If you would like to be part of the Angry Birds Film Casting Call in 2015 please leave a comment below and let us know why you should be considered.

Angry Birds Film

Angry Birds Film Voice over

The red and yellow birds that swept the smart phone video game industry are coming to the big screen in 2016 with Angry Birds. Sony Pictures and the Finnish video game company behind the app that is still massively popular, will be produced in Vancouver with the voice over roles being recorded in Hollywood.  Angry Birds video game was released in 2009 and ever since there has been over 12 million copies sold and Sony Pictures is hoping to get the 12 million fans to come and watch the film. The casting directors in charge of castings for the voice over roles are now holding auditions for male and female actors interested in being featured in the film. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring actors looking for their big break.

The Angry Birds movie is slated to be released in July 2016 but the plot is still not known. Angry Birds will be produced by John Cohen and Catherine Winder and executive produced by Mikael Hed and David Maisel. . It is slated for a July 1, 2016 release by Sony Pictures.

Angry Birds is set to be animated by Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver but the voice over work will be recorded in Los Angeles. The directors behind the blockbuster film are now holding castings and auditions for male and female voice over roles of all ages. If you are interested please submit your information along with a tape and contact information. Please keep checking back for more information on casting locations and dates and as always leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the Angry Birds movie idea.

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129 Responses to Angry Birds Film

  • Jorge Calvillo says:

    Hello, short and simple. I’m very ambitious and give everything in life 100%. Look no further you got your actor. Thank you and have a great day.

  • Angelina Ramos says:

    my name is Angelina Ramos, have 8 years and would like to participate in this project, I like to act, I am very dynamic and intelligent.

    Angelina Ramos

  • Nathan Robson says:

    I would love to be involved in this im 16 and have a strong passion for acting

  • Michael Rasin says:

    Hi my name is Michael Rasin, and I am a huge angry birds fan. I do not have any experience of shooting a movie but have been in many school shows as the leading actor. I am 13 turning 14 and am going to Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School next year. I am very ambitious and will give a 100% at film shootings. I will work for minimum cash and can be persuaded to work for free. I hope that this is my big break in life. Thank you for the consideration and you can call my legal guardian at 646-400-2972.
    With hope,
    Michael Rasin

  • Tori Moley says:

    Hello my name is Tori. I am 18 years old and looking for someone to give me a chance in films. I am hard-working, ambitious, and a good listener. If given the chance I would work very hard to make you proud. Thank you. :)

  • Hi, I am interested in the Angry Birds project. I have 5 years of film acting experience including playing the role of a witch in a comedy web series called Castle Siege by Stephen Folker and many other projects and dramatic roles and I am listed on IMDb.com. Please feel free to contact me any time. Thank you for your consideration.
    Regards, Trena Penson
    ph 414-698-6898

  • Hollie says:

    Hello my name is Hollie. I am 16 years old. I have no experience but I am interested in being a part of the film. I am thinking about becoming an actress and this would be a good start. :) thank you for your consideration and contact me anytime.

  • Hepzibah says:

    I am 23 years old – have been on television before, however, not for acting but on MTV and VH1. I would like an opportunity to audition for this.

  • Kiara Patton says:

    Hello my name is Kiara. I am 19 years old and have been in several plays through high school and one since I’ve been in college. I am very interested in being a part of your film. I don’t have any film experience. I appreciate your consideration. Thanks have a great day.

  • Diamond says:

    I will love to audition for it call me if u like 913-602-1566 thank u my name is Diamond Quezada.

  • Shawn Colapietro says:

    Hello! My name is Shawn, i have short brown hair and brown eyes, i live in Chicago IL. I’he been in many musical and am currently a main role in one. My voice is loud and clear.
    I’ve been looking for a great opportunity like this to show up in my life, i love the game, being in the movie would be a dream come true. This could be a great start for my career.
    Thanks for the time in reading this! ~ Shawn-Male

  • Alyssa Limeburner says:

    My name is Alyssa Limeburner. I have some experience with acting in front of people and having to show emotion. I was in the musicals the music man and into the woods. I have Been acting since I was about 6 years old. I am 13 and 5’4. I have done voice overs before. I have brown hair and green eyes. If you are interested in a professional for your movie email me alyssalimeburner@gmail.com

  • Lyndsay says:

    Hi, I’m Lyndsay and I would love to be a part of thus film. I have a great reading voice. All my teachers said I had such emotion when I read. I loved reading plays when we had them in school, and I have also done drama in high school. In middle school, I was the choir for the musical version of Macbeth. I can sing very well, and when you put me on a stage, it’s like I’m a totally different person. I’m 20 years old, brown hair recently cut short, dark green eyes, 5’11”, 265 lbs. Thank you fir you’re time! Hope to great from you soon!! :-)

  • Francis Patrick Maximus McKinney says:

    Hi! I’m Francis and have had five years acting experience, My lifetime dream is to do a voice over and finally make my big break. I’m 12 turning 13 in may. I hope you write back!

