If you would like to be part of the Better Call Saul – AMC Casting Call in 2015 please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Better Call Saul – AMC

Better Call Saul AMC Auditions

Breaking Bad star Jonathan Banks is back on AMC and their new television series Better Call Saul. Banks’ character met the grim reaper in the final season of Breaking Bad, but will be alive and well in the AMCs spin off Better Call Saul.  The new series occurs before Walter White’s transformation from high school teacher to drug kingpin, as depicted in the Emmy Winning AMC series Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul will also be created by Vince Gilligan who also wrote Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul will debut on AMC in November and the casting directors are now holding castings and auditions for series regulars and extra roles. If you are a fan of Breaking Bad or a aspiring actor you do not want to miss out your chance, submit your information now!

The series is set before the events of “Breaking Bad,” and many fans wonder what the plot is going to be. After doing some research the plot is still in the works but we know that it will be a hour long drama that will bring several Breaking Bad actors back and will be a tad more comedic than Breaking Bad.  AMC has scheduled Better Call Saul to premier between August and October 2014 and the casting directors are now holding auditions for series regulars, extras and several feature roles.

If you are a fan of Breaking Bad or a aspiring actor looking to break into the industry the casting directors would love to hear from you. Please submit several recent photos along with your contact information and keep checking back for more information on casting and shoot locations and as always drop us a line in the comments bellow and let us know what you think about the Breaking Bad spin off.

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55 Responses to Better Call Saul – AMC

  • Peter Zajac says:

    Went to acting school when was very young. Never pursued it , I’m now interested to try it out so if you would give me a call that would be appreciated

  • Dante Julian Fries says:

    Interested in getting started into acting. Have plenty of modeling experience, with a portfolio available upon request. Quick learner. Athletic. Very interested and would appreciate a call back or interest. Thank you.

    • Nicholas Gernt says:

      Super stoked for this show. Saul is hilarious. I loved Breaking Bad and was really disappointed for it to end so soon. So if you need any help with anything just Email me and I would be more than thrilled to do a part you need.

      -Nick Gernt

  • Brenda says:

    Hello my name is Brenda i come from Germamy ! I think Breaking Bad is a very big Soap and i love it because i dont know how long and hard to work in! But i like it and i want to be a Charakter or a role in this Soap

    My Hair is Brown my eyes are Brom im 157 and my body is normal!
    Im a Actor and singer in Germany im very Talented but i live in Germany bit if you want me i will come to your state and make Holidays or so what.

    Haha Excuse me

    My numer is

    +4917628635912 Better Call Brenda ;)

  • Jorge Calvillo says:

    Hello, im very interested and very easy to work with. Im 5’10 and very attractive. I follow direction very well and dependable. Please consider me for Saul. Im a huge fan of Breaking bad and willing to do anything….I mean it. I’ll buzz my head too! Thanks for your consideration

    . 630-835-8346

  • Bishop Hughes says:

    Hi my name is Bishop Hughes, I’m 5’8, African America and 18 years old. I’ve voiced acted a character in an Animated movie “2020 A.D.” that has even made it on IMDb website. I have plenty of videos on my Facebook page “Bishop Hughes”. I listen and learn very very quick, I’m GREAT at acting out different emotions. I’m very athletic, I ran track, played football, basketball, and I also box. I’m super funny I’ve been told and I’m VERY interested in this opportunity, I’ve always loved watching shows like “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking dead” and would love the chance to participate in this one! I’d play a great character/roll for this show! my email is Bishophughes53@yahoo.com, phone number is, (608) 467-9064. Thanks you :)

  • Ryan C. Lesica says:

    “Breaking Bad” was awesome and I have high hopes for this spin-off based on one the best secondary characters of the show. I wanna pursue some kind of career in moviemaking and I think this may be a start or intro to that direction; to be involved in the process of shooting a scene even if its just being an extra.
    I’m 20, about 5’8, male, not much of a looker but I’m pretty good at acting casual and/or scared.

  • Tom Decker says:

    im a huge fan of the breaking bad world my favorite character was Saul and im intersted to see where the new series takes his character i would love to be a extra

  • Santi Linari says:

    Hi, my name is Santi I’m from Argentina, I’m 18 years old and an actor, I am here if you need to contact me. You will not be disappointed to hire me for this next great tv sere. Bye.

