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Auditions Database is constantly adding fresh commercial auditions to our database on a nearly daily basis, and sometimes adding multiple opportunities in a single day!


Commercials are often a great opportunity for actors and actresses to get started and build up their experience, and they usually pay quite well for a short day of work, too. It’s also really cool to tell your family that you’ll be starring in a commercial on cable during their favorite television show.


Feel free to search through the commercial casting calls and apply to all of the auditions that might be a good fit for you.


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Male Talent Needed For Fishing Commercial

GluszekIf you’re a male interested in the modeling and acting industry, and you’ve got a knack for bass fishing, then this is your opportunity to shine (and make quite a few dollars while doing it).

This project is taking place in Orlando, Florida and pays $1,000 by Diamond Talent Agency to all models and actors that partake in the project.

Here is the requirement sheet:

  • Must be between the ages of 30 and 45 years old.
  • Must be male.
  • Ideal candidate is good looking.
  • Ideal candidate has experience and a passion for Bass fishing.
  • Must be willing to meet with the casting director within 24 hours.

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Spec Commercial For Doritos

Doritos commercial

Casting for the spec commercial “Doritos Crash the Superbowl.” The commercial will revolve around a  Doritos fanatic who finally meets the girl of his dreams. If you have watched the past few Superbowl’s you will know that Doritos makes some of the best commercials during the halftime of the game. The casting directors are now looking for male and female supporting roles between the ages of 20 and 35. This commercial audition is a great opportunity to get your face recognized on one of televisions biggest stage. If you are interested in auditioning do not hesitate submit your information now.

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Actors Needed For Slimspa Commercial

Slimspa is seeking actors to star in their latest commercial.

If you’re a female between the ages of twenty and thirty-five with some acting experience, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to make a quick two hundred dollars!… Continue reading

American Heart Association Commercial

America Heart Association Holding Auditions for Commercial

AHA Auditions for New Commercial.

When starting off a career in acting or modeling, most assume that you have to be a size 0, 5 foot 8 model that will be a perfect prospect for film, runway, and commercial work. That may lead true for high fashion work in the industry, but for the most part clients are looking for all types of talent to fill roles and character breakdowns for their projects.

American Heart Association is currently casting for everyday people for their next Commercial. This industrial commercial is specifically looking for talent ages 30-50 years old that have real EMT, Fire Fighter, and Parame

dic experience. Talents of all ethnicities are encouraged to come out to the casting call. Looking for real current or former people who have worked in that line of industry and who can obviously handle being in front of a camera.

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Casting Call for Brand New Verizon Wireless Commercial

Casting for New Commercial for Verizon Wireless

Looking for new talent for Verizon Wireless Commercial

“Can you hear me now?” “Good!” The oh so familiar phrase became catchy after the infamous commercials starring a nerdy Caucasian man who walks around familiar, and not so familiar places around the country looking for where Verizon offers service and coverage. Over the past decade Verizon Wireless has been acknowledged for their limitless marketing concepts via commercial and print advertisements. They have certainly gained a secure spot as one of the top leaders of mobile network providers.

In 2011 alone Verizon has a total of 108.7 million subscribers, the leader of any wireless provider in the United States. With their recent adoption of the IPhone, Verizon has set the tone for innovation in the wireless provider business. Their advertising campaign has been led by a victorious team of marketing and advertising agents who continuously work to provide the most entertaining and eye catching promotional products around. Continue reading

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