  • Summer Rosabel Dawn says:

    Acting has always been a hobby of mine, but now I am ready for it to become my life. I have been taking classes and lessons for acting all my life and I really love to challenge myself. I like seeing people get surprised and shocked at what I can do. It’s always been something that made me happy to do. When people tell me that I did great or give me a compliment I am so excited. When they give me negative response, I don’t get down. When I get negative response I just ask them what could I do better and I take that in consideration. The negative responses make me a better actress and I embrace them. Just give me one chance and I promise I will not let you down.

    Name: Courtney Renee Medvec, but I go by Summer Rosabel Dawn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 133
    Hair color: dirty blonde but dyed golden blonde
    Hair type: Shoulder length and curly
    Special/Distinctive features: Scar on right forehead from a skin graph that I got from a fire accident when I was younger

    Thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it!

    ~ Summer Rosabel Dawn

  • Luke Carpentier says:

    I am a 22 year old actor.
    I have spent 2 years studying at the Stella Adler academe of acting.
    I have experience in theater and on set filming.
    Thank you for your time.

  • Cristin says:

    Well if you need. Female voice with a lot of personality contact me

  • When I tell people how old I am, they look at me in awe. I’ll be 21 in April, but I usually look like I’m 16. Being tiny tends to do that to people. However, I have a sharp hourglass figure, and I’m corset trained.
    Sometimes my friends call me Mary, which also seemed appropriate for my Korean teacher and classmates to call me. “Maryann” is a bit awkward in the Korean language. I know bits a pieces of a few languages and I want to someday be fluent in at least three.
    I go to Montgomery College and am transferring to the University of Maryland for a degree in Criminal Justice. My focus will be Forensic Science. If you’ve seen NCIS, you know Pauley Perrette’s character of Abby. I want to be Abby incarnate.
    Judging from the sheer diversity in the friends that I have (9+ groups), I’d say I’m a very accepting, friendly person. I can also be very abstract, and people sometimes describe me as eccentric, humble, and sometimes paradoxical. You could also ask me anything and I’ll respond truthfully. Why would I have anything to hide?
    I’m also a giant nerd. I love video games, video game music, conventions, science fiction, anime, Dungeons and Dragons (I’m not even kidding), and tabletop and strategy board games. I’m also a member of the Gamer Symphony Orchestra at the University of Maryland where I have played guitar for four years.
    My inspiration for acting came at a young age from Shirley Temple, Elisabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Judy Garland. I’ve been previously enrolled in John Robert Powers, Model Productions Management, and ExploreTalent for acting and modeling. At my current InterFACE, I’m enrolled for modeling. I can do anything but dance.
    This past Halloween season, I was payed to work at the Field of Screams in Olney, Maryland, a Halloween attraction. Around the same time in 2012, I was in a fairy-tale themed murder mystery, where I played Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I also have experience on stage as an extra, a named musical extra, and two main roles.
    I’ve played guitar for coming up on 7 years, I’ve been singing since I could talk, (my first song was “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics) and I have a number of unfinished written works, including songs, plays, novels, and musicals.

    Location: Gaithersburg, MD
    Age: 20
    Age Range: 16-21
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 104 lbs
    Dress: S
    Skin: Very fair
    Hair: light brown, long and wavy
    Eyes: Green with long eyelashes
    Ethnicity: Caucasian. I’m a Celtic mix with Native American ancestry.

    If you wish to contact me, here’s my email address: maryann.moses17@yahoo.com and feel free to check out my Facebook for current pictures: https://www.facebook.com/MaryannM0ses/photos

    Thank you so much for your time, and I hope to hear from someone soon!

  • Mary says:

    where can I start

  • Phil Mante says:

    My name is Phil Mante, I’m 23 years old from Southwest Canada. In school I acted in plays, and also have done some acting in homemade movies on youtube. I am interested in voice acting. At my job, I do a majority of the announcements. I can also do impersonations as well as accents.

    Height; 6’1
    Weight; 230 lbs
    Hair: brown

    Email me at Black_triton14@hotmail.com. Thank you!


  • Trinity Moore says:

    My name is Trinity, I am 13 years old, and will be turning 14 in April, I am very interested in this particular opportunity because I am very experienced in the acting and modeling areas and have preformed in numerous plays. I have never done voice overs but I will put everything I’ve got into it. I am moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks, in hopes of possibly making my life-long dream come true. I know you have many, many people auditioning for this role but I would like to stand out from the crowd. I have a bubbly personality that will instantly light up the room. Although I am not perfect, I am very confident that I would be great for this role. I am very good at public speaking, in fact I absolutely enjoy it. If you would be so kind as to give me a chance, I promise I wont let you down. Thank you so much for your time:)

  • ron byrd says:

    i would love a chance to be part of this project

  • Done voice overs for those films (Icelandic versions) : Uni Kitty in the LEGO movie 2014. Elsa in FROZEN 2013. Dima in BUBBLE GUBBIES 2013. Rapunzel in Disney´s TANGLED and more. Loads of acting in films, tv and theatre and singing. Great UK accent and a good natural US one.

