS, and I believe that she would be great for any part that you may have for her age. I really do pray and look forward to hearing and working with you.

  • Derrick Amos says:

    I have an inspiring dream to be apart of one of the greatest oppurtinities i could ever imagine.That is being apart of a Shia where God is still one of the main subjects in the story line.i am a 18 yr old boy from Jackson ms where i am surronded by violence everyday.i over come each obstacle with the power of prayer.i would be honored to play a role in along side other great actors from around the way.

  • Dear Mr. Perry,

    I am Marie Montgomery, mother of Glenn Perry. I am writing to request an opportunity for my son, Glenn, to participate in any role/extra within your company. He would give anything just to meet you as well as have an acting or extra position on your staff. He has always wanted to be an actor, however, due to financial difficulties I am not able to pay for acting classes. He is a child that has never given me any trouble. He’s now 21 years old. To share a little more information about him, as a child he was diagnosed with Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder, ADHD and the elementary school informed me that they didn’t know how to teach him because he passed a test they didn’t think he should have passed. However, on the other hand; he failed a test they assumed he should not have failed. At that moment, God spoke to me and said “They can’t, but you can and I’ll help you”. I immediately dis-enrolled him from public school and homeschooled him from 4th grade to high school graduation. He participated in band, shop, and drivers education in public school. He can play a drum set and still learning. He plays guitar fairly well. He’s been a Jr. Deacon in our church since the age of 7 years. He participated in an organization called Civil Air Patrol, (CAP) which is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force from the age of 12 – 19. In CAP, he was the highest ranking black person in the Southeast Region in the state of Florida. He was also one rank away from reaching the highest possible rank in CAP before resigning due to entering college and assisting me after I endured an accident on my job that left me disabled. He has always wanted to become a pilot as well as acting and CAP offered pilot lessons to youth between the ages of 12-21. I am now the proud mother of a son who received his solo wings at the age of 17. He still wants to become a pilot, but reduced college to part-time and began working full-time to help with finances at home. Glenn is a wonderful son and he doesn’t know that I am writing you. My prayer is that my request reach you and that God reveals the honesty of my motive to you which is simply to search for a way to make my son’s dreams come true and that is to meet you, to become an asset to your company and to become a pilot. Thank you Mr. Perry and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Marie Montgomery,

  • Kevelyn says:

    Do the right thing Mr. Perry and pick me!

  • Gina King says:

    I have a very talented 11 year old that is on Fire as a young actress.

  • Mia says:

    i have been waiting for this opportunity forever! i don’t live anywhere near there but you will see me at the auditions!

  • michele kimbrough says:

    I am dedicated, willing to work hard and learn my parts. If God be for you who could be against, so I am believing for God to open new doors.

  • Rasheed Muhammad says:

    I have attended acting school, not sayin im da best but I do have great adlib skills and tongue twisting skills. Rappin was always my dream instead I took up acting hoping 2 fall on but right now im focusing on getting out of this homeless shelter called wayside christian mission so I can have a stronger focus to pursue my dream(s). I can act out any part andplay any character as the part described, both mentally and physically.

  • BO THOMAS says:

    How are you Mr Perry ? I am Mr. Bernard “BO” Thomas. I am an actor. With just (2) IMDBPRO Credits. My model career is moving but I also want my acting career as well. I’ve work for every single thing I am and have. I want just a opportunity to work with you sir !!! Thanks God Bless !!

  • mrs.ladyDiamond says:

    Hi Tyler Perry. .my name is charlene..mother of samuelniek. Whom I’m hoping you give a chance to be part of your cast..samuelniek played as China McClain double and best friend Sarah in the movie hurricane season..she energetic..full of energy. .if youll looking for a look. Alike here’s your cast member samuelniek. .i can be reach by email. 504-689-1884

  • dashawn robinson says:

    my name is dashawn and i love your shows and your movies and i would be delighted and love the honor to work with you and the cast of any show that you have or will be having in the future

  • Evan Markopoulos says:

    Hello my name is Evan Markopoulos. I am 19 years old, 6’1, 200lbs. I am a professional wrestler from Boston, MA and have appeared on WWE and TNA wrestling TV numerous times. I would love to be consider for any role in House of Payne. I have done scripted work on professional wrestling television before in serious and comedic roles. I am good with direction and also with how to act on camera or in a studio in front of people. Thank you for your consideration.


  • Jackie Parker says:

    Hi Mr. Perry,

    I am also a Playwriter and Director. I have a whole cast of excellent actors and actresses. I have been called Little Tyler Perry but I am not trying to be you, only what God would have me to be. I am very versatile and so is the cast that work with me. I have done Plays locally but would like to share this talent, not only my talent but all the talent that God has blessed me with to the world. We are just small country people from a small country town with big dreams and big talents. I would absolutely love to hear from you. I remember you talking about the first time you saw Oprah in that Hotel. Well, just picture I am you and now you are Oprah (so to speak). I really need your help, with you I know that the sky is the limit. Please pray and ask God to show you me, and I know he will. I know we can be a blessing to your show, God always gives us favor where ever we go and what ever we do. Be blessed!!

  • Dominique Roberson says:

    Hello my name is Dominique my dream is to became a actress or a singer I always watch all your movies, plays, and tv shows I went to one of yor plays and I loved it I think I’ll be good for a part on this show, I never acted before but I have act like around friedns and family and I’m pretty good at it…

  • janice says:

    I am intresting to be in your series

  • Sharon Brisco says:

    hi Tyler Perry,
    this is my season to fly. Tyler almost 3 years ago I was working as a school teacher. I lost my job because someone lied on me. the school that I worked at was called Curtis the lady who lied to me name was Mrs.Payne. When you put the two names together is the father’s name on the house of Payne. I can write as well as act. Tyler and I have the exact same writing style. If I’m given the opportunity to assist you and this project I will do everything I can to be a blessing to TPS studio.

  • ishara says:

    Mr. Perry I’m 20 years old and I’m pursing a modeling career. I would really love to be in a comedy or movie you produce. You are truly an inspiration to me in all that you have accomplished.

  • Grace Umoren says:

    Tyler Perry, i know you have allottt of comments to read so ill keep it short and sweet. Ive watched almost all of your movies and shows and honestly i feel like id fit RIGHT in. This is something that ive dreamed about for years and to just even get a simple email from you will make my entire life. Id really allreciate the oppertunity more than anything in the world. Thanks

  • I would love to be a part of this project. I have done some local acting and I am currently interested in television, movies, commercials and Life Time. I have a resume and photos upon request, I am available to travel and will work extremely hard to help make the project a great success.

    Please contact me at the information below.

    Valansiar Key
    (813) 770-7368

  • Marie Marecheau Clermont says:

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry, I am a big fan of yours. My son is 9 years old. A great singer who loves acting and loves Madea. He will be so honored for an audition of any of your sitcoms or movies, or plays. Thank you in advance for considering him. God bless and keep giving us decent movies to watch. We live in Lithonia, Ga. My son has a single coming out the end of this month. I assure you he will be an asset to your company.

  • Tyree Gosha says:

    My name is Tyree Gosha and it would be a dream cone true to work with you Mr. Perry. Ill do whatever it takes. I wont make a story or long speech but I need this badly and would live to the fullest to make it happen and make you very grateful after it happens. Thank You.