  • Cameron Frantz says:

    There is nothing I would enjoy more than to be in this spin off. Breaking Bad is my top favorite show and I love every minute of it. I can’t think of anything else I would rather be apart of than this show. An extra is what I’d hope for, but anything more would be phenomenal in my book. Ive heard from many people that I can act very well and I hope that I can show it to more than just a small crowd. Please take my request in consideration and give me a chance

  • Andrew Guimarães says:

    Hello, my name is André, but feel free to call me Andrew. I have this dream to be an actor and I would love to start somewhere. Having this chance to work with the crew of Breaking Bad would be crazy. I’m looking forward to audition for this, maybe there’s some role that I could fit in.
    In case these things make a difference:
    – I’m turning 18 in April
    – I’m from Brazil
    Thanks for your consideration!
    – I’m skinny, black hair, white skin

  • Samuel Rodriguez says:


    My name is Samuel Rodriguez. I am from Puerto Rico. I am 19 years old, Male. I am Latino/Hispanic. My height is 5’11”, weighing 129 lbs. My eye color is Brown, hair color is Black.

    (Spoken Languages) Bilingual, Spanish & English.

    Special skills are mainly singing and dancing.

    I am deeply interested in acting for this series, I would love to start my acting career and see where it could lead to. Would love to audition for any role that is needed on this series, series regular, extra, feature role, up to anything. Please have me in consideration, it would mean the world to me to get started on acting roles to become a known actor and have an acting career. I do not have any professional acting experience, a bit of Improv. experience, Meisner technique experience, and stage movement experience, but I am willing to try my hardest on any role I might have to face in life.

    I think this spinoff seems like a very neat idea, have more storyline behind the characters of Saul, Mike, between others that could star in it that were in the original ‘Breaking Bad’ series. Major fan of the original series ‘Breaking Bad’, one of the best series that has come in the history of TV. Congrats to Vince Gilligan for the amazing creation of the show.

    You may contact me via e-mail or phone,
    (e-mail) – sammy.r.santiago@gmail.com
    (phone) 787-672-4173

    Thank you for your time to read my information, I would really appreciate the chance to star in this series.

  • I’m a big fan of breaking bad and to be in the spin off would be absolutely amazing.

  • Scott A. Mikles says:

    I’m an avid fan of the ” Breaking Bad” series as I’m sure anyone with half a brain should be. Such a well written story executed by some of the better, newer actors of our day. When I was younger I basically lived “jessie’s” life, just wasn’t crystal I was working with. I am now a certified personal trainer so I learn and deal with every type of personality you can imagine on a daily basis. I have that natural ability to empathize and put myself in anyone’s shoes and feel what they might have felt or are feeling. I’m a very passionate person with strong emotions and I’m not afraid to share them. I model currently so I’m very comfortable in front of a camera as well. I’ve always felt my calling was acting. I’m very animated when I want to be and people have always seen that and said I should act. Don’t want to come off arrogant, but I feel it’d be a mistake not to contact me.
    Height 6 foot
    Weight 190
    Muscular, athletic, lean build
    Blond hair blue eyes
    People often tell me I look like Paul Walker or Ryan Gosling.
    I want to do my part to make this new project Emmy award winning too.
    Email: 918great.sm@gmail.com

  • Mike Welch says:

    Checkout Youtube and search “Don’t Die Slowly” a short film by Michael Ramova. I am Mike Welch, actor if you need intense yet also comedic thats me also behind bill murray ice sculpting in “Groundhog Day” green coat and orange hat, i’m also on bandstand dancing with the mascot. I was the characters bugeyes in “Watch it” been extra in 19 other movies, did commercial locally non union guy for electrical union, and I also played Dino the Don in “Dinner with the Mafia” also played George Harrison’s Brother Peter in “All Those Years Ago” also extra on “ER” 3 times and one episode of “Final Witness”. I had a .602 on base percentage for FAU baseball team , and former sports correspondent for Palm Beach Post, and was a communication major from Boca Raton, Fl, FAU. email mike4all2know@yahoo.com

  • Brad Carter says:

    I am 18 years old, and could play any part you need me to. I can act. It is in my blood.