  • Paul Mbanu says:

    Hey my name is Paul Mbanu and im 20 years old. I have some acting experience and also love the angry birds game. Really looking for a big break and hoping you guys give a chance, you wont regret it!!! It would be such an honor to be part of this film. just thinking about it gives me thrills.
    i live in Inglewood, CA
    Email me Paulmbanu@yahoo.com

  • Rich morant says:

    I make hundreds of voices for my lil son from sponge bob to Arnold to stewy Eddie Murphy John leguzamo now it’s my turn ..lol

  • Kamber McKnight says:

    I am very outgoing. People tell me they love the way I speak all the time. I used to be deaf so I have an accent but I think it would be the perfect voice for a voice over in angry birds.

  • Ervin Watson J says:


  • Luke Ocana says:

    Name: Luke Ocana
    Age: 15
    Nationality: British
    Location: England
    Gender: Male
    Height : 5’3
    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: Brown
    Body figure: Stocky
    Skills: Radio presenting, general presenting
    Info: Travel will not be a problem.

    Email: lukeocana50@googlemail.com

  • Ines Maria Alvarez says:

    Ines Maria Alvarez
    D.O.B: 08/05/1996
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 215 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    I am an actress very interested in working with you. Over the years, I have trained at specialized schools and camps in the United States and the Dominican Republic. In the latter, I performed in the best theatres and worked with one of the best Preforming Art groups in the Dominican country. With them, I have had the opportunity to work in various theatrical plays, short films and television commercials. I would like to be seriously considered for your project. I look forward to hearing from you; thank you in advance.

  • Micaiah Williams says:

    My name is Micaiah Williams. I am 12 years old and would love to be a part of this movie. I think it would help me achieve my dream of being an actor. Thank you s much!

  • Micaiah Williams says:

    My name is Micaiah Williams. I am 12 years old and would love to be a part of this movie. I think it would help me achieve my dream of being an actor. Thank you so much!

  • jake horn says:

    22 years old. Great vocal clarity, experienced with script work, able and willing to apply for voice over or on screen parts. Please if this has any actual contact to casting put me into consideration. Currently working three jobs so if I do not answer please leave a message.

  • Alexandrea O'Keefe says:

    Hi, my nickname is Lexi. I am almost 13, Caucasian, have long brown hair, hazel eyes, I’m about 5’5″, and I’m pretty slim. I have relatively clear skin, with a hint of tan. I love acting, and making people laugh, and I think this would be a wonderful opportunity for me to do both of the things I love most. If you have any questions, or would like to see a headshot, please contact me by email. Thank you for your time, and have a great day.

  • Tucker Cochran says:

    14 years of age
    Blond hair
    Blue eyes
    It would be a dream come true if I got this part! I’ve always wanted to do and animation film like this. If you would please give me the chance!

  • Taylor says:

    My name is Taylor Hilkey I have always loved acting and I also really love angry birds. I enjoy to voice over characters and to just make people laugh hysterically. I really think that I would be excellent enough to play the role and I really think that I have a shot at as something amazing as this. If you guys have any questions or anything in particular then please contact me by my email. Thank you so much have an amazing day (:

  • Lucas Dongweck says:

    I have been in several high school musicals and I also acted in the Legally Blonde. I have a very deep voice and could be a great voice actor.

  • Gwen Mahler says:

    Hi, my name is Gwendelyn, but I go by Gwen. Many of my friends and family say I have an outgoing, outstanding, and outrageous personality, along with a lovely sense of humor. I like to be the sunshine to everyone’s day, spreading joy and laughs wherever I can. I am a 12 year old with experience from school plays to talent shows.I have always dreamed of showing my talents to the world, making a change by inspiring wanna-be actors and actresses like actors and actresses have done for me. I would love be a part in this production, just having the smallest part would be a blessing! So, if you would like to help a girl’s biggest goal in life become accomplished, send me a text at 714-423-9044. Thank you for giving me this chance of making it big! <3

  • Zena Anane says:

    I am Zena and I am 12 years old. I am very confident in acting and taking voice roles. I would love to take part and I hope this can be my chance as it’s my dream to achieve in acting. I have experience and I am looking forward to take part. Thank you very much

  • Monika says:

    Angry Birds is gonna be a movie?! Yesh! I love that game! \(^0^)/

    Me? I’ve never done Voice Acting before, but I’m in Drama Class at my HighSchool (I’m 14, by the way!).
    However, I am in Kansas, not Los Angeles… v.v

    But, you should still consider me!

  • Michaela Porcelli says:

    hi im Michaela Porcelli and i live in sarasota FL. im 13 years old and ill do AnYTHING to be in movies ;)

  • Allison Valdez says:

    Hi my name is Allison Valdez and I am 12 yrs. old. I am in 6th grade and have dreamed of acting my whole life. I am interested in auditioning for an acting role and seeking representation by an agent. I wish to build on my career in the entertainment industry and I feel I am ready to take on more responsibilities and I am very eager to learn new tasks. If you are seeking a productive individual who looks at challenges as an opportunity to learn, then I believe I am the right person for the job.I took a 5 week acting class with John Robert Power’s academy and have had some training with GETE talent which I now have my own website with. I was in school plays since I was in kindergarten which now I am in 4th grade. I don’t have a lot of experience but I am willing to explore any new adventure that comes my way. I just need a chance to show everyone out there I have what it takes to make it in the acting world and if you pick me you will not regret it.