  • Jhanee Adamson says:


    My name is Jhanee` and I would love to be able to play in one of your shows. I am a huge fan and also trying to pursue what I love which is acting. I really hope I can act in a movie or show that I love and for someone I really look up to. Tyler Perry is so talented! I would love to be like him one day with creative minds and ideas. Thank you for the consideration!
    Height: 5″9
    Age:19 I will be 20 in june
    Hair: brown and curly
    Skin color: brown
    Eyes: brown

  • Jenell Davis says:

    Hi Mr.Perry. I am writing for my 2 beautiful daughters. My youngest daughter is 4 years old and her last modeling job was with The Children’s Place. My oldest daughter is 5 and she is a very talented actor as well. She loves to sing too! Both are truly a must see for your next talent! I believe this is our year “MIRACLES” in Jesus Name..Amen!!
    4 year old
    African American

    5 year old
    African American

  • Andy Laverne says:

    Hello Mr. Perry,

    My name is Andy Laverne, I’m a 14 year old boy and I’ve been acting for about four years now. I’ve gone to acting school since I was ten years old, and still currently attending classes to perfect my acting skills. I’ve also attended weekly auditions from time to time. I’d really love an opportunity to audition for your TV show ‘House of Payne’. Its one of my favorite shows, and It just cracks me up. I go to Tuft’s University Music School every Saturday and have concerts twice a year at the end of each semester. I’ve been taking piano classes, A Capella classes, and semi private voice lessons since I was 8 years old. Thank you!

    Andy Laverne

    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Eye color:Brown
    Hair: Black
    Race: African American

  • Kiyle Moore says:

    Dear Tyler Perry,
    M y name is Kiyle and I sing all day 24/7. I like singing songs like Change is gonna Come by Sam Cook , I have Nothing Whitney Houston. I am currently 17 years old and I would truly be greatful if I could be blessed with a spot. I love acting, and I know acting and singing is what I am meant to do.

  • Gina Cleveland says:

    Mr. Perry,

    Your work is simply phenomenal, and it would be a blessing to be apart of your productions.

  • Lakia Watson says:

    Dear Mr.Tyler Perry,

    My name is Lakia S. Watson. I am a Mississippian. Even though I am 31yrs of age, I look much younger and I am single mother of three. I am a happy go lucky person and believe in the Lord with all my heart. I have always wanted to act. During school I was in plays and also took up theater in high school..even though I wasn’t good with the vocabulary of theater I always made 100′s doing my performances. I also went to an academy for acting lesson with a friend that is known by many. I love joking around, being a single mother has it drawbacks in many areas. So I joke and play around with my children in different characters and voices just to put a smile upon their faces. I am a hardworker, willing to learn and I can dance, write poetry and I may be used to play a teenager or a grown up. This gave me some sense of accomplishment. I am 5’4, a red bone as some would say. I am slim built, brown eyes, I have naturally curly hair with a blended family. I am stepping out on faith to achieve my dreams. Thank you for your time, Sir.

  • ashley taylor says:

    hi my name is Ashley janae taylor and I am 14 years old.I LOVE TO ACT!!! I’ve actually grew up watching house of payne. Acting has been my dream, it would really be a true and a wonderful blessing if I was called in for an audition. Thank You!

  • William Andres Lopez says:

    Hello, Mr. Tyler Perry, I never knew I would have this opportunity to write you. I love every movie, stage plays and your comedy show meet the browns. I have no stage experience, but do know I got what it takes to be a first time actor and has the attitude to hard to be part of your movies/ shows. All due to my older sister, Chellsie, 20, and I’m 171/2 she brings an actor out of me. She’s funny and pleasure to her brother because she brings out the best out of me. I’m an actor at heart and love to make others laugh. I would like to prove to my sister that her ways has rubbed on as an actor and a singer that she was during her high school years. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you’s one day. God bless

  • Kimberly Dorsey says:

    Hello, Mr. Perry!

    Pray and hope that all is well…..I have had the opportunity to act in a few musicals, and a few plays. It would be an honor to share the stage with you, and your host of talented actors/actresses within your company.

    Thanking you in advance.


  • Ashley Hill-Jackson says:

    Hello, I was a bit apprehensive about submitting my photo, as it is not a professional head shot, and I do not have any formal training, but I people tell me all the time that I am funny, and so motivational. At this point in my life, I have been praying for doors to open that are meant just for me, and I trust God to do just that…even if this means not being chosen here..I know that I am destined for greatness.

    I am not sure who will read this, but I know that I have had many vivid dreams about being a part of this company’s productions, I have told only a few close family and friends about these dreams. I asked that God would please not show them to me, because I would get discouraged after them being so real, as compared to my current life..yet, it may be two more months down the line, and there Mr. Perry is again..giving me advice, taking me to his set, etc. I do believe that Tyler is led my intuition, and with that being said, that is why sometimes people we know nothing of shows up in his productions and go on to lead successful careers..all I can do it say, time will tell…Thanks, for reading!

  • Siani Boyd says:

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry
    I am a very good actress, I am in the 8th grade, and I live in Camden, New Jersey. I have played in a couple school plays. There are a couple of actresses that inspire me. China Anne Mcclain, Madison Pettis, Gabrielle Union, and Kerry Washington. In my spare time, I like to practice being an actress. I know it is very hard to do but I am willing to except the challenge. also, I watch a lot of Tyler Perry t.v shows, they seem to be having a lot of fun on the set. It would defiantly be a blessing to work for you and with you under your production company.

  • Hi Mr. Perry, we reside in Birmingham, Alabama and I originally from New Orleans Louisiana from a young girl.I am responding to you regarding my 10 year old whom is very gifted as a pianist and a vocalist since the age of 4. She lives and breaths playing and singing for different events including her recitals and it can’t tell you how many times she has watched your plays. We would love the opportunity to be apart of even a mentoring program you also may have for young new talent. Please take a look at her youtube videos at valaircurry youtube channel.


  • jamelia joseph says:

    everyone wants that chance to be famous but me I could care less about fame but I love singing and acting, now there are others that my have more experience than me but what I do carry with me is the ability the work harder than anyone and with so much love for performing I can never stop trying. all I want is a shot to show you what I a capable of and just maybe that shot will be all I dreamt of and more, but for now I wont stop searching for open calls, auditions and anything that I can show off my talent of singing and acting.

    thanks for your time.
    the dreamer from the Caribbean.

    • Donovan Flanagan says:

      u realize u said every one wants to be famous. Then turned around and basically explained that u want to be famous. -_- slap your self

  • Abe Applewhite says:

    I’m a hard working 33 year ol man. I would just like to be given a chance to make my grandfather proud.

  • Kizzy Evans says:


  • Mikayla Granberry says:

    Hi Mr.Perry,
    my name is Mikayla I’m 13 years old and I’ve always wanted to be an actress. Definitely because all of your cast members that have act for they have came a long way and that’s what I want. To go far. Also I do have experience I went to Barbizon Modeling/ Acting School and now I’m currently at John Casablanca. I will be so happy if I got a part in your show or any movie you do. Thank you

  • Jerry Woods says:

    Dear Mr. Perry/To whom it may concern,
    Hey! My name is Jerry, i’m 17 years old, and from Decatur, Alabama. I just want to start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of your work, and everything that you have to offer when it comes to producing, directing, writing, and starring in your films. I remember being around 7 or 8 years old, and being completely obsessed with ‘A Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ and then later on discovering your many other amazing projects. I love acting. I’ve never been more passionate about anything in the world. It’s something that i’ve always wanted to do, and something that I can only dream of becoming, a successful one at that. With me being from a small town in Alabama, we rarely ever get to have a chance at becoming known in the acting/singing industry, and I feel as if I tend to get overlooked alot of times because of it. I really feel as if I have alot to offer, and i’m definitely an upbeat, cheerful person who just loves make other people happy. I would be more than grateful at even being considered to become apart of your amazing sitcom. Anyway, I just want to say thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this. I hope to get a response back soon.

