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Boy Meets World is going to have a spin-off series named Girl Meets World according to Disney. The show will focus on the daughter of Cory and Topanga, who is named Riley Matthews. In the show Cory and Topanga will also have a son named Elliot. Boy Meets World aired from 1993 to 2000 and took viewers through Cory’s roller coaster adolescence and ended with him and longtime love Topanga getting married and moving in together and Disney is planing on continuing the series.  The executives in charge of these Disney auditions have given the breakdown for several characters, one being Riley Matthews, 13-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga, and Maya Nolastname, her Shawn-esque BFF. The pilot for Girl Meets World will begin shooting in February 2013 and this is your opportunity to be on a hit TV show on the Disney Channel.

The pilot episode will be written and executive produced by Michael Jacobs who was the executive producer for the original series. Girl Meets World would feature. Girl Meets World will focus on the preteen daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews—the soulmates played by Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, who starred alongside Rider Strong as BFF Shawn and William Daniels as the ever-present teacher-slash-neighbor Mr. Feeny.

The casting directors at Disney are now taking applications and holding acting auditions for not only feature roles but several extra roles for the pilot that is set to begin in February. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring actors or fans of the original show. If you are interested please submit your information along with a brief resume and headshot. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting dates and times and as always leave us a comment on what you think about the Boy Meets World spin-off.

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    I loved watching Boy Meets World and was sad when it went off air. This sounds like a great opportunity. I would love to be an extra on this sequel.

    • Victoria Wakefield says:

      Hey :D I am Victoria and acting is all I want to do in life. I go to Douglas Anderson School of the Arts for musical theatre. I take singing, acting, and dancing daily. I have been in many musicals and plays and I am very interested for the role of Riley. I am 14 years old but I am mistaken for 13 everyday if my life. I am driven to do acting and I will work hard all of my life to make my dreams come true.
      Height: 5’3
      Weight: 96
      Eye color: blue green
      Hair color: very dirty blonde to a dark brown
      Hair length: right past my shoulders
      I have wavy hair
      Skin color: pale to medium
      I have the personality of Riley and i have been acting since i was 5. Please consider me :D

    • kalee says:

      Hi I’m kalee I’m going to be 13 in a month I love acting and its my dream to act
      I’m 5’5
      Eye color: blue
      Hair: light brown and long and curly
      Very wanting to be riley I’m her age and much like her
      Please consiter me!!!!

    • Cheyenne McQueen says:

      Hello! My name is Cheyenne and I am 17 years old. I am a cheerleader and extremely bubbly. I have been in school plays and I love talking and having fun and I am hoping someone notices me. I have been told I have a warm, sweet personality. I am African american and 5’1. I would be captivated if you would consider me for a role of any kind. I have no professional experience, but all I need is a chance. Please and thank you.

    • Daiyonah says:

      I’m daiyonah Hendrix I’m 9 was born to dance sing and act I love Disney channels and I will give u my info

  • Katie Watts says:

    Words cannot even begin to describe how badly that I would love to have a part or be an extra for this sequel of “Boy Meets World”. I have had many ups and downs throughout my life, and watching the show “Boy Meets World” always helped me get through a lot…whether it was through laughing my head off or feeling like I can relate to certain situations that the characters would go through. I may not have experience, but I am a very determined and motivated person coming from a place that is very empty with little to no opportunities to partake in. It would be an honor to even be considered for any part in the show and I would be extremely grateful for any chance that I may have to be considered to be on Girl Meets World.

  • I am seventeen years old, but can look the young part. As requested, I have attached resume and head shots. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Raven Minnick says:

    I’m so happy that this show is going to happen! Boy Meets World was amazing!! And I would love more than ever to be an extra in this new series!! Girl Meets World,, I can’t wait.

  • Megan Kistner says:

    i know every episode and can say every line in every episode. haha. lol

  • Megan Kistner says:

    i would be more than happy to be in this !! Cant wait !

  • Carissa says:

    I am twenty years old and I know it is much older than you are looking for but I am short and petite! I have been told that I resemble Topanga a lot and could possibly be what you are looking for! I am currently a college cheerleader with a bubbly and happy personality. As I said I am short and petite with long dirty blonde hair, green eyes and look very young for my age. If you have any questions or are interested let me know!

  • Megan Kistner says:

    Oh my goodness ! I would love to be in “girl meets world” I can not stop imagining me being Riley Matthews :) I remember telling my sister “if I were to be in any tv show, it would be boy meets world. Too bad it’s not on any more.” And this is perfect for me. I would be delighted to be in this tv show playing Riley Matthews.
    Thank you, Megan R. Kistner :)

  • Griselda Vazquez says:

    I am only fifteen but I love boy meets girl my mother would always watch it and my siblings and I grew up watching the reruns I know every episode by heart. It’s funny because about a year ago my family was talking about how wonderful it would be for a reboot show to air. It would be great to be part of such a great sitcom.

  • LYDIA says:

    my name is lydia. i am 20 years old, petite long brown hair. would love an opportunity to play a part on the show. i grew up watching re runs of bmw. email me with more info please at thankyou so much!

  • Caroline Reid says:

    Hello! My name is Caroline and I would love to be an extra for this pilot! I have watched the show Boy Meets World for a few years every morning on ABC and I love it. I would hope that you would consider me for a part! Thank you!

  • Jordan Caron says:

    i would love to play Riley Matthews or Maya Nolastname
    Name:Jordan Caron
    Age: 12 years old( but i look 13)
    Hair color: light brown and long
    Eye Color:green blue
    Plus: i look like ben savage (cory matthews)

  • Playing the role of Riley or Maya would be a dream come true! I’m thrilled Girl Meets world is happening :)

  • Courtney V. says:

    Boy Meets World was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid,l. Everyday when I wake up I watch the reruns on tv. I think it is such a good idea to make a sequel ‘Girl Meets World.’

  • Abby Martin says:

    It would be an honor to be part of the cast of the sequel to my favorite show growing up as a child. I’m extremely outgoing and energetic, and I love performing. Please consider me!
    Abby Martin

  • Jamie Dodich says:

    My name is Jamie Dodich. I am 21 years-old, which I know is a little older than you are looking for, but I’m also 5″2 and have a very small, athletic frame. I’m often mistaken for being much younger than my actual age. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t also make myself appear to be older as well. Boy Meets World was my favorite show growing up in the 90′s. I even rewatched the entire series a couple of months ago. Ever since I was young I’d dreamed of what it would be like a be a part of the series and now that the chance is open I could not pass it up! Please consider me for a role on the show. I’m a quick learner and very dedicated. You won’t be disappointed!
    Thank you for your consideration,

  • Tara Feeley says:

    Hello, My name is Tara Feeley. There are very few things in this world I love more than Boy Meets World. Growing up it was the only television show I watched. As soon as they came out I bought all 7 seasons on dvd and I still watch them religiously to this day. Although I was young when the show was originally on tv I believe that I owe a big portion of my growing up to this show.I learned lessons from Boy Meets World that no one else would have been able to teach me. I have seen every single episode countless times but every time I watch them I always find and get something new out of the experience. In addition to loving the show, I also have a passion for acting. I have been doing musical theatre since I was six years old and have training in acting, singing, and dancing. I have light brown hair, blue eyes, and a young face. But more importantly, I have a love for Boy Meets World that I think would be beneficial to be kept alive in Girl Meets World. I recognize that this is going to be its own show & I would love to help create it with the same integrity that Boy Meets World had. I honestly believe a better opportunity will never arise, so I hope I can advantage of this one.