  • Caymen Faust says:

    I’m 14 and I’m in 8th grade. I took a singing class and Drama class in Middle School and I recently took an acting class. When I was in 3rd grade I was in 3 plays. Acting and singing are my favorite things to do and I try to improve those skills all the time. I would love to be in this movie.

  • Monet Graham says:

    I am interested in this project and would very much like to be chosen for a voice over gig. I love making people laugh and making them feel good. I would have a lot to offer this film!
    my email is graham.monet@yahoo.com

  • Garrett Bailey says:

    Hi my name is Garrett Bailey and I am currently working with Colleen at the Colleen Bell Agency of Seattle. I have a magnificent personality that everyone loves and has no problem being around. I’m extremely easy to work with and take direction with no problem at all. I would be perfect for a voice over like this because I have a wide variety and range of pitches, tones, or just plain off voice that would be perfect in the land of cartoon. Just email me with the audition information and I will be there to make you smile(:

  • Larry says:

    Guarantee I have the best voice overs and character personalities.

  • Halima Abdullahi says:

    Hello, my name is Halima. I am from Ohio. I’m Somali and I don’t have experience with voice acting. I am serious about this though and I would like for you to give me a chance. Thanks

  • Cristian Sierra says:

    Hey I’m Cristian! I’ve always enjoyed doing voices and I think this would be a great kickstart into the industry! Ever since I was little I’ve been told that I should do something with my voice but never really saw it as a viable option until now. I love Angry Birds and I’m totally interested to see what they have in store with this movie.

  • Geramiah Profeta says:

    Hi! I’m Geramiah Profeta from San Diego, California and I feel like I would be great for a part in the new upcoming Angry Birds movie. I have been a fan of the game and was excited to hear about a possible role in this upcoming film. I thought it would be great start in acting to voice act for the Angry Birds movie. Hope I can hear back for a possible audition for an available role and thank you for your time!

  • Dear Madam/Sir,
    I have some experience in voice acting and have recorded for a few Popular Youtubers in the past. It would bring much happiness to me if I had got the opportunity to play one of these fine roles. Contact my email if you wish, for my resume. Thank you for your time.

    Email: sillybusybusinesscallum@gmail.com

  • Zena says:

    I’m zena, 12 years old and female.
    I’ve always wanted to start an acting career but I guess I’m not so lucky
    I want to have a chance to take part in this movie
    I’m confident and very very talented.
    It would mean the world to me
    Please please please consider me and contact me by email
    Thank you very much

  • Alyssa Levitt says:

    Hi! I would love to be in this movie, I LOVE ANGRY BIRDS! And give 100% when it comes to acting, please consider me. Hope to hear back soon! Thank you for your time.

  • Micheal says:

    Hi my name is micheal black guy frm south africa am 22years old i’d to be the part of your crew i have a such a nyc voice and am good in acting too please i would like to get a call from you #i cant wait to here your call

  • Cara Birritteri says:

    Greetings and salutations readers! My name is Cara from the current ice slab city of Boston, Massachusetts! I’d love an opportunity to audition for a voice over part in the new Angry Birds. I have several variations that I do with my voice that include my favorite “Cawi”, a 5 year old girl with wit, confidence, and a Boston accent. I think of all the voices this would be most suiting for the part. Thank you for your time.

  • Selena Aguilar says:

    Heyyy, So I think producing an Angry Birds movie would be awesome! and a big hit. Ever since the game came out it’s just been making a killing out there on the market. Kids and adults love the game and the merchandise, why not the movie? it’s family friendly. I predict that the movie will be one of the top grossing movies for that year and the one before it. Look forward to it! Thanks for your time (:

  • Chelsea Aurora says:

    Hi, my name is Chelsea.
    I have minimal experience but I am looking to break into the acting scene. I would love to be a part of an animated film, especial one like Angry Birds.
    I live in the Los Angeles area and would be honored to be considered for a role in the film.

    Contact information:
    Cell – 6613507719
    email – chelseaauroragray@yahoo.com

    Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you.


  • Lamar williams says:

    Hello how are you doing? My name is Lamar and I am 20yrs old. I decided to enter the acting/modeling world because I am a very positive and social person. I also still have a baby face which makes me look 16 which is a plus.lol..I have taking professional acting classes and been in a couple Indie films. I would love to be a part of this project and I feel as though I could make it far if I get that break.

  • Mike Haical says:


  • Zach says:

    Hello my name is zach Johnson and I have done radio broadcasting in high school and a little in college, I also announced sporting events and just love doing anything with my voice! I would like to further my self and more opportunities to be something in life. If you could email me that would be greatly appreciated again thank you!