  • Hi!!
    I am a 16 year old girl. I love acting and modeling and would absolutely LOVE to be in a Tyler Perry show or movie! If you click on my name then it wil take you to my website. Please feel free to look at my resume and photo gallery and if you feel like I may be a candidate for this project then please don’t hesitate to contact me! I would love the opportunity to be in this show, in any role at all. Please let me know if this is at all possible, if it isn’t then I would just like to say thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my comment!
    Thank you,

  • Sakirah Oscar says:

    I am the 1 young black talented girl that you are missing

  • Niaal A'leece Whitfield says:

    Hey, My name is Niaal like the river (Nile) :)
    I stay in Atlanta GA..
    I’m 15 will be 16 April 12th WOOHOOOOOO Lol.
    Smart~awesome~unique~funny~and loud~
    Not scared to be in front of people & the camera .
    I love to Act~Model~Dance~and SHINE .
    camera ready (: ~
    My height is 5’6~
    race is~ African American & West Indian.
    I am just a girl that’s trying to make it to the top.
    I thought acting wasn’t my thing then later on found out it was ~
    If the shoe fits ill wear it lol =D
    EVERYONE that knows me knows i’m a sweet person and and can act good.
    I was taking drama class when I was in high school but I left to be home schooled so I can stay focused on my work & not stay focused on boys and girls that’s rude to me for no real reason lol~ but the majority of people LOVE ME~ I just really want to be on this show badly ~ My family and friends knows that I heart this show~ lol but anyways I think i’m perfect for this show because..
    1. I’m a great actress
    2. I can make tears race down my face ~ if I was to play a sad part.
    3. I’m not perfect but can do almost everything that is needed to do.
    4. I’m funny and fun to be around~I just light up the room :)
    Please choose me to be in the show pleaseeeeeeeeeeee lol it will just make my day to get a call from you all saying I GOT THE PART ~
    Have a bless day everyone .ByeBye

  • jakayla brown says:

    Hi my name is jakayla im 10 years old and I love to act and sing
    I have long brown hair and I love to watch Tyler Perry movies myfavoritet move is madeas witnesses protection my favorite tv show is
    love thy neighbor please look at my application and update me thank you for your time talk to you soon hopefully

  • Brittney Garcia says:

    Hi, I am Brittney Garcia, I am 13 years old, 5’4, black eyes, dark brown hair; shoulder length, light brown skin, and I am very hardworking. I put all my effort in everything I do and I am flexible with what I will be asked to do on set. I can be an extra if wanted. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • i am only 11 years old and me and my brothers josh and nathan we stay in a small poor town just last week my dad lost his job it has been 5 years since i’ve seen my mother we tell stories about how we always want to be an famous actor and nathan my 6 years old brother says how he wants to be a actor just like you and inspier people like you inspier me call me at this number 478-206-0324 or 912-690-1256

  • Michael Caine says:

    Mr. Tyler Perry my name is Michael Caine I am 13 years old from North Carolina and I would love to work in a film for you i have years of acting experience I went to Northwest School Of The Arts in Charlotte NC an majored in drama I was the lead in 2 plays when I was younger I was in a talent acting agency i’m 5’6′ and I have a good sense of humor and a hard work ethic which I beleive can carry me a long way but like I always say this is a one in a million oppurtunity but if you choose me i gurrantee you wont regret it

  • Lisa Elijah says:

    Hello Tyler Perry, I am a huge fan of your production till date. It will be my greatest pleasure to be in your plays. I love acting so much, just the idea of making a character come to life makes me happy. It will be a real dream of mine.

  • viviana marin says:

    Hi my name is viviana but just call me vivi LOL im 27years old . My height is 5″6 …weight about 190 lbs i always being interesting in acting since i was a kid but never had the opporrunity and i was so insecure but when i met somebody That make me realize that dreams can can come true So o said yeahhh why not give it a shot .i mean if of course you give me the opportunity Of showing you my talent in life i had gone through a lot of hard situations.crazy
    Or sad but a lot of joy.happiness. and beautiful things too …. i can make a lot of differenr roles at ones believe me LOL thats my personality veryyyyyyy dramatic. Romantic.crazy.outgoing.outspoken.hilarious by nature.have a strong temper. I laugh for everything.i like to make other peoples laugh and feel good about themselves! BONUS i can cry easily LMFAO believe me!!……all this mood swings and craziness will make me perfect for a movie or tv show! …..plus i am a fulltime mom and i enjoy all my 2 beautiful kids do … thats the best gift god can give you a CHILD! When you feel weak or sad they cheer you up ….that is my big treasure .. and i always thank god for having them in my life even do i used to suffer and cry a lot they come to my life to give the peace.joy.and happiness i always wanted!! :)

    This is the story of my life i hope it can help with anything or you can choose i feel very confident about myself …… PS: i watch all your movies and my favorite is madea because is like me when i get so mad jjajaja ……..thank you for reading this crazy stuff and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!

  • margaret acheampong says:





  • trinity shaniya simmons says:

    dear tyler perry,I am trinity shaniya simmons and is 11 years old.I look forward to doing great things in my life like,singing,acting,and even dancing.I have a granpa who I lost once it was heart breaking,if you would just give me a chance to make him proud of me I would appreciate it.also im a very flexible,gently little girl.I was born novemebr the second 2002.I love the way you act in madeas big happy family my mother loves that movie.Tyler Perry I was born a baby of jesus who will always look forward to foing big things like this (acting).

    *thank you so much for entertainment

    -love Trinity aka (trin-trin)

  • Kewaun Osborne says:

    Hi Tyler Perry my name is Kewaun Osborne I’m from hampton Virginia I have been pursuing a career in the acting business for a very longtime since the age of 8 I’m now 20 acting is my passion my dream it’s my life. It would me so much to if I got to be in one of your productions I’m a big fan. Please mr perry if your reading just give me a shot if I don’t get this I don’t what else to do I need this.

  • Elia says:

    Hello! My name is Elia Nouguez and I am Puerto-Rican/ Bahamian and I love comedy! I have watched and fell in love with all of the Tyler Perry Productions. I am interested because I love making people laugh.
    Age: 13 yrs
    Height: 5’1”
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Complexion: Tan
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Dusty Brown

  • Ethel "Lee" Cooley says:

    Hi Mr. Perry,
    I would love the opportunity to audition for “any” project that you’re doing! I am a minister with a wonderful voice. I am referred to as the Worshipping Songstress. I am trained educationally and professionally as a Social Worker, Counselor, and Human Services Consultant in the delivery of varied human services to a diverse population of individuals, families, and businesses. I am a dedicated, progressive, and energetic individual with a high level of interpersonal, writing, counseling, and communication skills. I hope to hear from you. May You Continue To Be Blessed!

  • Quintasha Swanson says:

    Hello Mr. Perry,

    I won’t be long but in the word of today’s youth “this is where it’s at” lol…My name is Quintasha Swanson and in case noone has said it to you today, I love you, just because I can.

    Now, back to business. You know it’s time for me to put College Park on the map and represent the BBW’s (Big Beautiful Women) of College Park and with your help, the sky is the limit. Give me a call so I can treat you to Big Daddy;s Dish on Old National for some oxtails, rice, lima beans and (cone) bread…lol.