  • Alysia says:

    My mom watchs this show every morning before we go to school. I love the show and think it’s awesome that it is coming back. It would be a great opportunity to play Riley Matthews or just have the chance to be cast. I’m 14 years old, 5’4, long brown hair and blue eyes. I have often been told that I’m random and that is what makes me, me!

  • Carleigh Applegate says:

    I found out about this new show THIS morning. I was really excited and when I found out about the sequal was watching ‘Boy Meets World’ LAST episode. Isn’t that strange? I really want a shot at auditioning for either Maya or Riley. My favorite character from ‘Boy Meets World’ was Topanga. How could she put up with Cory? My favorite guy was Shawn because I had a crush on him even though I’m 13 and he is how old by now? I’m not calling him old, I’m just saying he is a lot older than me. Anyway I a super excited for this show if it does air on Disney. I will totally watch, or if I get the chance, be in it.

  • marta garcia linares says:

    Hi my name is Marta im 14 years old and im from Spain, but i’ve been learnung english for 10 years. I have waivy brown hair and green eyes. I would love to be on this show so please choose me

  • Anya Rochelle says:

    Hi My name is Anya Rochelle! I am 21 years old but I look like I am 13 or 14 (4’11 tall) and that’s a plus in this industry! I can work longer hours! I have been watching Boy Meets World since it came out! I have seen every episode and know the show well. I have wanted to be on tv since I was a little girl! I have been acting for 2 years now and have an amazing, legit acting coach. She has done many projects as well. I have done a few indie films and short films. Acting is my passion! This show is exactly what I see myself in…a 13 year old girl trying to figure out life. and since iv already been through the teen years, I could really connect and understand what Riley or Maya is going through. This is my only career and I’m working as hard as I can to reach for the stars! Pick me Pick me! You will not regret it! YOU CAN FIND ME ON FACEBOOK! and through email I can send you my headshot and resume!


  • Tatiana Marquez says:

    Hello, my names Tatiana. I would love to play the part of Maya! I’ve read a few things about her and I love her character so far. I’m 13, 5’5, a fast learner, and a detected worker. Being apart of this show would mean the world to me, because I love BMW. I haven’t had any thing serious, other than a few school plays, but this would be a great opportunity. Thank you for your time and consideration, bye.

  • lana abdul says:

    Hi im Lana, im 16 years old, around 5’3 and about 130IBS. I would LOVE to be part of this experience! Ive watched every single episode of Boy Meets World more than once, and still record it until today! Im a junior in highschool, and have been in theatre since freshmen year. I am now in advance theatre and advance technical theatre. I just finished acting in the school play Antigone, and really enjoyed the wonderful feeling of being on stage and acting! Ive been acting since 3rd grade, when I was “discovered” at target and did a mcdonaldsaudition, and axtually got a call back, but unfortunaley my parents didnt let me continue. Biggest mistake ever. I would really love to be partbof this experience even if its as an extra. Hope to hear back from you guys!

  • Arianna Muccio says:

    Hi i’m Arianna Muccio and i would LOVE to play Riley. Acting has been a dream of mine since i was a little girl. I feel as if this is the PERFECT role for me. i have taken part in several school plays and to get the part as Riley would be a dream come true. I am 15 but could pass as 13, i have brown hair and light brown eyes and i am 5’3.

    Thank You.

  • Emily Flosi says:

    I have been looking for a role to go out for and the part of Riley sounds like a lot of fun. I am 13 and 5’2, I weigh 91 pounds, I have golden blonde hair and hazel eyes. I have taken part in a lot of school plays and commuity plays but have always been interested in pursuing a movie and TV career. I have a bright personality and I think that this role would be great fit, even though I’m only 13, I am mature for my age and very easy to work with.

    Thank you, I will be getting a resume together to submit soon but I dont have one available at this moment.

  • Abigail Person says:

    Boy meets world is the show I grew up with. I have been in school plays. I am a choir concert soloist which means I can sing! I’m 5′ 3 and 13 years old. I hope to be able to audition somewhere around Massachusetts. I don’t just want an audition because I want to meet the old cast members. I actually want to act. I am extremely mature and love fun. My school work would be adjustable with this career. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Chelsea Bentley says:

    My name is Chelsea Bentley. I am 5’3, athletically built with a small frame. I appear much younger than I actually am although I am twenty years old. Because of my age, I am very familiar with “Boy Meets World” and to this day become giddy with excitement when I see reruns.
    I auditioned in front of Phil Lewis for Disney’s Celebrity Actors Camp last Spring in Providence, Rhode Island and did not only receive a call back but Lisa, the director, offered me a scholarship to attend. Unfortunately I was attending school and did not have the funds to pursue my dreams.
    I’ve been interested in acting since I was a little girl and grew up aspiring to be like Danielle Fishel, involved in such a production that was influential for so many years.
    I would appreciate being considered for any main, side or extra roles still needed. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile that demands all attention. I have a very outgoing, bubbly and witty personality with the stamina of the Engergizer Bunny.
    I’d like to share the rest of my resume and get some more information on the upsoming “Girl Meets World” so email me please!
    You will not be dissappointed!
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Chelsea Bentley

  • Jillian says:

    Being on Girl meets world would be a dream for me! I am 14 and have seen every episode. Riley Matthews would be the perfect character for me and i would be so honored! I have curly dirty blonde long hair! i look like a mix of corey and topanga! how do you fill out something for an audition???

  • Katerina says:

    I have seen some of the shows of boy meets world and I loved them! I am 12 turning 13 in May. I don’t have acting experience but it has always been my dream. I will cut my hair or do anything to act.:) I have brown hair and I am a light skinned mexican. I am about 5’2 , slim and I weigh about 110 pounds. I would love to play the part of Maya, Riley’s best friend. I could work any hours I need to.