  • Arthur Cazares says:

    Names Arthur but I go by A.J. I’m 22 years old from San Jose California. I’m 5’8″ about 160 Hispanic and Italian. I’ve been into entertainment my entire life. Studied both theatre acting and film acting at west valley college. My acting coach Jp Allen was the one who made me interested in turning to film. I’m easy to get along with and have an amazing work ethic. Love the idea for the show and can’t wait to hear back. Thanks

  • Summer Rosabel Dawn says:

    Acting has always been a hobby of mine, but now I am ready for it to become my life. I have been taking classes and lessons for acting all my life and I really love to challenge myself. I like seeing people get surprised and shocked at what I can do. It’s always been something that made me happy to do. When people tell me that I did great or give me a compliment I am so excited. When they give me negative response, I don’t get down. When I get negative response I just ask them what could I do better and I take that in consideration. The negative responses make me a better actress and I embrace them. Just give me one chance and I promise I will not let you down.

    Name: Courtney Renee Medvec, but I go by Summer Rosabel Dawn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 133
    Hair color: dirty blonde but dyed golden blonde
    Hair type: Shoulder length and curly
    Special/Distinctive features: Scar on right forehead from a skin graph that I got from a fire accident when I was younger

    Thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it!

    ~ Summer Rosabel Dawn


    Confused. The space you say to fill out is to be notified for similiar auditions. Where do we submit photos and contact info for this particular show?

  • Adam M'Sahal says:

    Hi. My name is Adam M’Sahal. I am a huge fan of the show breaking bad. I’m 18 years old. I am 6’1, and athletic. I am half white, half moroccan. I will love to have a chance to put my entertainment talents on display. This will be a dream come true. Thank you!

  • Sean says:

    Hi, I loved watching Breaking Bad that I even watched it more than twice. I don’t have much experience but I am very fast learner. So you better call Sean. I really think this would be a nice addition to AMC, since AMC only has the best shows.

  • Erwin says:

    I am a big Breaking Bad fan and want to be part of the prequel as an extra. I am 25 years old, 5’8, male, medium-built, Asian. I have no acting experience but I am energetic and willing to learn. Please email me if there is an opening. I would be happy to partake in this opportunity.

  • Jeff Biers says:

    Breaking Bad was a show that pushed my desire for acting to a whole new level. I write, direct, sing, dance, and act. I just want the chance to prove to the world I am more than just another person. I am currently going to states for my forensics piece called ‘Grief-Struck’ I hope you can see this and tell me if you are interested in working together.

  • J Louis W says:

    Age: 47 (look mid 30’s to mid 40’s)
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian American
    Height: 6’0″
    Weight: 200lbs.
    Build: medium to athletic
    Hair Color: brown (long, fine)
    Eye Color: brown
    Location: PA (Willing to travel for paid spot.)

    If interested, please reply for further information and head shot.

    Thank You

  • J Louis W says:

    Have watched Breaking Bad from day 1.

  • Christopher Wahba says:

    Hello, my name is Christopher Wahba. I am 15 years old (16 in March) and have actively been interested in both film and television. One of my favorite hobbies is to write and explore literature and politics through drama. As an active roleplayer (Both live-action and online) I am confident that I can add sufficient elements and aspects to any role that I am selected to play. I have never acted or performed on silver or small screen, though I have taken part in various minor performances such as ‘The 39 Steps’. I am from Pennsylvania, though at age 11 I moved to the Middle East with my parents on business. I currently live in Bahrain, though I am a well-versed traveler but I plan to move if I am accepted for a role in acting.
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian American
    Height: 6’3”
    Weight: 215lbs.
    Build: Heavy/Medium
    Hair Colour: Brunette
    Eye Colour: Grey/green
    Location: Bahrain

    Please feel free to reply for more information and recent photos.

  • Ian Hoaglin says:

    I live in Utah and I’m just looking for my chance.
    I don’t fit in here at all. I’m ready to take life on at a larger scale
    and I feel acting would be the perfect opportunity.
    I am just looking for my chance.
    5’11’ slim
    I have tattoos (neck has one and hands have some)
    I don’t have acting experience but everyone has to start somewhere.

  • Roberto Rene Ortega Jr. says:

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Mexican/American
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 145lbs.
    Build: Lean
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown
    Eye Colour: Hazel
    Location: El Paso, Tx

  • Roberto Rene Ortega Jr. says:

    In my opinion, i think creating this spin off is a brilliant idea. “Breaking Bad” is such an amazing, detailed, enticing, brilliant show that left all of its fans and viewers wanting more at the end of the show’s finale. So for a spin off of “Breaking Bad” to be approved and on its way for production, i am confident to say that not only i, but all fans and viewers of “Breaking Bad” are very excited and anxious about “Better Call Saul”. Just like the actors of “Breaking Bad” when it was their dream to become an actor/ actress in a movie or show, i am doing as they also did; placing myself out in the market, researching, browsing for open casting calls, hoping that one day i will receive a call or email offering me an opportunity to show casting directors what i can offer for the show/film. Below i’ve included my contact information.