    Hi their my name is Ramone Manfred I am 16 years of age i reside in Kingston Jamaica. I can be contacted at 876-372-2164/ 876-367-8658 OR ramonemanfred@yahoo.com/rmanfred16@Gmail.com. I would like to do more acting and to pursue my career into it i am willing to participate and i listen attentively and do my best at what i do for more information you can just please give me a call thanks alot. I was also in my school choir and i also represented my school in a modelling competition where i came 7th out of 37 different schools.

  • Pamela says:

    Hello Mr. Perry, thanks for the great opportunity to audition for your show. I am from South Khaki-Lhaki and would consider it an honor to work on your show which displays such funny content but has such rich and profound meaning. This definitely would put a new twist to my immediate career in education. Thanks for your consideration.

  • William Andres Lopez says:

    Hello Tyler Perry, my name is William, they call me Andres. I’m 17 years of age and love to be a clown especially while in class, at my senior trade CNA training school and while working at McDonald’s. I believe I’m naturally funny cause I’m always told I’m very funny and unpredictable at times. I would love to join on one of your shows to see what I’m made of. Never had any experience but I believe I have what it takes and prove to my family and friends that I gave it my all. I’m Hispanic and maybe can make the show extremely funny with my extant and in translation in Spanish.. Mucha Gracia que dios los bendiga!

  • Hello Tyler Perry,
    My name is Randi Harrison and I am interestered in becoming a casting member of your television show. On December 31st, 2013 I decicded to upload my first video on youtube and I currently have 2,616 views http://youtu.be/W-6lC04pQTg . If you could take the time out to listen to my video that would be wonderful. I hop we will talk soon.
    Thank You,
    Randi Harrison

  • Stephen Allen says:

    Hello Tyler Perry, my name is Stephen, im 46 years old and would love to audition for one of your shows especially since my nieces call my always Uncle Brown. I would love to play a roll as maybe a nephew are maybe a never mentioned son. Thank you and hope to see you soon.

  • Jessica Renee Morris says:

    My name is JESSICA MORRIS I am 5’2. I weight 106.. I really would love to be in one of your shows or movies.! I am 16 & I’m from Vicksburg,Mississippi. I set my goal high & I feel like I’m the person you need I’m very confident in myself & I feel like I can really You, myyself, & my family proud. I was in Get On Up & I Loved It & I want to keep acting. It gives me a good feeling, and I’m act it don’t feel like work it just feel like I’m having fun wen I do it, words can’t explain how I felt but I also want do stunts & go to school to do stunts. I will do my best if you give me a try & I will blow you way. I don’t have must experience but I feel like I have enough & I will take class if you feel like that’s what need I need .

  • Latavia Faulkner says:

    Hi Tyler Perry. I am a 41yr old single parent of a 22yr old soon to be College Grad. At this time I am looking for an opportunity to utilize my character and skills. I would like to present myself to you in a way that I can be an asset to what/whom you’re looking for in your filmmaking. I’m well liked by many and always the light of a room. I have a positive attitude and have always been a hardworking person. I do believe in accomplishing all that I want to be in life and never giving up. I hope you consider meeting, speaking, and giving me the opportunity to audition for the roll. Thanking you in advance.

  • Jeremy sims says:

    I’m 20 5″11 180lbs handsome and is currently attending acting class and would like to be apart of this show

  • amber garrett says:

    Mr. Perry,

    I have no acting experience other than my church plays. However, if you ever come across a role for a Forensic Psychologist or Forensic science, please consider me. I am currently in Grad school for Forensic Psychology. I will be done by the end of this year (Lord Willing)


  • Barris Coleman says:

    Mr. Perry, i have little experience in acting but if you choose me i will dedicate to make myself better. I am a 15 year old African american, i am very athletic and i am also very smart. I believe that i would be perfect for this show because i have watched many of your shows as well as your movies and I know what you are all about. Like i said earlier, i am very dedicated in what i do and i am also very funny and exciting!!

  • Donovan Flanagan says:

    Hello guys my name is Donovan Flanagan. I am 15 years old and i am very funny and nice with the ladies. Honestly Tyler is my inspiration and i love all of his movies and shows. Not to sound like a crazed fan. But i have an interesting background that i think the world would be interested in hearing. If I were to ever get this role in his show then i would ask Mr.Perry for something most people never ask for. I can act very well i am also a lady charmer. Im also very weird in good ways and i can make anyone laugh. I turn peoples worse days into great experiences and warm peoples hearts with my comedian skills. I alos have lots of experiences even at this age. Lets just say my dad always has to tell me to stop trying to grow up to fast. And that it isnt my time yet. I really think that u people dont even read these comments but i still wanted to try. Well have a good business Friday

  • Donovan Flanagan says:

    sorry i left out some stuff. I am only 5’2 and i am 15 years old. I have no acting experience besides school plays and making my family laugh really hard. No lie every where i go too i am told by at least 3 people that i am very handsome and cute

  • Jessica Roberts-Barber says:

    Dear Mr. Perry,
    My Name is Jessica Barber I’ve been wanting to work with you yes I was 15 years old.it was so much laughter and I gained a lot of understanding. To me it looks like you guys had fun and also sending out a very important message.Mr Perry I would love to work with you I’m a very funny person and I have a lot that I could share with young people my age. I hope that you will find it in your heart to let me be one of the six that’s able two audition for a play or a show whatever you have available I’m willing and ready to do whatever you allowed or ask for me to do. I’m 25 and I’m running for the Lord thank you Mr Perry for your Time.

  • Jessica Roberts-Barber says:

    Dear Mr. Perry,
    My Name is Jessica Barber I’ve been wanting to work with you yes I was 15 years old.it was so much laughter and I gained a lot of understanding. To me it looks like you guys had fun and also sending out a very important message.Mr Perry I would love to work with you I’m a very funny person and I have a lot that I could share with young people my age. I hope that you will find it in your heart to let me be one of the six that’s able two audition for a play or a show whatever you have available I’m willing and ready to do whatever you allowed or ask for me to do. I’m 25 and I’m running for the Lord thank you Mr Perry for your Time.

  • Armoni Williams says:


  • Pamela Hill says:

    Hi my name is Pam an I’m an aspiring actor with no previous experience but I am a natural born talent when it comes to acting. I have wanted a real chance at acting for a very long time now. No matter what I accomplish in my life time, I don’t feel like I will have reached that level of success until I’m able to live out my dream of being an actor. I am a big fan of Mr. Tyler Perry and the work that he does. I can relate to all his work whether it’s serious like “The Diary Of A Mad Black Woman”, comedy/a little bit of everything like “The House Of Payne”, or a really good love story. I’m just asking for a chance to showcase my talent.

  • Larry Duty says:

    It is more than a passion, but that of a calling to be an actor. I am a very fast learner, committed to the task given, and I am determined to be successful in this business.

  • Atiyah says:

    Mr Perry,
    I see that you have auditions for a new film, and a tv
    show. I would like to be an investment to you God’s
    willing. As we know your already blessed. Your given
    People a change at success to express them selves.
    I pray I am fortunate to receive favor as Easter.