  • Anna Huston says:

    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 100lbs
    Hair: Chestnut
    Eyes: Blue/Green
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    I will be famous. Be the reason.
    Agent phone number: (703) 973-4421

  • Alexis Vasquez says:

    I would like to be considered as Riley for Girl Meets World because I love the show Boy Meets World. My dad and I watch it ever morning on ABC Family, and we also have almost all the seasons. We have seasons 1,2,3,4,and 7. I have been in many plays in my hometown Silver City, and love to act. I am 13 years old. My favorite episode is “Chick Like Me,” I think Cory is so funny when he dressed up as a waitress. I know you have many young ladies to choose from and I hope I am considered because I would love to be part of this show. I weigh 75 pounds, I have brown hair, and brown eyes. Please consider me for Girl Meets World. Even though if I am not chosen, I cannot wait to see the show. I would also like to say the Eric and Cory are my favorite characters because they are very corky and crazy. Thank You for your time and appreciate you took the time to read this.

  • Savannah Hemstreet says:

    Name: Savannah Hemstreet
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 130
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dirty Blond/Light Brown

    Hey, I’m Savannah and I’m like every teen out there with high ambitions and huge dreams. Which you probably get by the thousands, but it doesn’t faze me much! My dream is to pursue a career in the arts. I take a strong passion for my singing (which has been apart of me since the beginning) and my guitar playing. I’ve also have been playing sports most of my life too. Sports as in, Competitive softball and high school basketball. So I have a strong understanding to what commitment and giving full effort actually is. Also since my personality is bright as the sun I would be fairly easy to work with and would give my all. Being on this TV show would mean that I would learn the aspects of being behind the camera and also learning more about myself and my abilities as a person. Anybody could say that they really want this, however, I will put in my full cooperation and ability to get the job done.

    Thank you so so much for taking the time to read this. And I hope to hear from you!

  • Jashawn Myrick says:

    I would like to play because I am a great actor just ask anyone i’m 14 just trying to make it in television because I have to wait 3 years to go to hollywood please call me or sende a email

  • Jesse Martinez says:

    Well I’m Jesse Martinez just turned 16 of this month. I would love to audition for ANY male part of girl meets world. To be honest I had just starting acting in my 15s but I go to private acting classes every other week and make good progress. I’ve been a big fan of boy meets world and would like to carry on the generation. Just any chance of reading or something would be nice thank you.

  • Leenie and Crystie says:

    Hi my sister and I would like to audition for “Girl Meets World”. Our mother has given us permission.

    AGE: 16 [looks 10 - 15]
    ETHNICITY: Caucasian [White/Latina/Native American]
    HEIGHT: 5ft 2in
    WEIGHT: 90lbs
    HAIR: Light brown
    EYES: Color changing [Blue, Green, Light Hazel]
    COMPLETION: Light Olive
    EXPERIENCE: School plays, short films, and singing/dancing for school
    PERSONALITY: Outgoing, Serious, Quirky,
    [Photos available upon request]

    AGE: 14 [looks 10 - 15]
    ETHNICITY: Caucasian [White/Latina/Native American]
    HEIGHT: 4ft 11in
    WEIGHT: 80lbs
    HAIR: dark brown
    EYES: Color changing [Blue, Green, Light Hazel]
    COMPLETION: Light Olive
    EXPERIENCE: School plays, modeling, short films, and singing/dancing for school
    PERSONALITY: Mellow, silly, outgoing, energetic, attentive
    [Photos available upon request]

    Contact our mother/agent at ( )

  • Alyssa Queen says:

    Hi ! I would love to be apart of this experience in starring as Maya. I don’t have any experience at all , but I guarantee that I can impress. :)

    Ethnicity: Latino/ African American
    Height : 5’6
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin color: light skinned

  • Doris says:

    Hi! I would LOVE to audition for any part in the series, but how can I do online.
    PLEASE help me

  • Jillian Heller says:

    Hi, I am thirteen and would be interested in the role Riley or Maya. I am very thin but porportional and I am five feet tall. I have brown hair and green eyes. I am with Schuller Talent and has been acting since I was seven. Boy meets world is my favorite series which I was watching five minutes ago actually, i heard about this and I have been day dreamung about it since then. Thanks.

  • Holly Hradecky says:

    Hello my name is Holly Hradecky and im more than interested in audition for the part of riley. I do a lot of acting and a ton of dancing. Its all I want to do in life and having the opportunity to do it on the spin off of boy meets world would be amazing.

    Ethnicity: white
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 120
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown

  • Dy'Amond says:

    Hi , I’m Dy’Amond and i would love to be Maya Riley’s best friend. I want to be an actress . I think I would play the perfect part of Maya. Riley’s best friend. I take pride In my work and I am ready for any obstacles that might be in my way. I would love if you could email me. !

  • Marina M Williamson says:

    Marina 28 years old 4’9 petite. I live in Santee, ca. I was born in St. Petersburg Russia but lived here 20 years but sadly no I don’t speak Russia. My background is music but I want to try acting so please give me a chance to try this. Boy Meets World was a show I loved even though I was too old to watch but I still watched it when I was an adult. Watching it and being even in the movie is even better. Director producers I’m creative, fun,funny I can try anything

  • Hannah steere says:

    Hello, my name is Hannah. My birth date is October 21, 1999. I have dreamt about being an actress my entire life. I have blond hair, blue eyes, I weigh around 130 lbs, and I am 5’7, almost 5’8. I am a seventh grader in louisville, Kentucky. I have done multiple shows, including ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Grimms Fairytales, an extra in Big, and I haven’t yet received my part in Mulan. I really enjoy acting, singing, dancing, and drawing. Please contact me if you have any other questions or think I would be good for this part. Thank you for taking the time to look this over. ~Hannah

  • anna says:

    I’m Anna. I would be absolutely ecstatic to join you in a film. Some say that the best actors/ess are the ones with little to no experience and I can definitely qualify myself in the category. I’ve always thought it would be so awesome to be in a movie, even it if were a very small part or even just being an extra. Though I’m a shy person i come out of my shell very easily once i know the people I am around are nice and wonderful people. I love movies, as do many people. I love taking risks in life. I don’t fear life and I take it day by day. I’m 21, 5’4, blonde/brown hair, and about 125-130lb I don’t really keep up with it. I’ve been told throughout my life that I should get out of my shell and jump into something new. I’ve always settled to continue in my comfort zone. To be in the same town, around the same people, with the same school, and the same job. Though I’ve recently moved for school, so that is a start. I feel that I have a strong personality and I just don’t know how to let it shine, so maybe something big and new would be just what I need to let the world know who I really am and can be.

    Not to mention, Boy Meets World is one of my all time favorite shows. It’s fun, funny, corky, and has good story lines along with it!

  • Maritza says:

    I would absolutely love to be a part of this. I have taken acting classes, and I think I am ready for any role you give me. Acting has been my passion for a long time, and I would be fine with any role I am given. I will work as hard as I have to. But please consider me. I sent my application ahead, and hope you give me a chance.

