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Auditions Database covers the entire United States and posts casting calls from New York to Los Angeles.

New York city is the place to be if you are looking to get into the entertainment industry as a model and Los Angeles is a great place to find auditions for movies.

At Auditions Database we have casting calls listed for both modeling and acting.

Reality TV is the new way to break into the business as an actor. All of the big starts are doing it and a lot of them are making millions. What does Snookie from Jersey Shore have that you don't have? Can you sing as good or better than J Lo? Honey who, who?

These days anyone can be a star if they want it bad enough. We all watch tv and read magazines and wonder what they have that we don't? The only thing they had that you didn't was a chance. Now with you have the chance too.

Go through the pages and pages of casting calls and comment why you think you have what it takes. Your journey doesn't end here. There is much more out there and you have to grab opportunity by the horns and ride it out.

They say that one thing leads to another to another and another, so remember that and take everything that comes your way. Do you think Kim Kardashian ever said no? Doubt it!

Continue on your journey and don't look back.

Last Updated: Wednesday the 27th of August 2014

Movie Auditions for Extras in George Clooney’s ‘Our Brand is Crisis’

Movie Auditions for Our Brand is Crisis
As if the pairing of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock was not spectacular enough in director Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’, the two have decided to team up again but this time in a more comical film. The two big time movie… Continue reading

FOX Holds Casting Call for New Series ‘Empire’ in Chicago

Casting Call for Empire
Attention to all those who are looking to audition for an acting job, the FOX network is holding a casting call for extras in Chicago for their new hit series ‘Empire’. The casting directors at FOX are looking for local… Continue reading

Casting Call in the Atlanta Area for NBC’s Constantine

Casting Call for Constantine
One of the big name television series that will be debuting later this year is NBC’s Constantine, and the even better news is that they are holding casting calls for extras to be a part of the show. The casting… Continue reading

Chicago Casting for Extras in Showtime Series Shameless

Casting for Extras in Shameless
The new series of the hit Showtime series ‘Shameless’ will begin production very soon, and the casting directors are holding a casting call for extras in the Chicago, Illinois area. This will mark the fifth season of this Showtime series… Continue reading

Casting Auditions for Disney Series Fairest of the Mall

Casting Auditions for Disney
The Disney brand has held numerous casting calls and auditions as they have released hit series after hit series. Each series captivates the audience, having teens and even adults of all ages following adamantly waiting on the edge of their… Continue reading

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