  • Tametria Holmes says:

    Greetings, I am of age 20. The royal name given to me at birth, Tametria Holmes. I am an earth queen and with this opportunity given filled with gratitude I thank you. A queen isn’t just royal flash! But she is a leader of representation under Our Heavenly Father God. I Admire your mentality you have a BRILLIANT mindset Tyler Perry. Being raised by a God fearing woman my lovely mother. I have act in plays since the age of three :) A holiday filled with Easter plays, Christmas plays, & we can’t forget about thanksgiving Plays! put together to come as a unity under God. I’ve studied the art of different characteristics from multi cultural generations around the world. To strengthen my ability to perform outstandingly. My blessings to each of you that commented. God bless

  • Athenkosi Mlindazwe Arti says:

    My comment is that,please Tyler Perry,help someone from South Africa,make their dream come true,I am here,imagine the lives that you will touch if you help someone like me,I am ready,just reply to my email please.

  • Faith Miller says:

    Greetings Mr. Tyler Perry:
    First I would like to say it is an honnor to even have an opportunity to e-mail a comment to you. My name is Faith Tiyana Chelsie Miller. I am know by everyone else as Tiyana. I think that I wrote to you once before. I’m 17 years old and I live in Merrillville, Indaina. We are a township of Gary IN. My dream is to become an aspiring actress or fashion designer. I have had the opportunity to audition at several places. I think I told you this but I was selected by John Casablace to go to IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Scout) in New york for the summer. I am an fast learner, creative, out going, friendly, fun to be around person, but ost of all I am a hard worker. I love to learn about the other cultures. I’ve even learned to speak as the british do, sometimes is very funny when people ask me were I am from. I do it for fun and as a way to put myself in a different state of mind. I know that you thousands maybe even millons of e-mails, but I really love acting if you considered me I want let you down. If I just could had one chance to show you have much this really mean to me it would be amazing. Thank you for your time once again.

  • Tunile John says:

    hello Mr.Perry,
    I am a 24 yr old mom who is an aspiring actress. Although i have never landed a role , i am a good actress . i have done church plays and everyone tell me that i have potential to be an actress. I hope you consider me for one of these roles.

  • Sharnita Johnson says:

    Hi, My name is Sharnita Johnson. I love everything Tyler perry does, because mostly all of his projects are based on real life occurances. I will be 18 in may. I’m african American. Outgoing. Very funny. Kind of coutry too. I’m from a little county called mathews, it’s in virginia. If i ever got offered a role it probably be one of the best things that have ever happened to me in. I just want to live my dream, another thing that is big to me is getting my parents out of struggle. iknow being actress is probably really hard and stressful, but i’m willing to put my all into it. If i get this big break i would be so thanful, and i would definitely appreciate it.

  • Tameia Swinton says:

    Hi Mr. Perry,
    My name is Tameia Swinton I am 17 years old and first off I love House of Payne! I would love the opportunity to be able to act alongside such amazing people. I have a very enegetic personality and I believe I would be a good fit in the cast. Please consider me!
    Thank you,

  • Ashley featherson says:

    Hi you doing Mr. Perry, my name is Ashley Featherson I live in Memphis Tennessee I am not a professional actor but I am flexible, I love all your shows as well as your movies. I am 5’4 weight in at 120lbs I am a mother I work hard, i’m a very respectable polite young women. I’m Black African American. I would love A chance with working with you. I can relate to alot of your movies I came from a very dysfunctional family. But I love family, its nothing more important than spending time with the ones you love, I’m different I was the type that looked for love in all the wrong places. I love to be cute but I am also like to get down an dirty lol hahaha but I love playing sports I very goofy I’m a nice person and also have a mean side and love yelling thats due to my daughter I have to scream at her every now & then.. Well make that every other minute I love to laugh love horror movies love romance with some drama some that will bring a tear to my eyes as well as happiness. I prefer something old rather than something. Everybody deserve a chance and I hope I get mines:-)

  • Dorianna Gilbert says:

    My daughter Dorianna is 4 1/2 years old and love the House of Payne and will love to come out and audition for the show. She has been acting and modeling since she was a baby and very talented and had a cute little face.

  • Greetings Mr. Perry. I am extremely proud of your accomplishments and your use of my son, Dathan, in “Madea’s Family from Hell;” and your using all five of my sons on the “Unanswered Calls” funeral set in “The Haves and Haves Not.”

    If there is any room for dad, I’d be most honored and would show up for the casting audition in an ATL minutes.

    May the good Lord continue to bless you real good!

  • Ashley featherson says:

    Good Evening Mr. Perry its me Ashley Featherson again I wanted to tell you that I greatly appreciate what you have done I love all your movies and you are a very talented person. Keep up the great work:-)

  • McKelle "Kellz" Barksdale says:

    I am a comedian/poet/actor/rapper jack of all trades that has recently had the joy of winning overall comedian in the nationally accredited Actors Models & Talent for Christ 2014 Winter Shine event. I am 23 years old 6’1 and have an athletic build.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk9-ZuC-8tY&w=560&h=315

  • Leonard says:

    Im ready it’s, been a long time coming

  • Desiree Baynes says:

    Hi , Desiree snd I am 13 yrs old and I am an honor roll student , so if your looking for a smart , funny , shy-less , talented , and full of personality young lady , then Im your girl !

  • Dorothy says:

    l met Lawrence Fishburn once, I no that doesn’t qualify as acting but that’s the most famous person I’ve ever been close to, except Captain Kangaroo. You may say what is she taking about, well, I don’t realy have a point as to why I wanted to point those two facts out. I have done some acting I had two good roles, one was a judge in “Beware of the 2 Faced Sister” and the secretary in “Grease” a high school production. I can get audition tape.


    Hello, Mr. Perry
    My name id Rosa I’m not sure if you’re currently casting for anything but if so I would be very much interested in auditioning for anything I’m 26 years old height 5_6 weight 160 I’ve been trying to pursue a career in for as couple of years now but don’t really know how to go about it to get started I live in Chicago I mean we have like talent agencies but I don’t know like I’m not claiming to be the greatest undiscovered actress but I know I have talent cause if I didn’t I don’t think GOD would let me think about it add much as I do, if you don’t contact me I mean it’s fine I don’t even know what this website does I just seen other post you so I said what the heck it’s worth a shot. Rosarules1986@yahoo.com.

    Thanks for your time and GOD bless

  • andre says:

    Mr. Perry my name is Andre Luke i am a 16 year old boy originally from New Orleans Louisiana currently living in Georgia . I would love to have a chance to be on this show, and hopefully get my career started it only makes things better that this is my favorite show. This show always makes me laugh even when i was down and taught me allot and i would love to do the same for others i already am always making people laugh even when i am not trying too, and for me that’s great because i love seeing people smile and hear them laugh overall i love making people happy. I don’t really have much acting experiance but i catch on quickly you only have to point me in the right direction.

  • Ines Maria Alvarez says:

    Ines Maria Alvarez
    D.O.B: 08/05/1996
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 215 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    I am an actress very interested in working with you. Over the years, I have trained at specialized schools and camps in the United States and the Dominican Republic. In the latter, I performed in the best theatres and worked with one of the best Preforming Art groups in the Dominican country. With them, I have had the opportunity to work in various theatrical plays, short films and television commercials. I would like to be seriously considered for your project. I look forward to hearing from you; thank you in advance.

  • Jameer Fitzgerald (My son) is a 10 year old actor/producer/director/comedian

    Please take a moment and review some of his work totally produced by him. He plays all characters in his short clips.