  • Eileen says:

    Hi!the application didn’t let me send the resume so ya well i love acting for one thing i did a lot of recitals in elementary.I really want to persue my dream as an actor to me it is just so amazing like every day i think to myself imagine me an actor.I talk to my sister lots about it she says i have potential. I truly madly adore acting its something i have always wanted to do.

  • Brittany says:

    My name is Brittany. I am 13 years old and I am interested in this role. I had experience with modeling more than acting by doing auditions and being in a Performing Arts School. I enjoy acting and modeling. When I act I feel like I can relate to this character so bad that I feel it being me in real life. When I model I love it because I feel free and where people can can see what I love and enjoy to do. I believe if you love it and really want it, than go after it and that is my goal I’m going for no matter what. Because if you don’t enjoy it or love it how do you expect to do this for your career. That is why I think of this in my head when doing something new. It really helps. That is why I think I should play in this! Also time is money and I am all about that because I believe hard work pays off.

  • misty garcia says:

    I am 12 years old I hope to achieve my jeans becoming a professional actress I have light brown hair brown eyes I was born in 2001 February 13th I’m very interested in auditioning for this program i am tan 4-11 is my hight I am very fun to be around my friends say that the best rate hopefully my jeans will come to you can contact me at 5039951413

  • Savannah Mean says:

    Hello, I’m Savannah. I am 12 soon to be 13. I am an asian girl. I am 5’7″. I am a dancer and would love it if you would consider me for a role in this show. I would very much appreciate it.

  • Jonathon Alvarez says:

    Hi my name is Jonathon Alvarez i am 13 yrs and this is my dream to be an actor/singer I been wanting to be on this show ever since I saw boy meets world it will make the happiest guy in the world for me to be an actor I’m very good at it my theater arts teacher told me I was to so please cast me I won’t let y’all down I promise my phone number is 361-687-8857

  • estrellita hernandez says:

    Hey i want to make the casting and have a role and make this show on tv the best and i will try my best to be the best actor and make my dream come true thanks for this opportunity

  • Alisha Lusk says:

    Hi! I’m Alisha. I loved boy meets world, so I’m positive that this show will be just as wonderful. I am extremely interested in becoming an actress and being on this show. It would be a once in a life time oppurtunity. I have been told that i am a fantastic actress. I love to sing, dance, and act. I have been performing ever since I can remember. I do not currently have any headshots, but i do have a youtube account with many videos of my cousins, my sister and me. If you go to and type Alisha Lusk in the search box and then click on the picture of a boy and a girl(the girl is me, but it is not a very recent picture), do not click on the picture of the creepy lady that is below my icon ;). Thanks for watching them. If you don’t like them please leave me some comments of what I can do better, thanks! :) My age is 14, but I can look anywhere from 13-16 years old. I have light brown hair. I have brown eyes too. I am 5’8″. Also I can impersonate any voice after I hear it, so I can create the perfect character that you have in your head. Thank you so much!

  • i am looking for my big break after years of dreaming to be on tv doing what i love would be amazing. I’m 15 and i live in London however i will be in the us from 24th June 2013 I have preformed at “The Beck Theater & Ryan Theater” Have auditioned with “Celebrity Talent Academy” and had call backs. i always loved watching boy meets world reruns and i would love to be apart of this twist of it sounds so fun.
    i will also be in fort lauderdale Florida and los angeles California 90046

  • to be in a show with such talented actors is a dream come true but for now you can also contact me on 02084298121 or 07799230772 as i live in London for now

  • Nevada says:

    Hello my name is Nevada, I have submitted various applications for this show, I have had experience before and I feel this is my chance, even to only be an extra.
    Wght: 203
    age: 12
    ethnicity: 1\2 Hispanic 1\2 white
    hair color: dark brown
    eye color: brown.

    This would mean the world to me to get this job. I am willing to do it for free aswell. Thank you!

  • Lucy Lee says:

    Hi! My name is Lucy Lee and I’m a Korean.

    I am 15 years old and I have a slim body.

    I am 5’7 and I weigh 114 pounds.

    I really want to be a part of this show!

    I have had many experiences in acting.

    I have been in school plays such as Bye Bye Birdie and Charlie Brown.

    I will work harder than anyone and will act my best at any role.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

  • Paige says:

    Hi my names Paige I’m 15 I live in London , UK so I was wondering how I could audition I love to act and sing and have a laugh I’m an easy person to get along with I would love the chance to show everyone what I got and entertain viewers watching, if there’s anything else you would like to know please email me.Thanks
    Brown hair
    Greenish bluish eyes
    Height 5’1
    Would be willing to dye my hair if needed or anything else needed to get on the show.

  • Cheyenne Comer says:

    Hello, my name is Cheyenne Elizabeth Comer and I’m from Bay City, Michigan. I’m a 19 year old college student at Northwood University Business School studying Fashion Merchandising. I am also a cheerleadeer and have been for the last 8 years. When i was younger i did some modeling, but as i got older, it became more expensive, so i wasnt able to continue. I have loved the show Boy meets world since it first came out and still watch re-runs everyday. It would be so awesome to be able to be a featuring role or even an extra on this show.

    AGE: 19 [looks 15 - 17]
    ETHNICITY: Caucasian
    HEIGHT: 5ft 1in
    WEIGHT: 105lbs
    HAIR: black (tend to change quite a bit)
    EYES: brown
    EXPERIENCE: modeling, dance and cheer
    PERSONALITY: I can be mellow, silly, outgoing, energetic, attentive, and can also change within enviornment

  • Julia East says:

    Name: Julia East
    Age: 15
    Weight: 130 lbs (can lose if needed)
    Height: 5’6″
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Gender: Female
    State: Indiana
    Birthday: January 24, 1998
    Why i would like to join the cast: I have been acting since a very young age and it is my biggest dream to be casted on TV or in a movie. I have been in plenty of theater productions, school productions, college films, theater classes, and more. I am the type of person that is easy to get along with and loves to socialize, but is serious when it comes to working. I am determined and i don’t stop trying. I am easy-going and a good listener.
    Hope to hear from you soon, thankyou

  • Sierra Brandt says:

    I would love to be a cast member on Girl Meets World. The following details describe me.

    Height:4ft 11in
    Hair:dirty blond
    eyes:deep blur green

  • I am 19 years young. I have a vivid personality. I am up for trying all kinds of roles, I am smart and I catch on fast. I pay attention and I love working with people. I am easy to work with and I am great at what I do. I have no background experience but that is why I am doing this, to build that. I am extremely confident that I can provide what a lot of people are looking for this generation, and I reassure you contacting me will not be a waste. I thank you for your time.
    Kara Austin

  • Michael Angelo Espinal says:

    I would love the chance to show you why i would be good for this role.