  • Dayle campbell says:

    To whom ever is reading this message, it is within your best interest to recruit me for a role in this movie.Im 21 year old male, English accent. Not Irish. Not Scottish English.Easy to understand girls love it kind of accent. I’m very confident, motivated and will do what ever it takes to make it work. I look forward to receiving the email so we can further talk. :) regards dayle

  • I think this would be an amazing opportunity. I can do many different types of voices and I’m confident that I would be able to fit a role on this movie. I’m enthusiastic and funny, Im also outgoing and friendly. I learn quickly and would bring everything I have to the table. I left a website that has pictures and my information,
    I hope you check it out, it will not dissapoint. Thank you very much.

  • Ken Whitney III says:

    Hi! My name’s Ken Whitney III and I’d love the opportunity to be a part of this upcoming film! I have a great ear for dialects and have a dynamic voice for voiceover work.

    Thanks for considering me!~

  • Haley Jones says:

    Hello, I am Haley Jones a 17 year old African American girl. I would be perfect for this. I mean what’s a good show without a sassy black girl. Haha! See and I’m funny. I’d be great. So all I’m saying is keep my in mind. Thanks and Goodbye

  • Xavier Kimani Brewer says:


  • Amirah Griffin says:

    I am 9 years old and on the IMDb boards. I am a fast learner , I’m cute and funny

  • Samara H. says:

    Hi! My name is Samara. I am 10 years old. Everyone is telling me I should be an actress so now I am trying. I am very funny and I have been acting since I was 6. I am very good at memorizing lines. I have a very unique personality. I also love Angry Birds! Please contact me!

  • Daniel F. says:

    Name: Daniel
    Height: 4′ 10”
    Weight: 111 lbs
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Age: 12
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown

    I am an aspiring actor looking for a small role, or even as an extra. I play guitar, bass guitar, and drums, as well as baseball. Please consider me, I’d appreciate it.

  • Jeuron says:

    May you let me audition I am really good at voice impressions

  • Jamileh says:

    I sing rap act and dance.

    Hair: curly brown
    Eyes: blue
    D.o.b: may 15,1999

  • Caitlin says:

    My name is Caitlin and I love to act. My voice is very flexible and I am 16 and live in los angeles. I am 5’2 and African. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Hi, my name is Joshua Maldonado.
    I am currently 15 years old.
    I am 5’3 1/2″
    I have brown eyes and hair
    I can act as many different types of characters or people. I am looking for a smaller role, like an extra. You should definitely consider me (:
    I am an aspiring actor looking for my big break (:

  • Matty Williams says:

    If you pick up the phone and give me a call, you will automatically know why I would be perfect for this film. I have the most unique voice for a 20 year old girl. Please call me and give me a chance. I will not let you down. Thank you so much for your time.

  • Kayla A says:

    I think this will be a wonderful and fun movie. Also very exciting because I love the game angry birds and I will love to plat a role in this movie

  • I’m odd and unique and you’ll NEVER find anyone like me, not even in Canada. I’ve been going to collage for Theatre and Dance for a year now and I am an exception to every thought about talent. I am an awesome natural in just about everything. You’ll see. I’m not afraid.
    Thank you for this opportunity.


  • Kaya says:

    Angry Birds is an awesome game, it never got old. My cousins are absolutely obsessed, and if I were to get a part, I’d be the coolest cousin ever. Please think about it, I guess. Part of me would be so utterly nervous, but then again…I’d be excited as heck!

  • Name: Danny Burleigh
    DOB: 7/6/67
    Eth: Ca
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 6′
    “I Have a GREAAAAAAAAT Deep Voice ! when I want one,& I do charecter voices in my Stand up comedy bits that I do in Downtown & I have over 1000 of my SHARPS comics/jokes/comedy scenes & they are very SHARP & Witty, & I am the best songwriter everrrrrrrrrr !! “I’m NOT Kidding !” I have over 400 catchy original songs of all styles except Rap & tons of the songs have pop culture topics & I sing above average & I play up to 7 instruments at once (Live) & I harmonize well & I’m a very good Philosopher & MORE !!”

  • (((( I have over 150 of my short Videos on my Facebook Photo’s page of me doing Comedy & Acting and STUFF ! just go to FB & punch in Danny Burleigh Thebigbigtalent . ))))

  • ##### Is (602) 973-8403 ))))

  • Cannon Meatball says:

    Hey! I’m Cannon and very interested in playing a voice over for any character in the feature film. I’m experienced with voice modulation and know the ins and outs of characterisation. I’m hoping to bring a unique personality to the table and having fun at doing so. Thanks for considering me.

  • Nicole Schussman says:

    I’m looking to break into acting.
    I live within driving distance of LA.

    Brown/Gold Curly Hair
    Blue Eyes
    Athletic Body Type
    17 Years Old

  • I’m an actor and i would love to have a part in this performance, the video game is AWESOME!!!!! I play it all the time! i really want to be a part of this!!

  • I have a great character voice for lead roles, and know and love the game Angry Birds. I am so excited to have the chance to be one of the characters. I have been writing and animating my own characters for an upcoming children’s movie/animation that will teach kids how to be healthy. This would be a great opportunity.

    Thank You.