    Kind Regards,
    Stuart Fitzgerald


  • Carmen Dempsey says:

    Hello Mr.Perry, my name is Carmen Dempsey i am 21years old. I was born in Philly but raised in New York. I moved down chester a couple of months before my 11th birthday and thats when my life went crazy. I really loved your show and movies.Your story on your life before you made it really touch me it make me kinda think about myself. I love experience new things and get involve more. Hopefully this can straighten out my life and make me become a better person. I would really love working with you and find out more how u change your life as a better person.. Thank you for taking the time out to read this and hopefully I hear from u.

  • Simon says:

    Age: 15
    Height: 5’10
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Weight: 145 Lbs

    About Me: Hi, I’m Simon. I am a 15 year old living in Alpharetta Georgia. I have set out on a mission, and this mission is simple…. what is this mission you may ask? I want to be an actor… an entertainer! Someone who leaves a smile on everyone ones face just due the eloquence of their voic. Someone who can turn a stressed white collar emloyee into a delighted joyful person everytime they turn on the tv and see my face.
    I would love for you to include me in your show… not just that, it would be an honor to know that someone outside of my family has faith in my acting abilities. That faith is what would help me strive to be the best I can be. It would be a privilege to be apart of this journey.
    -Thank you

  • Carmen Dempsey says:

    Hello Mr.Perry, my name is Carmen Dempsey I had wrote you before but I dont know if you got it or not. I just was hoping and looking forward to meeting you and working with you. Im 21 years old and I been through some crazy things. Im trying to get my life together by changing my ways n the people I hang around. I love acting because you can be someone else and sometimes I hoped i was. When i heard your story and how u change your ways and what you started from things like that give me hope for myself. I love your movies and plays they was educational towards me and thats why I love what u do because its inspiring towards me.. I hope to hear back from you soon and want to think you for encouraging me I dont have to have this life. I could have a better life for myself.. Thank you Mr.Perry for taking the time for reading this and for changing me.

  • porsha mosby says:

    hello my name is porsha mosby. Im a big fan of tyler Perrys movies and shows and would love to be apart of the upcoming shows or movies.. please contact me thank you

  • Richard Forbes says:

    I’m really interested in auditioning for a role in any movie. Im really good with people and I believe that I could go far in my career.
    I’m sorry I couldn’t post photos of myself, but if you decide to give me a chance, I will be more than happy to send them. Thank you
    I trust that you will help me put my talents and gifts to work and show everyone how much I can do.

  • Alaya Renai says:

    Hi My names Alaya. I’m 16 years old and currently living in Delaware. Being in one of your movies or shows have always been on of my long term goals and once i heard about this, I’ve decided to try and fulfill that. I love acting, singing, and having a good time. The past year has been rough, so hopefully i can have a shot at doing something i enjoy and make my family proud of me. Please get back to me. Thank you :)

  • Alva Kerns says:

    Hello Mr. Perry,
    My name is Alva Kerns, and would love the opportunity to be in your series. I did an extra in, “Daddy’s Little Girls” and had a wonderful time ! I’m not camera shy, I’m a people person and love meeting and talking to people ! I live one exit down from your studio. I’m not working and have nothing but time. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

    Alva Kerns

  • Jeffrey Thomas says:

    Being an actor or actress is a true gift, a talent. It something that should come as natural as possible so that the character being portrayed through the lens can directly associate with the person viewing. I feel that I have the talents and qualifications necessary to be a successful reappearing EXTRA. Conveying emotions through acting is an area I’m very interested in and I am currently pursuing this passion through being a EXTRA of “The James Brown Movie” . Many on the set have said I am a “natural” and have potential to go far in this business. I am a people person. I love to be around people and people love to be around me. Some have told me my personality is magnetic and that they are drawn to my genuineness. Smiling is contagious and I smile a lot. A smile is something everyone likes and I share plenty with everyone. With me what you see is what you get. I’m the real deal. I’m flexible and work well with others.

    • Hello I’ve always needed a way out and this is my second love first is god I just want to make a difference in the world and maybe change it a little small town boy with big ambition 843 992 5115

  • jacqueline villalobos says:

    So I have 2 dreams. To be a world known amazing actress and to work for tyler perry. I am very fit and am an actress. The problem is now adays they want skinny anorexic women. Besides being a fan of tyler perrys work for many many years I feel that he is the only actor producer writer ect, that uses fit actresses. Also I am latin and he doesnt have a latin actress in his work that he uses that I know of. I feel I would be a great adition to his show. Please contact me.

  • KAREN KABINE says:


  • Shawron Casey says:

    Hi, Mr Perry. MY name is Shawron Casey, I currently stay in NY with one family member too another. I don’t have my own place I Don’t have small children, so I’m available to up and leave at any giving moment to step out on Faith! I always wanted to Act :) I been n auditions but no call backs so I stayed home and took care of my two children who are now 23 and 20. I Pray that you Notice my name. God Bless and Thankx for this opportunity.

  • Joneisha Carmichael says:

    Hello, my name is Joneisha. I am 14 years old. I am a 4.0 student and last year I was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. I am the Lead Drummer in the percussion section at my school. I am very intelligent, passionate, strong willed, hard working, responsible and dependable. I am also open–minded, witty, friendly and kind–hearted. To add, I am trainable and disciplined, takes directions well, and works well with others.

    I am a very talented dancer and I am entering my 10th year of dance as of August ‘13. I dance ballet (pointe), jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip–hop, and acrobatics. In theatre dance, I have been in the Nutcracker: Lead Angel, Little Girl, Snow, Russian, Waltz; Aladdin: Jewel; Beauty and the Beast: Pepper; Cinderella: Pumpkin; and Little Mermaid: Horse. I have been very successful with my dance talent. My accomplishments are: 2014: Dance Masters of America (DMA) #33 Teen Miss Dance, Alabama Dance Council Summer Scholarship Winner (by audition only) to Dance Theatre of Harlem, Huntsville Ballet, and Southeast Alabama Dance Company, 2013: Teen Miss Platinum, DMA 1st Runner–up Teen Miss Dance, Teen Grand Championship Hollywood Vibe, 2012: Junior Miss Dance of America, 2011: Junior Outstanding Dancer, Junior Miss Platinum.

    I am also very athletic; I play basketball and I ran track. I can play the keyboard a little and I have a very nice voice. For more information, pictures, and a video, please view my webpage at http://www.exploretalent.com/joneishacarmichael2. Thank you for this opportunity to showcase my talent; I believe I would be a great asset to your organization. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Lisleymuchiri says:

    My name is Lisley Muchiri. I am 16 years old. I was born in African at a country called Kenya. I live in U.S know and I believe this is where I have way more opportunities to purse anything I want to purse. Someone I want to purse and accomplish is Acting. I have always had a passion for acting. My inspiration is Lupita Nyongo since shes a fellow kenyan just like me. I want to purse my dream in acting and try to reach to the top be the 2nd African after lupita to ever receive an Oscar. Please consider picking me Thank You .

  • Meghan "Megz" Morris says:

    Good afternoon Mr. Perry and staff,

    When it comes to talent and brains, I am your one stop shop. While I’m a hilarious character like so many, I have more to offer. I have a degree in PR and a minor in Spanish with experience in the media and business world. I have participated and been featured in commercials, plays and fashion shows. I also have experience in radio serving as an on-air personality and doing voiceovers. I do not have a story to tell that pulls at your heartstrings; however, acting is my passion and it will be my future. All I’m asking for is an amazing place to start. God bless!!