  • Madeline Main says:

    I’m currently a freshman at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. My arts area is Thearte. Acting has always been my passion and I would love to have the opportunity to be in this production. I’m also a singer. I know how to dance to a certain extent. I used to do competitive gymnastics. Also, I was on my middle schools cheer/dance team for 2 years. I am a 15 year old female. Brown hair, hazel eyes, 5’3.5 ft tall.

  • THIS IS MYYY TIME!!!!! HEY!!!!!

    SAINT is my name (yes, my real name lol) and I’m originally from Mississippi but now resides in ARIZONA (woohoo!). Part of the reason why you should choose me to debut in this amazing series is the fact that I will give my all in making this show the best one on the Disney Channel. I can do so by making sure that the cast along with myself stays on their toes and leave our viewers wanting more! I’m a 24 year-old Black American male, athletic build and graduate student! =). I would love to be in this TV SERIES and what’s more exciting, I wouldn’t mind being an extra! (lol) Take care & feel free to contact me at any point day or night!

  • Molly says:

    Hi my name is Molly I am a freshmen in highschool and I would love to become a successful actress. As a kid me, my brother, and all our cousins watched boy meets world and we were very excited to hear about girl meets world. I have been told by teachers, friends, and family that I should think about acting as a career, I have a bubbly personality and have been told that I light. Up the room. If you were to pick me that would be the best thing that could ever happen to me. Thank you for reading.

  • Katie Grubisa says:

    Hey my name is Katie Grubisa i am 16 years old i am fully Australian. My last name is from coratia my dad is half so you could say that i am a quarter :) i love acting i hope one day i could get a career out of it and i am hoping that you can make that happen. I am a kind, loving, fun and bubbly person who doesn’t mind a challenge i am really intrested and it would be a great opportunity for me for my acting career please email on cause i would love to be apart of your show!

  • My name is estefany Gutierrez I’m from the Dominican Republic, I like to sing, dance and act. I love to go out in this Motion Picture because haci prodre boost my career as an actress and also because it is my dream to be a great Actress

  • Hello, My name is Diana Serrano. I live in Goodyear Arizona, i’m 5’6 and im out going! I have long brown hair and I’m 13 years old! I’d be great for this tv series! I’d love to work hard to be on the show! If you want to know more about me, just email me (:

  • jalayh says:

    birthday:August 11
    school: Nataki talibah schoolhouse

    I love boy meets world. I wish they were still making new episodes.I would be perfect for Riley Matthews because i can make people believe i am a different person and i am experienced. I think the spin off of “Boy meets world,” is good because the people who enjoyed the show might like “Girl meets girl” even better. Also kids who didn’t get a chance to watch a GREAT show (Boy meets world.)
    I also love acting and dancing i have been doing this since the second grade and i am in the sixth now

  • Jayda Rayphand says:

    Full name: Jayda Morelle Rayphand
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Hair: (long) dark brown
    Eyes: (big) light brown
    Height: 5″0
    Skin: tan
    Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
    Residency: USA (KS)

    I would love to be on Girl Meets World because I love Boy Meets World! It is one of my favorite tv shows. And I also love performing. I haven’t had any professional opportunities before because I grew up in a small island not many people know about (Saipan, CNMI). But I now live in Kansas. I love acting and singing, and I now do Polynesian dancing. I have been in several performing competitions for school, and now do lots of choir activities. I would love to be in Girl Meets World. So please consider me and reply. @ . Thank you!

  • Alia Culbertson says:

    I am 16 years old and it’s always been my dream to be on Disney Channel, but I was afraid I was too old. I would love if you considered me and gave me a chance to follow my dream. I would bring diversity to Disney and show girls its okay to look different. I have always practiced the “Hi my name is ______ and you’re watching Disney” :)

    Name: Alia Culbertson
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Ethnicity: Lebanese, Ghanian, German, Scottish, Caucasian, African-American
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 130 Pounds
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Brunette
    Languages: English, French
    School Production: All through middle school
    Violin- 10 years
    Singing- As long as I can remember. Middle School Choir, High School Elite Choir, Vocal lessons.

  • iiraiis says:

    sera hermosoo :D espereooquedaar :D

  • I Irina, I am 16 years old soon 17. I am sociable and funny girl, and also I don’t take away the brain :D .I will not write speech here, as I love all these stars and this my calling to be taken off exactly in this serial, because, it is banal. A photo I can deport to you, if you write me on e-mail. I am from Latvia, I can’t enter a number, because he is not exist. I will be glad to hear an answer from you :) search individuality, like me :DD

  • Nicole says:

    My name is Nicole Valle, im 13 years old and going into 8th grade. I am white/Caucasian. I live right outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. I have no problem at all traveling. I have grown up watching boy meets world since I was little. I have brown-blond hair and hazel eyes. I think I would be perfect for the part of riley but I will also take the part of Maya or an extra. I am very smart, like Topanga, and vey witty, like Cory. I sing, tumble, do some dance, I was on the swim, soccer, and gymnastics teams, I am very artistic, i can play violin, drums, and some guitar and obviously an actress, depending on what kind of talent you are looking for. I am also a cheerleader so i have tons of energy and a great smile. I am very dependable and take what every parts i am playing seriously. I have a lot of acting experience. I have been in numerous plays, concerts, performances, and productions. It is my passion to act and i think girl meets world will be a great start to my professional acting career! I hope you will consider me for a part in girl meets world!!! thank you!

  • Jennifer Rivera says:

    hey my name is Jenniferi am 14 years old and turning 15 in Feburary. My dream has always been to be on Disnye channel. I love acting and I am a good actor at drama. I always watch Disney channel and I asked myself why am I always watching tv? And never on it. So I decided to try my hardest to become an actor. Since it is summer I practice everyday. I love to be in this movie. I am not the type of girl you see everyday, I am fun, weird, crazy, open minded and very random. But I love to do fun more than anything else. I hope you contact me. Thanks

  • Isabel Rodriguez says:

    Hi my name is isabel I’m 13 years old…! I always wanted to be in a movie or show! It’s been my dream! I would love to be in this..! I’m funny, crazy , pretty, and I’ll do what ever the Script says..!:) I would love to be part of this show no matter how little my part is! Just give my a chance I wouldn’t disappoint you…!:)(:

  • kamronmathews says:

    i would like to be on this show because as riley .I am also going to the seventh grade i have grown up with this show from first show to the last i have to go now but you can call me at 3304751942 or 3306396187

  • Gisselle Salazar says:

    Hi my name is Gisselle Salazar. I would love a part in this show I am 13 years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and glasses(but I also wear contacts). I participate in ALL extra curriculum: basketball, choir, volleyball, A.S.B(club), and Club Live. I am also Vice President of A.S.B. I would love a part in this show.