  • Elena Aguirre says:

    As a kid, I always loved stories. Didn’t we all? But the thing about stories that made me want to keep watching were always the actors. The emotion that shone through their voices and kept you glued to the screen, the simple pause or hitch in their line that made you want to laugh, cry, hug them and hit them all at once. Although, compared to most I am considered an inexperienced actor, I am by no means new to the trade. I’ve been in multiple plays in my community as well as practiced radiowork with one of the most respected companies in the area (Good Company Players). I also have experience singing and dancing every thursday through sunday onstage with the same great foundation that launched the stars Audra MacDonald and Chris Colfer. My heart belongs to acting, but experience as a director, secretary, and medical missions trip volunteer have made me no stranger to hard work. Currently I am a student at UC Berkeley and will be taking film classes this fall. I play the violin and speak spanish, occasionally at the same time, and have performed in orchestra at school as well as parties for friends and family. All in all, I love the acting business (and even more the voice over business) because it gives people a chance to influence lives. The world is filled with gifted storytellers, and the more life actors can bring to their stories the more people they reach, touch and entertain. In voice acting, it isn’t that important but I’ve submitted a photo of what I look like and sincerely hope you’ll give me the opportunity to work with you on this incredible endeavor. I can be reached at my email address: elenaaguirre96@icloud.com
    Thank you for your time. Have a great day!
    Elena Aguirre

  • Laura Nicholls says:

    My name is Laura Nicholls I am 14 years old I live in Norfolk on the United Kingdom I have very little experience but I am confident enough that I will be able to get at least a little fame! I do play the drums at abhigh level all im asking is for a chance because I never get many chances! Thank you for reading this!

  • Samantha says:

    Hi, i just absolutely love angry birds. I cant wait to see the movie. Well, i have never acted or anything, but I really want to work with people and i enjoy making new friends. it would be an honor if I could voice something, or anything! Even if it is just for a few short minutes. I want to be famous one day and I want to make my life fun. I am 13 years old girl though, so good luck making the film. Hope you guys have fun. :)

  • Ashlyn says:

    My name is Ashlyn and you probably won’t see this but just in case you do, I love doing voice impressions and films. So thanks for your time.

  • George-Ana says:

    I am 20 years old and I am interested in film and animation field. I am looking for any experience in any of these fields and believe this would be a fun learning experience.

  • Garrett Shourds says:

    I would love to lend my voice to this film! I would be willing to send voice samples asap! Just let me know what u want and I will give it to u!

  • Vincent Lazzara says:

    Hello! My name is Vincent. I am 55 inches tall and weigh 65 pounds. I am 13 years old attending 8th grade. One thing that makes me unique from others is my small size. I am smaller than the average 8th grader, and sound younger. This will help me for a child roll because I am a lot more mature but I still sound the same as a younger child. I am familiar with movie making,technology, and computer animation. I like to make short movies for fun and I am sort of familiar with computer animation. I like to make 3-D animations using a free program called Blender. I am currently into HTML coding and learning the basics of it. Anyways, thank you for reading my application and best of luck.


    Contact me here:

  • Sonia Carrillo says:

    My name is Sonia. I am a 17 year old girl who lives in California. My personality is fun, fresh and a little bit weird, but in a good way. I portray all lot of emotions with my voice, just like everyone else can, but I think that everything sounds better genuinely. I will work for free. I am a strong, determined, young sweet girl that is pursuing her passion in acting. Yoda once said “Do it or not but don’t try”. I hope I can get the role and get a response from you all. And would be happy to audition!:)

  • Checkout my soundcloud to listen to my voiceover demo!

  • cody says:

    if you are looking for an actor look no farther if interested plz email me

  • Lia Beltran del Rio lopez says:

    Hi my name is lia (short for natalia) i am 13 years old and ima hugefan of angry brids im reallygood at doing accents and i speak perfect spanish (i dot know if it helps)i also sing and i am really interested in this movie and i would love to participate please give me the chance to take a step foward on my carrer.

  • Ryan Hatfield says:

    Hello my name is Ryan I am 23 years old. I have been very into acting for as long as i can remember. I do have some experience, but mine is in the theater. Loved the games, and I am sure the film will be just as great if not better. It would be an honor to be a part of this.
    I am 5′ 10″, weigh 240 lbs. I have brown hair, with full beard, mustache, and have hazel eyes.

  • Carla Maldonado says:

    my name is Carla I’m 13 and I’ll be 14 in September 19 I’m accepted Into “breaking into Hollywood” which is connected to Nickelodeon and Disney Channel I’m also a singer I really enjoy acting I think that this movie is going to be my big break I also ones audition ed for the lion king commercial. I live in Las Vegas Nevada but I’m from los angeles california please contact me for more information please contact me for more information at any time

  • Marjorie Hudgins says:

    The Movie, “Angry Bird” sounds like a fantastic project. Birds have been my favorite pets since I was a little girl. Three years ago, a hawk got a taste of my doves. They were outside hanging in their cage in a tree while I was getting water to clean their cage out. Two minutes later when I returned; their feet were up in the air with their necks hanging one-sided.

    In the movie, “Angry Bird” do you have doves portraying angry? Angry can be demonstrated in any bird but I am very familiar with the tone of doves. A tape of a bird will be available to you but where do I mail it?