  • raymond mott says:

    I would love chance to be on the show house of payne And would give My all if given a chance i have been In stage plays before And loved it i also sing very well

  • Lamar williams says:

    Hello how are you doing? My name is Lamar and I am 20yrs old. I decided to enter the acting/modeling world because I am a very positive and social person. I also still have a baby face which makes me look 16 which is a plus.lol..I have taking professional acting classes and been in a couple Indie films. I would love to be a part of this project and I feel as though I could make it far if I get that break.

  • nicholas gillings says:

    Ever since i was old enough to understand your movie have always be an inpiration to me i often hope that one day i may be an inspiration to children like me who had be inspired by you

  • amber rayford says:

    I am more than interested in starring in any type of tyler perry movies shows or plays , I LOVE Them all and I am capable of fulfilling those positions ,
    Please review my application , Thank you very much ! (:

  • Andrea says:

    Hi my Name is Andrea Johnson im only 21 i was burned in a fire on my arms and chest in 2012. I would love to have the opportunity to show the world that you can still model and act and follow your dreams no matter what happens in life. God is very big in my life which is a reason i chose this adution. I would like to work with fellow christians and people who have struggled for what they want in life.
    If chosen for the position you wont be dissapointed!
    Email: andreajohnson107@yahoo.com

  • erika ervin says:

    Hi Mr Perry. My name is Erika. I have a 13 year old son who is very passionate about becoming an actor. We live in NJ but i have taken him on a few auditions in NY but they turned out to be scams. If God would bless him eith the opportunity to act in one of your shows to build his confidence and give him that experience im sure my son would do an outstsnding job! Thank you for your time Mr. Perry

  • Yes Mr.Perry like I’ve stated before I would love to work with you on any of your projects,, a lot your films and plays has helped me threw some hard times I’ve went threw in my life and the way you always make room for the lord in your work is very exceptional and it’s so inspiring and to be given the chance to work with you ,,,would be an honor and a privilege to work with someone as exceptional and multi talented as yourself

  • Ebony Robbins says:

    Hello Mr. Perry
    I’m your girl

  • Mikiah Bounds says:

    Hello, my name is Mikiah I’m six years old. Mr. Perry my mom took me to see your play and I loved it. Mr. Perry I love to sing and I love the Lord. I speak a little Chinese and I praise dance at my church which I love and I tumble and do ballet. I would like to be on your show and meet you.

  • Kathy L. Murray says:

    Hi Mr. Perry, My name is Kathy, I’m not going to sit here and say that I have any experience in acting, because I don’t. But to be an extra shouldn’t be that hard. So with God on my side, if it’s meant to be, it will happen. Thank You Mr. Perry.

  • Brittney Johnson says:

    Hey Mr. P I am a 24yr old african american female and I have my first son on the way in the next two months. I am so excited about being a mom but I am also aware that there will be an extra demand placed on me to be the best that I can be, not only for mysef at this point, but now for my son too. I have always wanted to be on a show/movie and I think that if God meant for me to do so he would want for me to begin on that path with someone who is already devoted to walking/living in his image, and so would I.
    I know that if given the opportunity I will grow to be a great actress and make both myself and my son very proud!
    Thank you in advance :)

  • Coralie says:

    In the Picture that i had send I am the light-skinned one. I’m 15. Mixed. I speak English, Spanish, French and creole. Although I am a American citizen, I grew up in Haiti so I have a cute accent. I can dance, act, sing and so much more. I could probably pass for 17 because I am 5’9. I hope you pick me for your movie.

  • Raqueal Holton says:

    Hi , Mr.Perry my name is Raqueal Holton , I’m 13 years of age. I love to act I’ve done numerous plays a school , I’m a cheerleader and also a stepper. I’m very high spirited and I’m very friendly I think I would make a really good act for your comedy

  • nazirah jones says:

    Hey mr perry my name is nazirah ima 12yrs old I would like to have the opportunity to work with you I don’t have no experiec but ima willing to learn. Thankyou mr perry

  • Damarrus Grant says:

    Mr. Perry, it would be an honor and a privilege to be a part of one of your productions. I am not a novice, I can really act. Please consider me for an audition. God bless you sir.

  • Neondria janice davis says:

    hello my name is neondria davis i am actor well i act in school . i am very funny and nice i love to laugh . i am hoping you pick not because i wont to be famous its because i wont people to see me for me

  • Marquise Yarbrough says:

    Hello! My name is Marquise, I’m 6″3, I weigh I 70 lbs, I’m 17 years old “Will make 18 on May 12″ I’m really Athletic, I’m in great shape “Workout 5 times a week” I’m easy to work with, I’m a fast learner, I will always try my best to be the best I can, Acting is truly a passion of mine something I really love to do, I guarantee if you give me an opportunity I want disappoint you or waste your time. So please contact me back.

  • Hi my name is raymond smith i was a rapper / cheater on jerry springer Episode called jerry springer show 12/31/13 i have a unique style in clothing better than mr brown im highly intrested plz contact me .

  • Hi mr.tyler perry my name is alijah my mom auditioned for you. ,you might not remember i no every single house of payne show there is plzz give me a chance.to audition i can promise u will enjoy what you see i have my unique ways but hey im different im 12 and have a attitude that u will love in your shows hay not saying i can boost ur scores up but get me a chance and yall see a difference

  • Tiara Harris says:

    IM 16 turning 17 in late august im a high sprited cheerleader ,besides cheerleading I also love to sing, dance and act I know in order to succeed in this world you have to go out there face your dreams I have a go getter attiude and would take Any chance to face my dreams . I also know that im not the best at everything I do but I will strive To the Best of my ablity if I can take any advice cheerleading gave Me through the 3years ive been on the squad is motivation, determination is the key to success and When u get the chance to prove yourself give it your all!

  • Depaul Nesmith says:

    Walking By Faith and Not By Sight

  • Nathan Houser says:

    Hello Tyler, would love to have a part in your movie, but I’m on medical leave, God Bless you!!!!!!

  • Mckaela Askew says:

    Hello tyler perry. I would love to have a part in you show/movie. Ive never been on tv but its my desired wish to be. I love to act Its my passion. If you just give me a chance I will not let you down. Im up for any challenges that you give my. I know how to play the piano and I can play a little bit of the guitar. I also know how to sing and dance. Im up for any part that you give me. But please just give me a chance. Ill do anything to get into one of your shows.

  • Zierra James says:

    Hi Tyler, my name is Zierra James, I am 16 years old, and I live in Paterson NJ. I am writing you this not to waste my time, and definitely not yours. I am young, driven, talented, and full of life. Singing and acting are my passions, my life resolves around them, I attend a Performing Arts Highschool in my town. It would be a dream come true and an honor to meet you, and an even BIGGER dream come true to work for you. I have many personalities that I can turn off and on whether it be on stage or the big screen. I also write plays, and would do anything to publish one, one day. I grew up watching your Madea films with awe, just so entertaining but at the same time filled with God’s grace and teachings, and still to this day I watch your new films, that have such a great meaning to them. All in all I am ready to work and make sure my dreams come true, I hope you see this and reply back. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Zierra J.

  • Andria Kiata Burton says:

    My name is Andria Kiata Burton and i’m 19 years old. I have always watched house of payne and always wanted to be on the show. I have never acted before but it’s something I really want to try and i’m willing too do what ever it takes. My Uncle travels with you and his name is Tony Hightower . I really want to do this and I will not let you down.

  • Justin Bell says:

    I am a huge fan. From the plays, to the movies. I love acting and singing, and have major experience in both. I would love to work for you. Please put me to work!