  • Natalie Pope says:

    Im 15 years old.
    red hair
    brown eyes
    very dramatic
    and would love to be apart of a movie
    I have manners and Im very outgoing
    please email me anytime.


  • Katie Grubisa says:

    Hey i am from Australia and i am very interested please email me with any other details.

  • Tre Johnson says:

    148 lbs
    Black hair
    Dark brown eyes

    I am a truly gifted and dedicated performer. I love being in front of the camera all the time. I have multiple talents consisting of dance, music, martial arts, and acting. Not only do I want to be an entertainer on television, but I want to spread a meaningful message and inspire young kids to build confidence, set goals, and improve self-esteem. I also should be considered in the casting call because I have one of the most intense work habits. I am just coming off a six month continuous daily practice schedule from January 2 to July 2. I told myself, “This is a new year, so I’m going to make a new me as far as working to make my dream become a reality.” In those 6 months, I’ve had many accomplishments. I love Disney and the cheerful, friendly environment. I’ve always watched it and thought about being apart of it for years but never had any outlet. Currently at the age of 17, I know my time is running out and I need to make my mark as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

  • Lowai Alkotf says:

    Hello, my name is Lowai Alkotf i am male. I’m from Newark,Delaware and I am 13 years old. I am 5’4. I am currently a student at in Acting school. I’ve always loved to act and I was in a couple school plays and in middle school and I did very well. I would like to audition to be in this movie because it sounds very interesting and I think it would be a good experience for me and I would learn a lot about the entertainment business

  • cameron mincey says:

    hello my name is Cameron Mincey i am am 11 yrs old i’ll turn twelve august the sixth im 5’2 and i’d love to be on girl meets world

  • #hello disney channel my name is kamron mathews i am 13 years old i live in akron ohio my school is hope academy brown street i would love to be in this show because i have great acting talents.Also i have watched every season of boy meets world and i love girl meets world if you need to know more about me you can call me at 3304751942 or at 3306396187 thank you for your time and have a blessed day.#

  • Ashley says:

    I am Ashley , a 17 year old girl from Wisconsin with much to offer. I am ready to take on the world and make myself well known.
    I have a strong work ethic, large heart, and much respect for myself, and anyone I work with.
    I am a fresh face whom aspires to be someone someday.
    Given the oppourtunity, I will not let you down.
    I am looking forward to hear back from you on your input, questions, etc.
    thank you.

  • Kendall Capolungo says:

    hello im kendall. i am 13 years old so I was thinking i would be great for Riley Mathews. I live in California. It has been my dream to be an actress and become famous. I thought i would start first auditioning for Disney.
    Height: 5.3
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Green

  • cameron mincey says:

    hello my name is Cameron Mincey i’m 11 yrs old ill be 12 august the sixth. i am 5’2, African american, fun loving, self confident male. who really wants to be on girl meets world

  • Hailey soliz says:

    Hi my name Hailey I am 11 years old but am mistaken as 13 I will be 12 in November I will be so happy if I could play the part of Riley or Maya, I can even play an extra I have watched boy meets world for 3 years now it still comes on at 6:00am till 8:00am on ABC Family so please pick me I don’t have any experience sorry but I am….
    I am:5.1
    Eyes:brown eyes
    Hair:dark brown, wavy/curly I HOPE YOU PICK :)

  • Emma McCloskey says:

    Hello my name is Emma McCloskey and I love Disney channel. I am interested in doing anything that will make my career start! I have danced since I was 3 years old and right now I am 16 and a junior in high school! I am skinny and I have brown hair! I would love to have this amazing opportunity! I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me!

  • Alexandria Mackey says:

    Hello producers and casting directors. I am Alexandria and I think that I should be considered for any casting calls because I am a determined and funny young person that loves to act. i would love to be given an audition for anything Movies, Extras, Commercials, T.V. Shows, Game Shows etc.
    Name: Alexandria Mackey
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 110 lb.
    Height: 5’3
    Body Type: Slender
    Ethnicity: Bahamian (but I speak proper English)
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: Dark Brown

    Talents:I can sing, dance, act, and stunt. I also sing in my choir at school.

    Sports: I run at Track-and-Field,I play Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer and some Tennis.

    Academics: I have been on the Honor Roll since First Grade and have never gotten lower than a 3.8 on a report card.

    Personality: I am an outgoing, friendly, nice, and enthusiastic person when you get to know me.
    I have been told on several ocassions that I have a natural comedic personality that should be on broadway and television.

    Have a nice day. Thank You

  • Chi-Chi Anyanwu says:

    Hi! My name is Chi-Chi, I am 13 years old (going on 14 in 3 weeks), I am 5 ft. 3 in., I have brown eyes and dark brown hair, and I am African American. To be honest I haven’t done any professional acting yet, besides almost all of my school plays. I have been taking hip hop for almost 3 years now, but I’m not perfect or a professional at it yet. I have always wanted to be in a Disney show or movie and I love to act! If you ask anyone I know or who knows of me they can tell you that I can be very dramatic and that I love to act. My personality is very bubbly and cheerful (most of the time), but if I absolutely have to I can play darker roles. Just as long as I don’t kill anyone please. The most recent plays I have done are Annie, It’s a Wonderful Life, and now I’m getting ready for The Grinch who stole Christmas. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and please tell the other Disney producers about me! :) I am really excited and hope to hear from you soon! God Bless. Love, Chi-Chi

  • Hello ! I am 14 years old Russian girl with a HUGE experience.
    I have been in a big theatre for 6 years and I had 7 main roles. (I was the youngest, it was the highest group).
    I have a Stanislavski education and Ivana Chubbuck gave me classes herself (private)
    I am not expecting anything from this message, I am trying myself in many projects to get a good base on my acting career.
    But If I do have an opportunity, I would like to make your project better.
    Good Luck on searching!!!

  • Angela Attias says:

    Hi, my name is Angela and I am 12 years old though I look 13 or 14. I am about 5’5 and I weigh 98 lb. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I have been acting since the age of 7 and have done many musicals, been an extra, and other things as well. I hope you have the chance to contact me:) Thank you

  • Mikaela Garvin says:

    I would like to be may I already turned in my addition form though :)

  • Tasha Byers says:

    Hi my name is Tasha I am 18 and I would love to be an extra or some sort on this show!! I loved and still do Boy Meets World that was my 90s show and I watched it everytime it was on and I still do when they play the re-runs.. This is an amazing idea to have this show and to see the cast get back together is awesome I miss them and I watched them grow up in a way even though they are older then me still I grew up with them I would love to be part of this with them if you would just give me a chance you wont regret it :)

  • Pamela Pena says:

    14 year old caucasian brunette with brown eyes 5’6. No experience but I’m pretty sure i can act. Been told i can too.