    Contact info:
    (Cell Phone) 915-799-1022
    (E-Mail) r.ortega@ttu.edu

  • Trevor Turner says:

    Big fan of Breaking Bad! I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and I’m going to UNM majoring in interdisciplinary film and digital media. I am very interested in somehow being a part of this show even if Im just an extra
    cell # 505-463-2727

  • Dylan Muzzall says:

    My name is Dylan Muzzall I’m a big fan of the show, and i love how its put together …ect This spin off may be just the start i need , and maybe you to for a fresh new face “you” created!

    Contact (Cell) 1773-699-0981
    Email: dmuzzall@rocketmail.com

    I’m about 5’10

    African American


    (Look a bit geeky) Without glasses (Ugly and menacing with dark circles under my eyes)

    I’m not in the union but i can be if needed.

    good teeth.

    Eyes (Brown)

  • Chelsea Aurora says:

    My name is Chelsea and I am 22 years old. I am new the the acting community and would love the opportunity to get myself out there. This would be an amazing chance to do so. The characters depicted in Breaking Bad were so relate able when put in those testing situations, and being able to be a part of another series similar to that would be a blessing.
    I am about 5’4 and a bit above average build.
    I am Caucasian with brunette hair and light brown eyes.
    Contact information:
    Cell – 6613507719
    email – chelseaauroragray@yahoo.com

    Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you.


  • I think this would be an amazing opportunity. I have a unique look, and I’m confident that I would be able to fit a role on this show. I’m athletic, so I would be all for doing my own stunts if I needed too. I learn quickly and would bring everything I have to the table. I am enthusiastic and funny, Im also outgoing and friendly. I left a website that has pictures and my information,
    I hope you check it out, it will not dissapoint. Thank you very much.

  • Evan James says:

    I am a 16 year old male who is 6’2″ and have a muscular build. Although I am 16, I appear older. I have won many awards for acting in state plays and I can learn new things very quickly. I live in South Dakota, but I do not have an accent. I think with my birth and my life experiences in South Dakota, I can bring new ideas, and styles to the table. I can also adapt to many situations. This new spin off sounds amazing. I love all of the ideas that come from AMC and the network is making a huge impact in entertainment. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Felicia Valenzuela says:

    Email: feliciav93@hotmail.com

    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 135
    Age: 21
    Ethnicity: Japanese/ Mexican

    Experience in acting and modeling, please contact for further information and pictures, my Instagram user name is Faleebalee

  • Diane Angelovski says:

    BETTER EMAIL DIANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to be a part in the show. This would be a honor to be included.

  • Blake Estis says:

    my name is Blake Estis am 18 years old, 6 foot tall, I have hazel eyes, short dark brown hair, 200lbs. I have been a a big fan of breaking bad and when they announced better call Saul I was absolutely thrilled and it would a great opportunity to be apart of this new project

  • CH says:

    26 years law-enforcement
    2 time World Champion Arm-wrestler
    Arm-wrestling Hall of fame
    Gold medal power lifter
    Former Pro Wrestler
    Tough man competitor
    Acting my entire life

  • Yelena K says:

    Ethnicity: Russian
    Sex: Female
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue/ Grey
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 105
    Age: 21
    Languages: Fluent in English & Russian

  • Robert Candelaria says:

    Hello All, I am an extremely talented professional who will be perfect for a corrupt professional role, however I have very strong latino features, I can also play a hoodlum, a police officer. I’m positive you will find a place for me. If not I appreciate the time you’ve taken.
    also the form only allowed one picture to be attached, do I send them each one at a time? thanks
    5’5, brown eyes, short brown hair, receding hairline, good facial structure, chubby but could tone up. exceptional communication skills/ ability to adjust into different roles on the fly.

  • Dian says:

    Hi, I’m Dian. I’m originally from South-east Asia; Indonesia. I’m 30 years old but many people her said that I look like mid 20s haha. Anyway, I’m looking for casting opportunity for me and my almost-3-year-old son (Indonesian-American). I can play drums and I know basic Spanish and Italian. I love music, so does my son.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

  • Connor Hoare says:

    hello, i am a seventeen year old male from the uk and i am very interested in acting and have always stood out in drama, i have just spent a year in college studying it and i have been told i have the look of a young jessie pinkman, im 5 ft 6 and have an athletic built please get back to me thanks. also i can do an american accent very well.