  • jennifer dillinham says:

    I see your movies all the time! your such an inspiration in my life! I am 18 year graduate who just had a child six months ago. I do work and planned on attend college. I would love to have an opportunity in life to show my son to go after your dreams and dreams to come true. I live on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii. Its seems like a beautiful place, but I would like to go further in life, and to succeed. this seems like a great chance that his father and I can give son a great opportunity. Please reply, my graces and prayers for you and your family as well! GOD BLESS! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  • Hey my name is Autumn Manning I’m 14 years old and I live in Georgia and travel to Atlanta alot! I’m hoping you consider me. Thanks!
    Height-5 ft. 7 in.
    Talents- Guitar , Creative Writing , Some Singing and I’m Funny.
    Thanks! Autumn Manning

  • Latifah Taylor says:

    Hello Tyler.. Wow its even a blessing to just post this comment to you… I’m moved by every play I watch of yours. My dream is to be an actress and I chose to see if I have the opportunity to even be in a play or show or movie. :) I can sing, I also dance, I’ve heard plenty of times I need to be an actress and I’m extremely funny its natural lol… I am a happy person and I don’t give up for anything as me saying that… I see it’s listed you are looking for older ages but I am 21 and I would be blessed to work with you… If any way possible. I thank you and you are truly an inspiration to me.

  • Hello and oh yea congradulations on the baby. I am a 44 year old bi-racial female 5 ’7 140 who looks dam good if i do say so myself and I DO. I have had the pleasure and also the mysery of raising 3 young black males ALONE I know right that is no news flash and pretty much puts me with the majority of the population at least in my culture. Anywho enough about me at least for now .I pretty much love almost all of your work House of Payne & meet the Browns being two of my favorite comedies on today. Back in the day Martin, In living color, fresh prince pretty dam good but your on the top of my choice list. Number one reason your S***t is real oh yea and also real funny really really funny. People always say including my kids how young I look and also how funny I am to be honest I’m not even trying this is the way GOD made me its natural. I would love to be on House of payne I could be like related to the Paynes came from Cali Im telling you I could write myself in just give me the word. If I could describe myself best I would say Wendy Williams funny/plus a little more flavor/looks my owne children call me Beyonce friends call me Miriah I just call me ME.. God Bless you and your family….. ps hopefully me to Im so tired of being broke I really think you would like me..

  • Qua'Shaun Brown says:

    Good morning Mr. Perry. I hope this messege reaches you in good spirit. My name is Qua’Shaun Brown and im 13 years old. It was always my dream of becoming an actor. My mom dont have much but she is a true believer in me and will support my dreams. My dad died when I was only 10 months old so my mom took on the role as my father as well. My dream of becoming an actor and making money started when I was old enough to realize what life is really about and seeing my mom struggle to take care of me and my little brother. I really want to become a wealthy actor to take care of my mom and brother. I dont want her to struggle no more. I want her to see that I can be that young man she is raising me to be. I dont have any experience but im willing to try and do my best. I even had people to tell me I look like a young Calvin..lol. Well Mr. Perry I will really really Love to have a part in one of your movies or plays so please please consider me for a part. THANKS IN ADVANCE

  • Good evening Mr tyler Perry:

    Thank you Mr Tyler Perry for such a great opportunity, without you leading the way by example this hole addition thing would be just a dream, but now to think about it, this is real! This dream of mine’s is actually happening because im writing you…smiles I just want a opportunity to live life the way I always dreamed of having..thanks you once again..you are truly a blessing!

  • Juwan M. Davis says:

    Hi I’m Juwan Malik Davis the first, I love acting and being on camera. I love making others smile and even though I joke a lot I have a lot of determination to better myself as a person and an actor. I moved to LA from Minnesota nearly 2 months ago for school and am only a part time student as of right now. I am 18 years old and I really hope you guys can consider me for a part, thank you and have an amazing day.

  • Alland Saint Jean says:

    Hi,I am 18 my name is Alland and i am very interested in getting on set and an acting roll on your new season. I have 7 years of experience in plays and theater,also was in a performing arts school & acting school. I am currently in a talent school where I am in singing,modeling and acting. I am a very talented actor and would love to audition for a part in your new season. There is a guarantee that you would not get disappointed if you give me the time to show you my talent

  • Ashley Walker says:

    Good Morning,
    My name is Ashley Walker and I have what it takes to be featured in your wonderful show, House of Payne. I am full of energy and I have the ability to make anyone laugh, even you! I love speaking in different voices and I am also able to mock different accents from other cultures. I believe that I am very versitile and up for any challenge you may bring my way. Thank you for your time and hopefully we can work together in the near future.

  • marvin jones says:

    looking for work in chicago area i am willing to travel recently just played a extra in the new show empire directed by john singleton i love what i was doing so now im looking forward to doing more i am open to new opportunities i am a fast learner & i work well with others hope to hear & work with you & your staff.

  • Eleasia Nelson says:

    - Hello Mr. Tyler Perry & his cast. My name is Eleasia & I am 20. Will be 21 in December. I can start off by saying im very goofy, funny, & full of enlightenment. A day never goes by without a smile on my face & everyone else’s around me. Im very outgoing & out spoken, but when its time to be serious, im very professional. I’ve actually wrote you before. I could tell you that i’ve been thru so much at so young, thats why my mind is so far ahead of my age, but im 1 of many people who has been & or is still going thru things in life. So whats my story to compare. I just learned that no matter what, i have to continue going because sitting around complaining or dwelling on it, wont get me anywhere. Becoming an actress is a career I passion for. & i know to do that i have to start off small. I promise if you give me the chance to prove to you that i can be 1 of your best, you wont be disappointed sir. Thank you for this opportunity Mr. Tyler Perry. Hope to be apart if your family soon. :)


    Hi Tyler Perry your my idol your the main reason why I haven’t gave up on becoming an actress I have a movie that I would like to tell you about and i’m sure you will take off from there. I’ve dreamed of being in a movie with you for so long and I hope and pray to get the chance i’m from Miami Florida and have struggled through the years to have the funds to pay for pictures and pay extra money to actually start acting but I won’t give up just yet i’m gonna keep trying until I reach you I’ve wrote Ellen, Maury, You and Oprah and still no luck yet so hopefully one day someone will hear my cries.

  • Ashanti Harris says:

    Not really saying much but I am a 15 year old female from atlanta ga who haven’t really had the good lifestyle . Trying to pursue her dreams of someday being on the big screen and people finally noticing the good in me and not the bad . I’m just a misunderstood person trying to make light of a good opportunity

  • I will travel. My comp card in on my website above.


  • Courtney King says:

    I am a 15 year old African American slim, and tall. I would be more then honored to be on one of your television shows. Your movies are simply a “go to” and it would be a true blessing if i were able to say i was apart of it.

  • shermaine guidry says:

    Hi, I am a very enthusiastic and dedicated young woman looking to fulfill my dream of entertaining. To be a part of this particular show, would not only move my soul, but inspire me and soo many others! This is a dream that will never fade away. Praying that I would be blessed to bring my talent and personality to a very peculiar project such as this one. I was made for this! You are an amazing inspiration!

    Thanks in advance!

  • dane Alston says:

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry

    I am one of your inspired fans of all your projects. Watching your films and tv shows have a great impact of how my life has been in the past. I had a vision that I sleeping on your lawn waiting on acting as an extral in your tv show. I found myself laughing throughout the night and when I woke I decided to apply for a casting role. God works in mysterious ways. I am a natural because of experience in my life experiences and I am an inspiring comedian. Please consider me for an audition because I believe in my calling. Thank you

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