  • Courtney says:

    I am 21 but get told I look 15-18. Grew up watching and loving this show along with my massive crush on rider. Yummy haha you wouldn’t refer it! I’m 5’7″ 118lbs blond hair blue eyes!

  • Emily bowyer says:

    Hi my names in late and I am 14 years old, but I look 30 so I think it be a great part Friday. I currently graduated from Barbizon USA acting and modeling school I was top of my class enacting. I think I be good right for the part of Riley because I have so much energy and I absolutely love boy meets world as it rerun on my TV almost every night whenever I want to bed. I think that I would be absolutely amazing for this part even if I do not get this part out still like to thank you for considering me for this role or any other part in this series thank you so so much have a great day

  • Raileen Sellnow says:

    Hi :) My name is Raileen Sellnow. I am 20 years old. I have brown hair and blueish greenish eyes. I look younger than I actually am. I do wear glasses. I sing and dance. I do have some experience in acting, singing, and dancing. None of that was professionally done though. I am a very hard worker, and I am willing to work long hours if needed. I am also willing to travel.
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5’0
    Thank you for your time.

  • Hello I have been acting for about two and a half years, and want to apply myself into a film or show. I grew up watching Movies such as “The Matrix”, “Titanic”, “Fight Club”, “Toy story”, “Chronicle”, and have always wanted to feature in something great like them. I have been in three commercials, and one play. I Played as a lost boy in “Peter Pan” play. Also i was in a non-prophet commercial with “Autism Speaks” . I would like to apply for an audition.
    here is my contact info along with head shots and a resume.

  • Lindsey says:

    HI, Im Lindsey Lavine
    Live in the Bay area, California
    dancer, gymnast,cheerleader, softball player
    brown hair
    brown eyes
    my height is 5/3
    I look 12 or 13

  • margaret acheampong says:




  • Mckinnzie says:

    Hello my name is Mckinnzie. I am 13 years old. I will be 14 in march. I have natural curly brown/blond hair. I am 5 feet and 2 inches tall. I have has some experience with acting. I have been in Christmas plays and i was once accepted for a Disney audition. I did not go because i wanted to become a better actress. I would love to be an actress. I have seen so many episodes of Boy meets world. It would be an honor to be in the spin-off of boy meets world. Thank you. Have a great day>

  • Mary says:

    I want a part to entertain others so bad I take classes at Los Angeles center studios and I see that they are holding meetings or even filming the actual girl meets world at the studios but I am trying My best to get involved!!

  • Lauran Skelton says:

    Would love to part of the Disney family. Per above request I attached photo. Thank You Lauran Skelton

  • Stephanie O Regan Romero says:

    My name is Stephanie I’m 14 years old and I live in ireland and i love acting I’ve attended the Gaiety School of Acting since i Was 11 years old I did choir since i Was 6 and I attended drama after school on wednesday ive been doing grades and exams
    I speak english and spanish fluently
    I play the violin and the tin whistle
    I do write my own songs since i Was 10
    Its my dream to be an actress so i hope i can get picked it Will mean so much to me

    Name: Stephanie O Regan Romero
    DOB: 24/7/1999
    Place of Birth: County Cork, Ireland
    Ethnicity: Colombian and Spanish descent
    Languages: English and Spanish
    Instruments: Violin and Tin Whistle
    Talents: Singer/Actress/Violinist

  • Annalee Jones says:

    My name is Annalee. I am 14 years old. I live in Illinois. I am in Drama Club at my school and have been in drama for 5 years. I speak a little bit of Italian, Spanish and mainly English. I do well in school and I am in choir at school. I have always had a dream of becoming an actress I hope you consider me.

    Name: Annalee Jones
    DOB: 8/5/99
    Place of Birth: China
    Instruments: Drums, sing, a little bit of guitar, and piano
    Dreams: Acting, singing, film scorer, music teacher

  • Annalee Jones says:

    My name is Annalee. I am 14 years old and live in Illinois. I have been in drama club for 5 years and I have been in choir for 4 years. I speak English fluently as well as a little bit of Spanish. I have always had dream of being an actress. I hope you pick me.

    Name: Annalee Jones
    DOB: 8/5/99
    Place of Birth: China
    Instruments: Drums, singing and a little bit of piano
    Talents: Martial Arts, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Drums, Singing, Acting

  • elpinike m. says:

    I am 60 years old, and speak fluent english and greek.
    I also speak french but with some difficulty.
    would love to take work anything you have available.
    always loved the arts.

    thank you

  • Madison lathem says:

    My name is Madison and I am interested in playing Riley. When boy meets world reruns come on its all I watch. I am 13 and female. I have been lead role in a couple of school plays. I also have some modeling experience. My dream is to become an actress.

    Name: Madison Lathem
    DOB: 1/30/01
    Place of birth: Georgia
    Talents: softball,basketball,soccer,acting

  • Yasmine Khawaja says:

    Hi! My name is Yasmine Khawaja and I’m a very talented actress. I am 12 years of age but I have been asked one to many times if I was 13-16. i have black/brown hair and brown eyes. I am a little thick but I have topangas curves. I think I would look very much like their child. I have been told thousands of times I am an amazing actress. Please take into consideration I would be perfect for this role. Thank you.

  • Shanti Girling says:


    My name is Shanti Girling I have had a few years of acting expirence in musical theater. I stared in the play “Annie” I played Molly. I also played Jojo in “Seusical the musical jr.” and I would really appreciate if you would E-mail me back I have known I wanted to be on TV since I was 8 years old. I am 14, I am 5″2′ and I weigh 92 pounds my birthday is July 23 1999. I love acting and singing so if you could at least read this I would be so appreciative.

  • Kerttu Kasanen says:

    Hi.. I´m Kerttu and i´m twelve years old. My biggest dream is acting in USA and be different cause hey..i´m from finland. what interesting there ever happen. Nobody in finland won´t believe that twelve years old child can really play the role in USA. Well i gonna prove that they are all wrong. I gonna keep doing this until somebody gives me a chance. i won´t give up
    So my height is 5`4″, i have brown long hair and brown-green eyes, my skin tone is white and i speak english and finnish. I can sing, dance, write(storys,songs and poems), run fast, play volleyball and use computers and other electronic pretty well.
    And I have good memory. I can memorize lot and quickly..
    27th day is my birthday. can you make my only birthday wish come true?
    Thank you

  • Zena Anane says:

    I’m zena, 12 years old turning 13 in April and female.
    I am from California.
    I’ve always wanted to start an acting career but I guess I’m not so lucky
    I want to have a chance to take part in this movie
    I’m confident and very very talented.
    Travel isn’t a problem.
    It would mean the world to me.
    I hope you understand how much i would love this.
    Please please please consider me and contact me by email. Please help me achieve my dream.
    Thank you very much

  • faith otis says:

    hair color:blonde
    eye color:green
    location:madison county, ga
    thank you for your consideration
    Faith otis
    ps:i can act anything and everything asked of me
    if you want to contact me. my email is

  • Joneisha Carmichael says:

    Hello, my name is Joneisha. I am 14 years old. I am a 4.0 student and last year I was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. I am the Lead Drummer in the percussion section at my school. I am very intelligent, passionate, strong willed, hard working, responsible and dependable. I am also open–minded, witty, friendly and kind–hearted. To add, I am trainable and disciplined, takes directions well, and works well with others.