    Finally, once you set up auditions for the voices of angry birds, I will fly to where ever the audition is taking place. At my age 54 and weight of 110 pounds, I have plenty of energy and time. I appreciate the opportunity to audition for the voice of an angry bird. And good luck with the movie, it sounds GREAT!!!!

  • Vanessa says:

    my name is Vanessa and i am 14 years old. I come from Austria and my english is not perfect but i can learn very quickly. I think an Austrian accent is practice and it is very funny. I hope you cogitate about me an i am very happy when i get a rule on a film in Hollywood!!

  • Chloe hartley says:

    My name is chloe hartley and I am 17 years old, I would give anything to have a chance in acting in this angry birds film, I am extremely hard working and have a passion for acting – please give me this chance to prove that I can be the exact person you want for the film
    Thank you

  • My “website” is simply my soundcloud. I’m no stranger to hard work and I’m far from professional. I don’t know, maybe my voice is what you’re looking for.

  • Thomas Montesano says:

    i love angry birds!

  • S Valia says:

    I have 3 years of experience in acting I have played very good good roles in bugsy Malone I was a gangster ,in willy wonker I was grandpa George ,in annie I was jimmy jhonson, I go to a school that used to be for the performing arts I am 13 going to be 14 and am unable to give a zipcode because im from England but I would appreciate to be apart of the angrybirds movie and i will give you everthing I got, I will be the next star please contact me I have always wanted to be an actor and I will not let you down please contact

  • JOHN GUERRA says:


  • Richard says:

    Like to give it my all

  • people always tell me that I have a very unique voice especially strangers. LOL http://www.tiersasullivan.com

  • Taylor Davis says:

    Hi my name is Taylor Davis . I am 13 years old . I live in Atlanta Georgia . I love to act ! I am not shy . And would love to be apart of this. I am very very intelligent ! and very mature. i’d be best contacted by my email .

  • James Hinton says:

    How doess one submit applications or voice demo’s to these people?

  • I’m not sure if these comments are seen by recruiters, but ill give it a try! ^.^

    I am very enthusiastic and work with kids. I have more charisma than a child in a candy store for the first time! I have been an extra for an indie film, and boy was I excited to have gotten my legs shown in once scene after hours and hours of filming! (really, the experience was fun!)
    I am a character artist/animator, and have a great knowledge on character design, attitude and personality. I would also like for this to be a window of opportunity for my working in the Sony studio as a character artist O.O or…perhaps just scrubbing their toilets XD
    Please call me at 323-239-7911 or drop an email
    Waiting patiently for your email!

  • Jessenia Jordan says:

    Hi , I’m jessenia i’m 14 it would be really awesome to be in this ! i use to love angry birds i had all the games on my ipad and i have like this really huge poster of it on my wall since 5th grade & i’m now a freshman lol . if you have any other questions just call or email me thanks for taking your time and reading this have a nice day . (:

  • Hey my names Johnny Sori. My Height is 5’2”, I’m 115 lbs., I’m Hispanic, Italian, and Egyptian. I’m 13 years old and will be 15 when this film is started. I play lots of sports and I’m very athletic. My skin tone is tan, my hair is really dark brown, and I have brown eyes. I am In 8th grade and I live in the Phoenix area. I think that I would be a good fit in your roll of “Angry Birds,” because I love Angry Birds, I have a great voice and I’m able to do different voices, and impressions. Also, I have had experience in acting and modeling, and would love to be a part of this film. I have a very good attitude and great sense of humor. I’m very suitable for any role. I cant wait till auditions to show you guys what I got. Hopefully I get in the film! Thanks. Look forward to hearing back from you guys!

  • Anna Ostempowski says:

    Hello. This may look like every paragraph written in these comments… But it is not. It is I… Anna Ostempowski and I am here to say I love acting. Not only do I love acting but I have a personality of a actress material. I play volleyball go home and can slack about homework but I always end up getting it done. I like to eat a lot but I am very fit. I come home to many texts on my phone. I get in a argument every night with someone over texts. I felt every emotion that demands to be felt. Ask me to be any character and I will be myself, because I, Anna Ostempowski, has mood swings faster then you can blink and I have been through almost everything. I have fomo which is fear of missing out yet I still make plans ten minutes before. I get a lot of hate… But I’m strong about it. I laugh it off or I write a whole essay back to the person. I can have a temper but I end up getting it together. I have serve anxiety but I’m one of the happiest people you could ever meet. I think of myself as a one of a kind and you would never find someone else like me. I understand that it is professional to thank you for your time, but I’m different… I would like to say out me in any role and you wouldn’t regret it. Thank you and see you soon:)

  • Anna Ostempowski says:

    Hello. This may look like every paragraph written in these comments… But it is not. It is I… Anna Ostempowski a 14 year old girl who was born in buffalo, New York and moved all around the country 7 times and I am here to say I love acting. Not only do I love acting but I have a personality of a actress material. I play volleyball go home and can slack about homework but I always end up getting it done. I like to eat a lot but I am very fit. I come home to many texts on my phone. I get in a argument every night with someone over texts. I felt every emotion that demands to be felt. Ask me to be any character and I will be myself, because I, Anna Ostempowski, has mood swings faster then you can blink and I have been through almost everything. I have fomo which is fear of missing out yet I still make plans ten minutes before. I get a lot of hate… But I’m strong about it. I laugh it off or I write a whole essay back to the person. I can have a temper but I end up getting it together. I have serve anxiety but I’m one of the happiest people you could ever meet. I think of myself as a one of a kind and you would never find someone else like me. I understand that it is professional to thank you for your time, but I’m different… I would like to say out me in any role and you wouldn’t regret it. Thank you and see you soon:)

  • Jose Rios says:

    My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested
    in auditioning for the voice of ” ANGRY BIRDS ” I absolutely Will love
    to be apart of this amazing story. I am located in Long Beach California
    and willing to travel. You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  • Jesus garcia says:

    Age 18 , and would love to be part of this wonderful upcoming movie. Big fan of angry birds!. I am mexican american and i am 5’9. No experience but i think this will be a good path to start my acting career. I don’t know if this is the right way to send my information since there is no link nor email to send it through but, hopefully i get to be part of it. Email address is jg_bmx@yahoo.com for more info, please contact me:) thank you

  • Mary says:

    Hi! I’m Mary. I’m 13,5 years old and I really wanna take part cause I wish to be an actress.

  • Suzanne Kristapovich says:

    Hello! MY name is Suzanne Kristapovich and, although inexperienced in acting, I want to become a screen actor. I am 17 years old and love to travel. I am very interested in being a voice in the upcoming movie “Angry Birds”, based off the widely popular and addicting game. I am in my high school’s drama class and plan to be in the school’s musical. I am easy to get along with and am determined to reach my goals. I love to make people laugh and sometimes talk in different voices for fun. My singing range is about a contralto, to give you an idea. I’d love to be involved in this fun film, and I hope to receive a reply! Thank you!

  • Malia Smith says:

    Hi my Name is Malia. I am 19. I am White/Hawaiian. I have been told many times that my voice is cute and that I have a bubbly personality.

  • hello my name is Hannia LaVerde I have 13 years old, hazel hair, eyes hazel, Italian ethnicity, latina, currently living in Venezuela, but am willing to travel if I get the chance, I have not had the opportunity to act, but I am always investigating the acting and I want to start as quickly as possible in acting, I promise to do everything you need if you give me the chance. thank you

  • Anaiya Robinson says:

    Am new in the entertainment business and would like to start gaining experiance by taking on smaller roles.

  • Jaida says:

    Hello my name is jaida Bathy and I am 15 years old! I’m serious about becoming an actor and would love to get the chance to play one of te angry birds as I have grown up with them! This would be an amazing experience for me and I would be honoured! Feel free to call me at 403-614-3102 or email me at jaidaemb@gmail.com

  • Hi my names benita and I would like the opportunity to audition for this role

  • It states to submit a tape with your contact information, but there is no where to upload a file. Can you tell me where or how to submit a tape?
    Thank you!

  • meliton valenzuela says:

    Hi my name is meliton I am 15 and I am really interested in working with this project. I really love the game Angry Birds and now a movie, it really is so exciting I’m really looking forward to this film thank you.

  • Moe Hlyan Htet says:

    I am 13 years old, 181 LB, in grade 8, 5ft and 6.5in tall, I am Chinese-Burmese, dark hair, brown eyes, I am from Yangon city, Myanmar. I really love acting and I want to be in the movie and work with other people. I love acting, I’ve been acting since I was 11 years old and I want to be more than being in a school play. It would be a really great opportunity if I get to be in this movie.

  • Valerie Alexis Gonzalez says:

    Hi I’m Valerie but everyone calls me Alexis. To put this short I’m just a teen who wants to act so bad. I am very sarcastic and you can tell it in my voice if you are looking for a sarcastic actress. I can also be very serious though. So just keep me in mind.

  • Daniel Hall says:

    Hey my names Daniel, I live in Australia but I’m pretty dam good with voices and acting. Been acting since I was 10 and I’m now 20 years old. I realise this is a slim chance but my heart has been set on doing something big since I played the Cowardly lion in my first school production on the Wizard of Oz. I realise this is a slim chance because I don’t live in the US but you gotta go for the things you want in life. So yes, it would be a dream come true to be part of this.

  • Madison says:

    Madison. Turning 15 in March. Wouldn’t mind trying out for this.

  • I will like to be a voice over for this film it will be the first voice overs that I am applying for I am available and new to the system please give me a call if you so choose that you can use me with it thanks

  • Aubrey Dath says:

    hello! My name is Aubrey Dath, 15 years old, living in California, (near LA), aspiring actress, big fan of the angry birds game, this is a massive opportunity for me and I would love to be featured in this film. If you consider me, you can contact me at aubreydath@gmail.com or 951-473-5193 thank you.

  • Christina McFarland says:

    Im not experienced in any type of professional acting. Im interested in trying voice overs as a start. Im 32 single female as a fulltime parent and employee for the military. I left a voice recording in the above boxes of this page. Thank you for your time in reading my blog

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