  • Sara DuVall says:

    My name is Sara DuVall. I am 28 years old and I would make a great addition to this series!
    I am very active, I have a great imagination, I’ve danced my whole life, so I am athletic, I can do many accents and my own stunts.
    I am very willing to change my appearance however needed for this.
    To be apart of a series would be a goal come true!
    I hope you will give me this opportunity to prove I am what you want!
    Hair- red
    Eyes- blue
    Weight- 110
    Height- 5.3
    Gender- female
    I look forward to hearing back from you!

  • greg muniz says:

    Names Greg and I just love breaking bad and It would be a dream to be anything in better call Saul. Seems like its gonna be another amazing show.

  • Diva says:

    Hi my names diva I really want to be on AMC’s Better Call Saul I loved breaking bad and it would be amazing to be an actor for the spin of series my emails divacygan@yahoo.co.nz

  • Aacin Ramirez says:

    Just looking to start off my acting career with a great cast and production team and I’m a huge fan of breaking bad, which in my mind has the best of the two. I’m 20 years old, 5’6, 140 lbs and I’m a college student currently enrolled at UCSB. I would love to work with you guys and I have the heart and determination to be the best actor in can be, I just need that one shot. Hopefully I hear from you guys.

  • Nathan Rangel says:

    Saul is like everyone’s cool uncle. He’s a creative genius. If you’re ever in a jam, you’ll want Saul on your team.

  • George says:

    Where do i sign up to audition for feature roles?

  • Tyler Mason says:

    Age: 20
    Weight: 136
    Height: 5’5″
    Eye color: Green
    Hair color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Body type: Athletic build
    – I have amazing work ethic
    – I’m willing to work crazy hours
    – Contact email for pictures

  • Jeremy Gill says:

    Hello my name is Jeremy Gill. I have been acting my whole life. I’m 25. 6’3. Brown eyes and dark brown hair. I would love to be a part of this show. I’m a huge fan. I love to act. It is my passion.

  • Erin Bockenstedt says:

    My name is Erin Bockenstedt, I am 15 years old but will be 16 in July of 2015, I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and I am very excited for this show. I am 5’6″, 186 lbs., and I am good at humor and being good under pressure, if you are looking for an intern type character, I would be really good and would get along easy with the cast and crew. Please contact me!

  • Sara Fawcett says:

    My name is Sara. I have never went to a giant, fancy acting school but working for two years with Helmut Bakaitis and I’ve learnt a few things. I’ve also learnt that the man had a thing for horror and show girls. Which was awkward being a woman and having a class full of young girls.

    I’m not going to give you a sappy story of why acting is so great but here is what I’ve got. I’m from Australia and even though I’m only 20 years old I’m going through that midlife crisis of why not try something exciting. My hair is dyed, my teeth are crooked, I’m slouched and have bags under my eyes. But if you hire me, expect a hard working person who is game enough to do anything. And I have watched Breaking Bad so having someone like that is good.

    Enjoy working with me. I sure will enjoy working with you.

  • Scott D. says:

    I am a Half Asian Half Caucasian Citizen of the United States of America who got so attached to the Breaking Bad Series. Im a fan of Aaron Paul and will always be a big fan of him, I think hes such a great actor and I would be the happiest person the world if I could just see his face. How much more with working for him and for a show with him.
    Bryan Cranston is also a brilliant actor, I think every cast of Breaking Bad are just molded to perfection, thats why that show is so detailed and very very compelling. I am a proud Albuquerquerian and I love Albuquerque.
    More about me: I am 5”7 , waist 27 , Slim thin athletic build, eyes Honey Brown , Hair Dark Brown , Complexion: Mixed Spanish and White Skin – Pinkish to be exact.
    Ive never done acting before but even just an extra for the Better Call Saul would really make my day.
    I am a good looking mixed entity with dreams and am looking forward to being part of such an amazing series. I think you guys should pick me because I am very driven and would do everything possible to be part of Better Call Saul since Breaking Bad has ended.

    Contact me : 720-907-7644

    Scott here.

    Thank you so much and have a wonderful rest of the year! :)

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