    I am a very talented dancer and I am entering my 10th year of dance as of August ‘13. I dance ballet (pointe), jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip–hop, and acrobatics. In theatre dance, I have been in the Nutcracker: Lead Angel, Little Girl, Snow, Russian, Waltz; Aladdin: Jewel; Beauty and the Beast: Pepper; Cinderella: Pumpkin; and Little Mermaid: Horse. I have been very successful with my dance talent. My accomplishments are: 2014: Dance Masters of America (DMA) #33 Teen Miss Dance, Alabama Dance Council Summer Scholarship Winner (by audition only) to Dance Theatre of Harlem, Huntsville Ballet, and Southeast Alabama Dance Company, 2013: Teen Miss Platinum, DMA 1st Runner–up Teen Miss Dance, Teen Grand Championship Hollywood Vibe, 2012: Junior Miss Dance of America, 2011: Junior Outstanding Dancer, Junior Miss Platinum.

    I am also very athletic; I play basketball and I ran track. I can play the keyboard a little and I have a very nice voice. For more information, pictures, and a video, please view my webpage at Thank you for this opportunity to showcase my talent; I believe I would be a great asset to your organization. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Shané says:

    Hi there… :)
    My name is Shané Bartels, I am a 17 year old born and bread white South African who now lives in Brisbane Australia.
    I am honestly one of Disney’s biggest fans, iv basically seen every movies Disney has ever made and will probably never stop watching them. I have a strong personality with extreme determination and dedication. I have great acting skills that have been taught me me throughout me entire schooling career and multiple performances and plays. I have great skill sets for a Disney character due to my vast flexibility in character capabilities for example; I am able to be very friendly, kind and enthusiastic in my characters to being very fierce and obnoxious. I’m am easy leaner and can be transformed into any character iv been taught, due to my many years working in the modelling industry manly as a photographic model iv had to learn how to portray a a characters emotions and feelings onto a single photo, which has in return taught me how to capture a characters entire being in a single look.
    This will be a great opportunity and I know that I’ll be the best candidate for this roll.
    Thank you!

    Hair: dark violet
    Eyes: blue
    Skin: olive
    Hight: 169cm
    Body type: slender, active and healthy

  • Meghan Christensen says:

    Hey, my name is Meghan Christensen I am 13 years old. I absolutely love Disney I’ve watched it ever since I was 4 years old. I am a sucker for Disney. I love to sing and act in my life I went to auditions one when I was 8 and another one last year I got in but it was to much money I was upset but I would love to get this opportunity and make it. I love to sing and act im very good at it. I loved boy meets world and I am already super excited for girl meets world :). If I don’t get this I will still be grateful I got this opportunity to try :) and I will be happy as a background person or a big or small part. Now let me tell you about myself
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: about 5’0
    I love animals and enjoy talking to people
    I don’t have the best grades I mean there not F or D’s usually just A,B,and C’s but that is average for my pace.
    I am a great person once you get to know me and im in love with Cameron Boyce. and thanks again for this opportunity I am so super grateful :)

  • I love boy meets world and now that theres girl meets world i think this might be my Chan’s

  • Michael Williams says:

    My name is Michael Williams, I am thirteen years old, and I would like to be on Disney’s Girl Meets World. I have always wanted to be on Disney Channel and being on Girl Meets World could be the starter for me. I hope you take my application into consideration.

  • Armando Guevara says:

    Hey my name is Armando and coming out on tv has always been my dream i am a very fast learner for everything and if you would like to contact me my phone # is 956-261-2792 I’m13 by the way and I’m okay with being an extra. For more information contact me,
    Thank u
    P.s: don’t contact me by the email since it’s my moms because mine was invalid so if you may contact me from my phone # would be easier and faster thank u,again

  • Cindy Luz says:

    Hey! My name is Cindy Katlyn Luz da Silva, I’m 16 years old. I love to sing. I play guitar and guitar for over a year. I live in Alvorada, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil (But this is a problem?). I always dreamed of being an actress and I would be extremely happy if that my dream could be realized by you. Since already I thank you!

  • Brenen Katolinsky says:

    My name is Brenen Katolinsky I’m 16 year old male and have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 6 feet tall and atheletic and like sports. I have wanted been an actor since I was inspired by watching chad micheal murray in one tree hill and I’ve wanted a chance to be in a tv show.

  • Brenen Katolinsky says:

    My name is Brenen Katolinsky I’m 16 year old male and have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 6 feet tall and atheletic and like sports. I was in a few pays in my life.I have wanted been an actor since I was inspired by watching chad micheal murray in one tree hill and I’ve wanted a chance to be in a tv show.

  • Leah Lopez says:

    Hi my name is Leah and I live in Santee CA. I am 10 years old. I would like to be a girl named Crystal. Why I think I am good for this part is because I have been in plays and I have seen a lot of Girl meets world. It would be nice if you say yes.
    Thank you

  • Camila Estrada says:

    My name is Camila Estrada, I am 14 years old, and I would like to be on Disney’s Girl Meets World. I have always wanted to be on Disney Channel and being on Girl Meets World would be a great start for me. I hope you take my application.

  • Leonardo Rey says:

    Hello im Leonardo, Im thirteen years old, im want to be in Disney Girl Meets World because thats a good begining in my act carreer, I love to act, thats my favorite job!
    I hope that u acept me.

  • Myastar Fletcher says:

    Hi my name is Myastar and i eleven years old and being on TV has been my dream since i could remember. My friends have always told me that i should be a professional actress and now’s my chance so i hope that you will take the time to look at my application,THANK YOU!!!!! Oh and yes my real name is Myastar!!!

  • summer shrader says:

    hey my name is summer and i am 13 years old i’ve enjoyed acting for up to 4 years now.
    i’ve had nothing but acting to help me escape from reality and i would love nothing in the world more than to be an actress. i have a crazy & weird personality that almost everybody that comes across me loves and i would love for a chance at my dreams and i will not give up :p
    (i am changing my email adress by 2015 to

  • bridgett says:

    hey my name is bridgett im 15 i have never been on tv so this would be my first time on tv i hope u give me a chance thanks?!!!!!

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